Bosch TDA 2680

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Bosch specificationsA 2680

Overall performance

Power2300 W
The soleplatePalladium-g
  • ssee
  • Constant steam deliveryIs, adjustable, up to 35 g / min
    Automatic steam adjustmentno
    Steam blow100 g / min, vertical steaming
    Sprinkle functionthere is

    Safety and protection

    Automatic shutoffYes, in the vertical position after 8 minutes, in the horizontal position after 30 seconds
    Limescale protection systemThere are
    Self cleaning systemavailable at
    Anti-drip systemis


    Network cableball to the body
    Cord length3 m

    Reviews for BoschA 2680

    Advantages:works fine
    Disadvantages:Cheap plastic
    Disadvantages:been using for 2 weeks


    Advantages:Picked when buying a model that would meet our requirements. We are fully satisfied with this model: automatically turns off the iron when it is not used. This is for me a very important factor. Also a nice price with all the advantages of the model. The iron does not “drip” at low temperatures, wide water inlet, descaling system. Perfectly irons laundry. I recommend buying this model
    Disadvantages:no shortcomings
    Disadvantages:It was a pleasure to deal with the staff of this store

    Kibasova Natalia

    Advantages:Very light weight (the previous Tefal, a higher class, was twice as heavy) good steam, long cord, automatic shutoff
    Disadvantages:The lid of the water fill is purely decorative – if you accidentally tip the iron, the water pours out; sliding is light, but not super-super, saw better
    Disadvantages:Some people write about the cheap plastic – have not noticed: no creaks, well assembled, no odors… Maybe fragility when dropped? Don’t know, haven’t fallen yet

    Oleg Bondarenko

    Advantages:The speed of heating
    Disadvantages:Quality. The soleplate gets dirty quickly.
    Disadvantages:Terrible model. The soleplate burns very quickly. Quickly died, worked only a little over a year. Just at the end of the warranty period.

    Naidenov Evgeny

    Advantages:Great iron! Light, powerful, long cord. Heats up and cools down quickly. That it is necessary. And the price is ridiculous for such quality

    Anna Rumyantseva

    Advantages:First impressions: 1. Well assembled, the quality of the brand is what is called in the face. It has no squeaks, the buttons are easy to press, the lid of the water inlet closes tightly and opens with a pleasant effort; 2. Quality materials, quality parts, nice to hold in your hands; 3. It heats up quickly to the desired temperature; 4. Long cord (3m), it’s convenient; 5. The large volume of the water container (290 ml); 6. Of course the auto shut off.
    Disadvantages:First impressions: 1. With the stated characteristics (2300 watts, 30/100 g/min steam) should be able to handle cotton fabrics without problems, but it is not. Sure, it smoothes well, but if you look at a certain angle in the light, you can see that it is not perfect, there are “smoothed wrinkles”. To be perfect, you still need to moisten with water through the “splash pad”; 2. On the front I do not know, but I think that the toe part of the soleplate is quite wide, it may be difficult to iron the space between the buttons, for example on a shirt or children’s clothes; 3. Slip on fabric on “good”, expected on “excellent”; 4. Minor defects on the side edge of the soleplate, I expected them to be absent.
    Disadvantages:Picked the quality to be relatively inexpensive and to have all the necessary features. I’ve been using it for a couple of days, but next time I will take a more powerful iron, with more steam, t.k. These, I see, are not enough for perfect ironing and without stress.


    Advantages:Long cord, large tank
    Disadvantages:Somehow the slip is not ideal, I’ve seen better.


    Advantages:Auto-off, good steam blow, blunt spout, long cord
    Disadvantages:Heavier than its predecessor BoschA 2610
    Disadvantages:For my money cool iron. I did not regret getting it.

    Shevchenko Maxim

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