How to choose a trimmer for the grass: gasoline and electric

Overgrown with weeds summer cottage site or yard area looks extremely unkempt, and in order to bring its appearance in a decent state, may require considerable effort. For a long time, wild grass has been cut by hand, using the old-fashioned scythe. But it is not always possible to work with it, and the efficiency of mowing is sometimes questionable. Currently, the hand-held devices have been replaced by trimmers – compact trimmers, which allow you to accurately mow even the most remote corners of the household plot.


  1. Top trimmer manufacturers
  2. Principle of operation and device trimmer for grass
  3. Grass trimmer types
  4. Grass trimmer selection parameters
  5. Which grass trimmer to choose?
  6. How much does a trimmer for grass
How to choose a trimmer for the grass

The best trimmer manufacturers – what company to choose

Production of trimmers has now mastered all, without exception, firms engaged in garden and park equipment, you can find similar devices in the catalogs of manufacturers of construction equipment. Choosing a trimmer for dacha, you should pay attention to the products of those companies, whose name is on everyone’s lips:

  1. Bosch
  2. Shtil
  3. Makita
  4. Echo

Before giving preference to this or that device, you should study the reviews of people who have managed to try out such a device in action and take into account both positive and negative comments.

Principle of operation and structure trimmer for the grass

Trimmers are used for mowing grass and not too tough bush stems. The form-factor of most models provides shoulder fixation with a strap or belt, and when properly adjusted to its length provides its natural position during operation. Unlike lawnmowers, trimmers are much more compact and can mow even the most hard-to-reach places. Cutting edge of the trimmer, equipped with a special fishing line or blades, is driven by an engine that transmits torque through a longitudinal shaft running through the entire length of the device. Adjusting the turnover is carried out with the help of the trigger, located in the central part of the handle of the device.

The main elements of the design of any trimmer are the following nodes:

  1. Engine;
  2. The boom, which is a body, inside which a rotating shaft is hidden;
  3. Handle for holding and controlling the device;
  4. “Head”, inside which the cutting element is enclosed;
  5. Shoulder strap or straps for securing;

Grass trimmer types

Electric trimmer

Electric trimmer

Simple and reliable device, which is powered by an ordinary household network of 220 volts. A huge plus of such a device is environmental friendliness – no exhaust gases are absent as a class, and virtually complete silence – grass can be mowed late at night and early in the morning.


  • Low weight;
  • High ekolgichnost;
  • Complete noiselessness;
  • Easy operation, no need for fuel and lubricants;


  • Low power;
  • The radius of operation is limited by the length of the mains cord;
  • The need to have a outlet nearby;

Gasoline trimmers

Gasoline trimmers

Devices based on operation of internal combustion engine. High enough power and wide speed adjustment range, allows to work even in the bare field. Require regular and timely maintenance, as well as the use of high-quality fuel and oil for lubrication of the piston group. There are two-stroke and four-stroke engines, the difference between them lies in a fundamentally different design and operating principle.


  • Maximum mobility – you can work anywhere;
  • Low cost;
  • A wide variety of models on sale;
  • Easy-to-use;


  • Demanding to the quality of fuel and oil;
  • Heavy enough;
  • Release a considerable amount of exhaust gases during operation;
  • Very noisy;

Cordless trimmers

Cordless trimmers

Devices that combine the advantages of the above types. They are compact and mobile – they can mow grass far away from the power source and with no combustion engine, there is no need for fuel or oil.


  • Compact, light-weight and mobile;
  • Large variety of cutting parts and quick replacement;
  • It is possible to work away from the power source;


  • Low power;
  • High price;
  • The need for constant charging;
  • Battery lasts only for 20-30 minutes of work;

Grass trimmer selection options

trimmer selection parameters

Power of the device

The higher the power produced by the engine, the faster the cutting edge will rotate, and the more effectively the grass will be mowed. Currently on sale a variety of models, the power of which begins with 0.2-0.25 kW and can go as high as 2 to 2.5 kW. For household operation it is quite enough the model, the power of which will not exceed 1 kW.

Cutting width

One more parameter that directly affects mowing efficiency. Means the maximum allowable outreach of the cutting edge of the blade or line, can vary from 150 to 450 millimeters. The more it is, the wider the radius of the working surface, and thus the more effective work of the device.

Weight of the device

The size, which directly affects the ease of working with trimmers. This parameter is directly proportional to the power of the device: the more powerful trimmer, the greater its weight. The lightest weight (about 2-3 pounds) have electric trimmers, the heaviest (10 pounds or more) – professional gasoline models

Working equipment

As a cutting element in modern models can be used as a soft fishing line, and hard steel knives. The line is used to mow soft grass stems and hollow stems of perennial plants, as well as on uneven ground with many stones. blades are used when brush needs to be thinned or when a perfectly straight lawn needs to be shaped.

Engine location

At present, the most popular rear-motor trimmers. The motor in such devices is located at the back, and when properly positioned, it perfectly balances the long boom of the device.

Handle shape

Trimmers also differ in the shape of the handle. Models are available with a D-shaped handle and units with a handle similar to a bicycle handle. The choice of trimmer on this parameter is purely individual.

Power supply and its capacity

If we are talking about gasoline trimmers – this is the fuel tank and its volume. The higher it is, the longer is the battery life of the device and, accordingly, the greater is its weight. For the same electric models, a similar feature can be capacity built-in battery, measured in ampere-hours. The higher it is, the longer the trimmer can work without recharging.

What trimmer for the grass to choose

What trimmer to choose
  1. If there is a need to perform landscaping work on small household plots, a compact electric trimmer, with a fishing line as the cutting edge, is quite sufficient. The width of the cut of such a device should not be less than 250 mm;
  2. In a similar situation to the conditions described above, away from a permanent source of electricity, you should pay attention to the trimmer, which uses a battery. Also, the cutting width should be at least 250 mm, and a line of 2 mm in diameter should be used as a cutting unit.5-3 mm;
  3. If the ennobled area has a large area, it is best to prefer a gasoline trimmer capacity of 0.75-1 kW with a tank volume of 1-1.2L. The cutting width of such a device should be at least 300 mm, and as a cutting unit can be used both a fishing line and metal knives;
  4. If you need to work not only with soft vegetation, but also with bushes, the best choice will be a gasoline trimmer capacity of 1.5-2 kW, the cutting knot of which is made of durable metal knives. Cutting width – about 350-400 mm.

How much does a grass trimmer cost

  1. The simplest electric trimmers, working from 220V network – a fairly inexpensive device. The price of them varies in the range of 2000-4000 rubles;
  2. Battery trimmers are more expensive – from 3000 to 12000 rubles;
  3. Prices for gasoline trimmers vary quite a lot. The power of a particular device and various additional functions play a role. As a rule, the price for them starts at 10000 and ends at the mark of 20-25 thousand rubles;

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose an electric planer secrets choice paintpolotdlya painting at home.

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