How to choose a sofa for every day sleep – expert advice

Choosing the right sofa for sleeping can help you save space in your home, accommodate guests and even create a play area for children. But in order to find a quality furniture product, on which you can not only rest, but also sleep, you should consider the features of its design, size, upholstery and filling material and other nuances. How to do it, we will tell in our article.


  1. Best sofa manufacturers
  2. Transformation mechanisms
  3. Types of sofas
  4. Sofa upholstery
  5. Options for choosing a sofa for home
  6. Filling the sofa
  7. What sofa to choose – practical tips
  8. The cost of sofas
Choosing a beautiful sofa

Best sofa manufacturers

To choose durable and reliable furniture products, give preference to proven manufacturers. The most popular in our country are such brands as:

  1. HomeMe;
  2. Anderssen;
  3. MebelVia;
  4. Heggi;
  5. Bellus;
  6. Art furniture;
  7. Hoff;
  8. Furniture-Service.

Buyers note that sofas for sleeping of these manufacturers are reliable, easy to use and durable. These products withstand heavy loads and provide a good night’s sleep due to the design features of the sofa mattress.

The device of different sofas

All sofas consist of:

  1. Frame;
  2. Upholstery;
  3. Soft elements (backrest, armrests, etc) and sofas are foldable.p.);
  4. Mechanism of transformation (in sofa-transformers).

The material from which the frame, depends on the strength characteristics and durability of the sofa, and the upholstery material – the appearance of the product. Transformation mechanisms, in turn, provide the “transformation” of the sofa into a bed. They come in different types, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Transformation mechanisms

Tilt-up mechanism

Tilt-up mechanism

Such products consist of several parts. To unfold the sofa, you need to pull the seat and in the empty space to put or flip the mattress.

Roll-out fixing mechanism is considered one of the most practical and durable. It can be unfolded even by children. In the “bed” state, the surface of the product is lower than its surface in the folded state. So it can be used for children – it will be easier for the baby to climb into his crib. There are disadvantages of such a sofa – not all models have drawers for linen, and on the flooring may remain scratches from the wheels.

Bookshelf and Euro folding bed


Sofas “bookends” unfold into a bed by lifting the seat until it clicks and lowering it back down. It is one of the simplest and most solid reclining mechanisms, suitable for frequent use. However, the “book” should be put at a certain distance from the wall (about 15-20 cm), so it can be transformed into a bed. Or it will have to move away from the wall every time you need a sleeping place. In addition, in the place of connection of the seat and backrest can form depressions or protrusions on which it will be uncomfortable to sleep.

“Eurofold” is a modernized sofa “folding book”. To transform a sofa into a bed, you need to pull the seat forward and lower the back to the freed space. “Euroknizhka” provides a wide place to sleep, but over time it can form joints that interfere with sleep.

Under the sofas with the mechanism of fixation “bookcase” and “euroknizhka” there are roomy compartments designed for storage of various things.



This product consists of three modules that are assembled and unfold like an accordion. To unfold it, you need to lift the seat and pull it toward you. As a result, the headboard will become part of the sleeper. The surface of the resulting bed has no joints, so it is very comfortable to sleep on it.

Most accordion models in the folded state have “modest” size, which is ideal for small rooms, studio apartments, etc.p. However, when unfolded, they take up a lot of space. All this should be taken into account when planning the interior.



The sofa “dolphin” is suitable for daily sleep. It has a special platform in the base, which is located under the seat in the assembled state. To transform the sofa into a bed, you need to extend this platform, pull it up and set it at the same level as the seat.

If it is a corner sofa, its side section has a niche for bedding and other things.


Such furniture products are not suitable for constant use. They have a complex transformation mechanism that can break under heavy loads. These products are unfolded and folded like a book, but have several additional positions of the back. Thanks to this you can sit on the couch “half lying”.

These products have an even sleeping surface, without protruding joints or depressions. So they are comfortable to sleep on. But the sofa “click-clack”, as well as the “book”, can not be put against the wall.


In the sofa “lit” you can unfold only the armrests, thus increasing the length of the surface. The width of the sleeping place does not change. In daily use, such products quickly break.


Sofa clamshells come in French and American. Both are not designed for daily use, i.e.k. have too unreliable transformation mechanism and thin mattresses. Sleeping on such sofas is uncomfortable and rigid. In addition, they are not equipped with drawers for linen, and their sleeping surface has a minimal orthopedic effect, t.e. With prolonged use, it can adversely affect the musculoskeletal system of a person.

Types of sofas

Straight sofa

Straight sofa

Straight sofas are universal models that fit well in any interior. They can be placed either against the wall or in the center of the room. They are suitable for living quarters and offices, and come in a variety of sizes. These sofas often have hidden compartments under the seat, which can store cushions, linens and other items.


  • A large variety of models;
  • Can have any unfolding mechanism;
  • Can be matched to any type of interior;
  • Take up little space when folded;


  • To accommodate a large company, you would need to use additional furniture. On a standard-sized sofa you can accommodate only 3-4 people;
  • Many models “require” extra space. For example, “books” should be placed at a small distance from the wall, and in front of the “front” of the pull-out model should not stand other furniture.

Corner sofa

Corner sofa

Corner sofas for sleeping have an L-shape, so they can accommodate a large company. They help to create comfort in the house and are often equipped with special niches for things, which can be located under the seat and in the side “wing” of the furniture product.


  • Provides seating for a large number of people;
  • A large sleeping place;
  • Modular models are easy to transport;


  • The cost of a corner sofa is higher than a straight sofa;
  • Take up a lot of space.

Sofa upholstery

Both artificial and natural materials can be used as upholstery. The most popular of them are:

  1. Jacquard is an expensive and noble material. It is not afraid of moisture, is resistant to mechanical damage and retains its original appearance for a long time. However, it does not “like” direct sunlight and requires dry cleaning.
  2. Velour – gives a beautiful and stylish appearance to furniture products. It is pleasant to the touch and allows good air circulation. However, this material gets dirty quickly, and it is difficult to remove dirt. In addition, it wears out quickly, and after 5-7 years of use the velour upholstery may become unsuitable.
  3. Flock – one of the most popular and practical materials. It looks similar to velour, but has better durability and lower cost. This is a moisture-resistant material – if you pour water on it, it will not be absorbed, and “will disperse” in small drops over the surface. These droplets will be easy to remove with a napkin or a cloth. What’s more, fleeces are tear-resistant and can withstand “attacks” by pets. There are some disadvantages with this material. It accumulates static electricity and collects dust. In addition, the structure of the fabric is disturbed when treated with alcohol-containing agents, and the material itself absorbs odors.
  4. Chenille is durable, hard-wearing, and soft. Made of both artificial and synthetic threads. It has a long service life (more than ten years), does not shed and retains its commercial appearance for a long time. However, this material is sensitive to snags, so you should not choose it if you have a pet. In addition, chinilla upholstery gets dirty quickly, and in order to get rid of stains, dry cleaning must be used. Also allowed to use soapy water or mild detergent in small quantities.
  5. Natural leather – expensive and not practical option. Although leather upholstery can last for decades, provides optimal air circulation, and is excellent at withstanding temperature fluctuations, it can easily be damaged by pets’ claws, abrasive detergents, direct sunlight, and even ordinary water. It “requires” special attention and care – treatment with special agents, support a certain humidity in the room, dry cleaning. Moreover, it is uncomfortable to sleep on natural leather upholstery ( as well as artificial leather) – it is very slippery.
  6. Eco leather is similar to natural leather. It is good air permeable, soft and pleasant to the touch. It is easy to take care of. However, it quickly wears out, gets dirty and falls into disrepair. It should not be bought in a house where there are children or animals.
  7. The burlap has a rough texture, similar to the texture of burlap. But it is softer and softer to the touch. Can be made of different materials: cotton, linen, silk and synthetic fabrics. It is easy to take care of – dry and wet cleaning is allowed. In addition, it has high strength, affordable cost and long service life. However, it is not worth buying it in a house where there are cats.
  8. Curtizan, microfiber and scotchgard are considered anti-vandal materials. They have a dust- and dirt-repellent properties, resistance to snags and other mechanical damage. They are suitable for use in a house where pets live.

Options for choosing a sofa for your home

sofa selection criteria

Additional Options

When buying, pay attention to whether the sofa has a storage compartment. That will save you some space in the apartment. The niche can be located both under the seat and in the armrest of the sofa. The drawers located in the armrests are much smaller than the drawers located under the seat. Consequently, and things fit in them less.

Remember that the drawers for laundry are not equipped almost all of the French and American folding beds, as well as some models of sofas with a roll-out mechanism.


The size of the sofa should be chosen according to the size of the room. Straight products take up less space than corner ones. However, corner models fill empty corners and create the widest and most comfortable place to sleep, on which the whole family can lie down. But if the product can not disassemble into modules, it may be difficult to move. In addition, the sofa may not fit in the doorways of your apartment.

Also consider that sofa-transformers in the “bed” state take up more space than in the folded state. This is why it is not allowed to have other furniture close to it.


The sofa frame can be made of wood, metal, chipboard and plywood.

  1. Wooden models are made of oak, walnut, beech, ash – these are some of the most durable materials. In the production of economy furniture can use birch and pine. These materials are more affordable, but less reliable. Moreover, after some time of use, the pine frame begins to squeak.
  2. The basis of metal is highly durable and reliable. But here, too, there are nuances. If the frame mounts are bolted together rather than welded, they, just like pine, can start to creak. In addition, the use of bolts negatively affects the reliability of the design.
  3. The most budget-friendly option is particleboard and plywood. These materials have the lowest strength and short life span, compared to natural wood and metal.

The sofa filler

A sofa for everyday sleeping should have orthopedic properties. That is, it must support the musculoskeletal system in a natural position and properly distribute the load on the body. This is especially true for children. If your child sleeps on a sofa that is too soft or uneven, he or she may develop scoliosis and other illnesses.

  1. It is desirable that the sofa for sleeping has in its basis a spring block. Spring blocks can be dependent or independent. Dependent spring unit consists of springs connected to each other. If you push on one spring, it will affect the neighboring ones. These spring blocks create a “hammock” effect, and over time, they sag and creak. It is not recommended to choose them for daily sleeping and for children.
  2. Independent spring block consists of springs, each of which functions independently of the other. This allows the sofa to adjust to the curves of the sleeper’s body and distribute the tension properly. Sofas with an independent spring block do not squeak and have a long service life. Dependent and independent spring units are used in combination with other fillers
  3. The latex filler also has good orthopedic properties. It is safe for allergy sufferers, does not accumulate static electricity and retains its shape well. However, sofas with such a filler have a high cost.
  4. Furniture products, the filling of which is made of ordinary foam rubber, quickly lose their shape and are not suitable for daily sleep. But they are inexpensive. Polyurethane foam (PPU) has the same cost as foam, but has better performance properties. If the filling consists of “highly elastic FPU” or “polyurethane foam of increased comfort”, then you can sleep on the sofa every day.

What sofa to choose – practical tips

Buying a child’s sofa, choose products with a wooden frame and practical upholstery that will be easy to care for. It is important that the sofa has orthopedic properties and has no protruding corners and details that can hurt while playing.

  1. If you have pets, particularly cats, choose the upholstery of flock or other anti-vandal material;
  2. Before buying a sofa lie down on the couch. Make sure you will be comfortable to sleep on it. Unfold and fold the sofa. Pay attention to the elasticity of the filling, the mechanism of transformation and the sounds it makes when you sit/leave on it. If the product creaks, it can indicate non-observance of technology in the manufacture of the frame.
  3. Carefully inspect the seams and staples on the sofa. They should be flat and neat. Also pay attention to the backrest. If you are going to put the product in the middle of the room, it must have upholstery.

The cost of sofas

  1. You can find “economy class” sofas for 6000-25000 rubles., and “premium class” – from 50 000 rub. and higher;
  2. Corner sofas are much more expensive than straight ones. Their price varies from 10,000 to 180,000 rubles. On average, a good corner sofa can be found for 25000-50000 rubles.;
  3. The presence of a natural wood frame, leather upholstery and transformation mechanism greatly increases the cost of furniture;
  4. Quality sofa for a child can be found for 13000-40000 rubles.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose a stylish vase, the secrets of choosing a chandelier in the apartment and the peculiarities of choosing curtains for the bedroom, living room, kitchen.

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