How to choose an air gun

Modern airguns are not the toys we played with as children. Its appearance is indistinguishable from a military weapon, its considerable weight, its firing power – these parameters make the “air gun” a great tool for self-defense, as well as a great way to diversify your leisure time during the holidays in nature. In order to make the right purchase – to understand the main types of such weapons and choose the right model.


  1. The best air gun manufacturers
  2. What kinds of pneumatic weapons exist
  3. The main choices of air gun
choose an air gun

The best air gun manufacturers. What to choose?

Currently on sale you can find a variety of pneumatic weapons, ranging from copies of Chinese production and ending with full-fledged replicas of the original military weapons produced by the same factories. The products of the above brands are in demand:

  1. Umarex;
  2. Anix;
  3. Smersh;
  4. Gletcher;
  5. Borner;

The design of weapons of the named brands is characterized by simplicity and reliability, without requiring excessive care and maintenance. Reviews of these or other models are presented on the Internet, there are also many video reviews, in which the weapon is demonstrated in real life.

What types of pneumatic weapons are there?

Given the fact that all pneumatic weapons is a replica of a military weapon, to divide the pneumatics by species by appearance (pistol, submachine gun, rifle) makes no sense. Much more differences in these “barrels” in technical terms.

Spring piston guns

The simplest type of weapon. When the bolt is twisted in a special reservoir pressurizes the pressure of the required force, which, when the trigger is pulled, frees the piston with which the shot is made. These guns require cocking before firing each shot, and the most striking example of such a weapon is the “air gun,” known since Soviet times.


  • Low cost;
  • Do not require gas cans;
  • Reliability of design;
  • Decent energy of the shot;
  • Realistic appearance;


  • Low shooting efficiency;
  • The bolt must be cocked before each shot is fired;
  • Low rate of fire;

Gas cylinder pistols

This type of pneumatics involves a special cylinder of carbon dioxide as an energy source. Carbon dioxide is an excellent source of energy, and in order to fire it, a minimum amount of it is needed. As a result, a compact gas cylinder lasts a long time. In addition, such a weapon in its functionality resembles a combat – the bullets are stored in the magazine, and one jerk of the bolt is enough to perform a series of 10-12 shots or empty the magazine.


  • Realistic;
  • The power source is a compact cylinder of carbon dioxide;
  • A roomy magazine;
  • High kinetic energy of the bullet;
  • Velocity of fire;


  • Expensive;
  • Requires regular cleaning and lubrication;

The main choices of an air gun

air gun selection criteria

Regardless of how a particular air gun looks, there are a number of criteria that should be taken into account when selecting one.

Gun barrel design

Range and accuracy of air gun depends entirely on the design of its barrel. In this regard, all pneumatics are divided into two conditional categories:

  1. Smoothbore weapon. The barrel of such a gun is a cylindrical or conical shaped tube with smooth and even inner walls. This type of barrel is light and easy to produce, but is characterized by a number of disadvantages. In particular, the bullet velocity and accuracy of its shot cannot be called maximum;
  2. The rifled weapon is similar to a military weapon. In production, the inner part of the barrel is equipped with a special rifling, thanks to which the bullet receives rotational energy during the shot. This has an extremely positive effect on the force of the shot as well as making it accurate;

Type of ammunition

Virtually all airguns shoot compact bullets that vary in performance and the structure of the materials used:

  1. Metal galvanized pellets or their copper-coated analogs are the most common type of ammunition. Provide a high rate of fire and loading, but are not always accurate;
  2. Lead pellets for airguns are tapered and accurate. The disadvantages of such bullets include a strong deformation and, as a consequence, their disposability;

Amount of muzzle energy

An indicator that directly describes a gun’s firing power and penetration.

  1. Models with a muzzle energy of 3 to 7.5 Joules are currently the most popular. They are quite powerful, accurate and long-range, but do not require any action for registration and legalization on the part of the owner. This is the muzzle energy of traditional air pistols, as well as paintball guns and strikeball drives;
  2. Devices with kinetic energy over 7.5 Joules under Russian law refers to hunting and sporting weapons, and therefore require mandatory registration. Models over 25 Joules – registration, registration and license. These are powerful and long-range guns, capable of causing serious damage.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose a scoped scopeThe secrets of choosing a decoy for hunting.

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