Velbon EX-Mini

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Velbon EX-Mini specifications

Main features

Tripod typetable tripod
Purposefor Cameras
Shooting height19 to 41.7cm
Maximum shooting height (without central column)36 cm
Maximum load2.5 kg
Length (when folded)25.5cm
Weight0.467 kg


Number of boom sections3
Boom diameter17mm
Support tipsrubber
Color optionsBlack

Reviews for Velbon EX-Mini

Advantages:Compact, lightweight, well made with good materials. Smart design without backlash. Transformable rods for stability. In the released position the head does not dangle either, moves along the axes with little resistance.
Disadvantages:For me none.
Disadvantages:Took it for the telescope for traveling in the car and observing in the summer house. Fits nicely on the roof and the trunk of a sedan. Transformable to fit on small or inclined pads. In my opinion, the best of the table stand. Ideal for travel. Very satisfied with the product.

Yuri Emelin

Advantages:Compact size, quick availability. The quality of materials and assembly . A tripod for both big DSLRs and compacts. The case included.
Disadvantages:No disadvantages noted by me.
Disadvantages:Took it for traveling and hiking. The important thing for me is not the height of the tripod, but the camera’s stillness, which is ensured by this tripod. It’s perfect for traveling.


Advantages:Stable, well assembled, well-thought-out construction (with the exception of the features)
Disadvantages:2D head, for someone this is a disadvantage – you will have to adjust each plane (vertical / horizontal) separately . An advantage for someone – you just align the horizon once, and then you regulate the slope with the convenient handle only. For its price a great tripod. Used to shoot with a webcam from the table.

User discarded data

Advantages:What I wanted and what I got
Disadvantages:Not yet identified
Disadvantages:The maximum load listed in the specifications is incorrect – 2.5 kg., In fact, on the packaging of the tripod itself there is a value of 1.5 kg.

Starovoitov Yaroslav

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