Audio-Technica ATH-IM03 headphones

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Specifications Audio-Technica ATH-IM03 headphones

Basic parameters

Type of deviceHeadphones
Viewpluggable (earplugs)
Playable frequency range18 – 18000 Hz
Sensitivity108 dB/mW
Impedance34 ohm
Maximum power3 mW
Weight8 g

The design

Number of drivers3
Type of mountingNo attachment
Cable typedetachable


Headphone jackmini jack 3.5 mm
Earphone jack shapeL-shaped
Cable length1.2 m


FeaturesReplaceable ear cushions
The number of pairs of removable ear cushions in the kit4
The case / case includedthere

Reviews for Audio-Technica ATH-IM03 Earphones

Advantages:The sound is fast, bright and dynamic, very natural and alive. All frequencies are heard in great detail, there is no sags or dips. The sound insulation is good, the surrounding noises are very well muffled. The price for 3 drivers is not bad.
Disadvantages:Not enough ear pads in the set – usually a lot more ear pads go with anchor headphones. Had to buy them from Comply for myself.
Disadvantages:Excellent model in terms of price/performance ratio. I do not recommend to take less than 3 drivers – very often there will be gaps and “stairs” in sound. More than 3 is worth taking only for a very good player, and they are, of course, more expensive. So 3 drivers is the golden mean, just one each for bass, midrange and treble.

Nakozin Vova

Advantages:Sound: bright, natural and interesting. I was amazed at the depth of the scene. The fit: just perfect. The behind-the-ear fit of the ATH-IM03 sits in my ears securely. Appearance: cool, and it says it all. +The cable included is very strong, there is no microphonic effect.
Disadvantages:Could not find.
Disadvantages:ATH-IM03 is my favorite ear plugs. You can feel the Japanese quality in their every detail. Recommended! =)

Lyusena Orlova

Advantages:Great (for earplugs) sound, tight and secure fit in your ears, three drivers.
Disadvantages:The unusual design of the earplugs takes some getting used to.
Disadvantages:Gave my younger brother to get him used to good sound.

Lubinov Vyacheslav

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