How to choose a mini-oven

Often people are faced with the problem of insufficient space in the kitchen, and, consequently, the inability to install complete appliances – an oven or gas stove combined with an oven, dishwasher and so on. But do not get upset – there are options to save space and provide yourself with everything you need.

How to choose a mini-oven


  1. What is an electric stove
  2. How to choose an electric stove
  3. Volume
  4. Power
  5. Interior coating
  6. Modes of operation
  7. Additional features
  8. Methods of control
  9. The best manufacturers

What is an electric stove

The appliance is a great hybrid of microwave, oven and bread maker. Mini ovens can be as small as a microwave, but they can also be quite decent-sized full-fledged oven. However, often an electric stove is a more economical option when it comes to electricity consumption. As one of the advantages we can highlight the autonomy of the oven from the cooking surface – there is no attachment to the place – you can put it where it will be more convenient.

The main consumers of these products are small families, where there is no need to prepare a large amount of food. After all, one of the main parameters of the mini-oven remains its size. The functions of electric ovens are different – from simply warming up food to baking complex dishes.

How to choose an electric stove

First of all, it is necessary to determine the desired results that you want to see in the output or parameters of the mini-furnace:

  1. it is important to understand the size of the device – the volume depends on them;
  2. Compare the calculated volume and the amount of food consumed in your family;
  3. Find out how much electricity the mini oven will consume.

If you have passed the described points without difficulty for your beliefs, found no contradictions with yourself and your desires, then you are ready to choose the electric oven.


Some of the most popular volumes of mini stoves on the market are as follows:

  1. 8,5 liters – one of the smallest volumes, suitable more for heating and cooking half-cooked products. Best for 1 or 2 people.
  2. 12 liter – another representative of compact ovens, also suitable for heating and cooking half-cooked products. In general, this and previous volumes most fully duplicate the functions of a conventional microwave oven. Families of two may consider this option, but no more.
  3. 21 liters – a more dimensional version, still allows you to heat food, but allows you to think about cooking full-fledged dishes. A family of 5 people can safely use this volume.
  4. 28 liters – a slightly larger volume compared to its previous counterpart will allow you to load more food into the oven for cooking, which is also suitable for a family of five people.
  5. 40 liters is an excellent option that still combines compactness and functionality. Five to six people can use the space with dignity.
  6. 60 liters and more – a very capacious electric oven. Enables multiple dishes to be prepared at the same time.


The power of mini-oven directly depends on the volume. The larger the volume of the oven, the more power it will consume. The average oven up to 21 liters consumes in the range of 1200 watts. Cooking time will decrease with increasing power . But you should not forget about such a characteristic as the volume and dimensions. Powerful electric stoves are larger in size and dimensions.

Interior coating

Another important characteristic is the quality of the inner liner. Every buyer is interested in making sure that the mini oven lasts as long as possible. Therefore, you should choose an oven, the inner coating of which will be resistant to mechanical influences, chemical agents. A mark of quality in this case is the “Durastone” mark. If it is present in the characteristics of the electric stove, then you do not have to worry about the safety of the inner coating for many years.

Operating modes

Operation modes

There are several basic modes of operation:

  1. Heating – duplication of the most common microwave oven function;
  2. Variability in the choice of heating modes – top heating, bottom heating, simultaneous heating on two sides;
  3. Grill, broiling spit – enables you to grill or broil your food. Often found in cafes and stores for cooking meat dishes;
  4. Convection – a function available in several models. Allows you to bake your food well and evenly. Ideal for baking.

Additional functions

Let’s consider the main and most useful functions:

  1. Door – hinged or side hinged. The hinged door imitates the door of an ordinary oven. The opening is “on itself”, which does not allow convenient use of the oven, set at a height. Side – imitation microwave oven, the opening goes sideways by 180 degrees.
  2. Autoshutdown – allows you to prevent overheating of the oven in the long-term absence of the user or when the temperature limit is reached.
  3. Electric burners – adds the functions of a conventional stove to an electric oven. True, this model can not be called either a full-fledged stove or oven.
  4. Pizza trays – rather an additional accessory for pizza lovers. A pizza mold helps hostesses bake their favorite dish in classic form.
  5. Self-cleaning – an indispensable helper, which will reduce the time of oven maintenance by heating water in the tray or reaching high temperatures.


The control methods are classical – mechanical and electronic (touch screen). Ovens with a mechanical type of control are easier to use and cheaper in cost, but electronic counterparts can boast more features, but also a higher price.

Top manufacturers

There are many popular brands that occupy the major share of the market: Supra, Scarlett, Mystery and others. These brands can certainly boast of an abundance of features and a wide price range, but the quality of oven assembly, as well as durability often leave much to be desired.

You should pay attention to more expensive brands: Delonghi, Bork, Panasonic. The cost of these counterparts, of course, will be much higher than the Chinese. But the functions offered, and, most importantly, the quality of the mini-oven will not leave any buyer indifferent.


In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose the right multicooker for your home and the secrets of choosing a microwave oven.

Video on choosing a mini oven

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