Rekam M-50

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Rekam M-50 features

Main features

Tripod Typeoriginal tabletop
Purposefor cameras
Shooting height10 to 16 cm
Maximum load capacity1 kg
Headnot included
Weight0.14 kg

The functions

Color optionsblack
FeaturesStable design with folding legs, by pressing the purple round button on the side of the tripod you can adjust the angle of the camera

Reviews on the Rekam M-50

Advantages:Compactness. I took it for traveling.

Sergey Alexandrovich

Advantages:Useful in a variety of situations. For example, if you want to take pictures with the whole family on a party or a trip. Bought just for such cases, 500r did not regret at all. Because I’m tired of figuring out different ways to securely put the camera on the table so it doesn’t fall off and fit everyone in the frame and cut heads and legs off.

Kirill Marinov

Disadvantages:slight roll, rubber bands on the sole fell out of the package immediately, flimsy construction, very flimsy!
Disadvantages:I bought it for 460 rubles.clearly overpriced

Kuzmin Dmitry

Advantages:The thing is very compact and simple. Very handy when traveling because you can safely put it in your pocket, and in the suitcase takes up the same space as two toothbrushes.
Disadvantages:Due to its compact size can not be adjusted in height, and therefore have to find the right height object to put a tripod and take pictures of themselves in an acceptable angle
Shortcomings:I think this is not a tripod at all, and stand for the camera, this kind of thing is needed for those whose camera has a decent lens on its own without the support collapses.Can be used in home studios for shooting models of aircraft, tanks and the like, shooting sabantuyu and gatherings, birthdays, etc.I have very little use for it. With these most compact tripod sizes – the thing is not versatile.

Sharaevsky Herman

Advantages:Good tripod. Comfortable. Robust. Stable.
Disadvantages:The rubber band on the feet fell off after unpacking. Glued it with mint.I think the weight of the camera would not hold more than 1 kg. Nominal weight for stability up to 500 g. The weight of my Canon PowerShot SX200 220g.
Disadvantages:If you need a stable and portable tripod then buy it, you will not regret it. I’m satisfied with it all. See my video
k9U Thank you for listening. Have a nice shopping experience.


Advantages:Compact, comfortable grip when folded (like a cameraman’s), holds quite securely.
Disadvantages:The rubber band on the bottom of one of the legs fell off, ripped it all off and attached it to the superglue. Too bad, the tripod itself is not swivelable, only tilts, and you have to swivel the whole thing together with the legs.
Disadvantages:Like the design. Found such an offer only from the Chinese. Differs from the one shown here only in the absence of the white inscription. I bought it for 8.5 dollars with shipping. Leaves the impression of a reliable design, although purely made of plastic. But the plastic has a lot of ribs and is itself very thick. Took it for luck, t.k. The seller had a max load of half a kilo written down, and my Fuji hs20 weighs almost a kilo + a heavily offset center of gravity in the teleposition of the lens. Tried it on – I think two kilos won’t be a problem for this design. When unfolded the main load is on the back thickest leg, t.k. the pad is shifted backwards. So the lens is not overpowering and it relieves the front, relatively thin, legs. The soles of the feet and the top of the mounting pad are covered with rubber, the mounting screw itself is metal and has an internal thread for attaching to something else. The tilt lock is tight without pressing the violet locking buttons on the sides, does not click under the weight of the camera. They fit me easily into the holster over the camera (the holster from the camera is a little larger).

Letov Nikita

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