AKG K 712 Pro headphones

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Specifications AKG K 712 Pro Earphones

Main parameters

Type of deviceheadphones
Viewover-the-ear, open
The range of reproduced frequencies10 to 39800 Hz
Sensitivity105 dB
Impedance62 Ohm
Maximum power200 mW
Weight235 g


Type of mountingheadband
Cable typedetachable
Cable connectionone-way


Headphone jackjack 6.3 mm
Adapter 3.5 mm includedthere is
Gold plated plugsthere is
Cable length3 m
Extension cable includedthere are


FeaturesOxygen-free copper wires
Case/accessory includedthere is

Reviews on AKG K 712 Pro headphones

Advantages:– Sound! This is not a muttering Beats. Here we have smoother frequency response, detail and scene. – Very comfortable fit. – Weight. – Build quality.
Disadvantages:– The twisted cord is too stiff and tends to keep its twisted shape, even in places where it is not necessary. – Price in Russia. Best to order from Germany, with shipping come out 2.5 times cheaper.
Disadvantages:Took them to replace the AKG K99, which after 3 hours of work very much pressed on the ears. They are heavenly. Not only do the K712s sound better, but they fit perfectly, so your head and ears don’t get tired at all. They are practically weightless.

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Advantages:The convenience of this company’s headphones is undeniable. The headband is very comfortable, does not crush and does not cause discomfort, and most importantly does not have to adjust the arc every time for someone else’s head. Put it on and that’s it. An example to follow for other companies. The cups are huge, the ears feel great there. Someone complained and wrote that the ears touch the bottom of the cups and hurt, I can not imagine how it could be, they are very deep. Maybe some people have quite obscene-sized earflaps, but that’s their problem))). Two cords in the set – convenient. Light weight, no discomfort on the head at all, you can sit for many hours continuously. Sound. The heating of the headphones was not as crazy as I thought. New out of the box sounded good, but not as balanced and detailed as after some time. The lows were originally good, but got even thicker and denser. The sound is basically analytical, shows what is going on in the soundtrack, you can hear reverb tails and other micro details. You can do a lot of really good processing on these headphones, without looking at the monitors. The sound is drastically different from the Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO and the like, there is no inflated bass and asshole loose “proprietary” tops. The sound can be characterized as flat (reference). The sound stage is big enough. Too bloated stage can “break up” the recording into components, this is not the case here. The detail is high, but not excessive. The DT 990 seems to have better range, but I listened to them long time ago, so I can’t say for sure. On the other hand, extremely high detail has the side effect of fast fatigue, so some compromise is important here. Good separation of instruments and building a virtual scene
Disadvantages:Velour ear cushions tend to collect dust and debris over time, but velour – he is velour. Can be cleaned, no problem. But the comfort and your ears do not sweat
Disadvantages:Overall, very satisfied. It’s a pity we don’t have any stores in Moldova where you can compare many models, so we have to look for different reviews, forums and examinations. On the whole a great tool for work and listening with high quality. Just do not connect to cheap and low-powered sources. Don’t think that with only 62 ohms you can plug into any “hole”))). It’s not quite so. Volume may be overpowering, but don’t confuse volume with quality. These are different things. Verdict: Definitely recommend, although the price for many will be large. I got lucky and bought them for almost half the price

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Advantages:Good sound
Disadvantages:In 2-3 months the cable frayed, but it’s a good thing we had a spare one in the set. In 1.5 years old broke down and it’s not the cable.
Disadvantages:Assembly is not of good quality, the wire is cheap, squeaky. Of course in the beginning everything was cool, but a year has passed and their condition has greatly deteriorated. The Sanheiser in comparison with them is unkillable.

Alexei Alexandrovich

Advantages:Sound, sound and more sound! Assembly, comfort of how they sit on your head, sensitive to settings
Disadvantages:Don’t really like the design, but it doesn’t affect the sound
Disadvantages:Replaced the old Sony. Heard different reviews about AKG, from rave, to ugh, don’t get it. I listened in the store through the player and I was satisfied with the sound. At home I connected to the Schiit Magni 2Uber and Schiit Modi 2 Uber. Here is heaven and earth. These headphones need good amplifiers if you want to have decent sound. The assembled system is satisfied

Ivanov Alexey

Advantages:Lightweight, very lightweight… The top is not sandy, fairly even, the middle doesn’t wobble.
Disadvantages:Not much bass, but hopefully it’s only until the warm-up such sensations.
Disadvantages:Swapped my old Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro for the AKG K712 PRO and have absolutely no regrets. Working with AKG is much easier, the sharp top does not make your ears tired, at least mine)

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Advantages:The detailed dynamic sound
Disadvantages:Dirty rag ear cushions
Disadvantages:Do not get your hopes up for good sound when connected to a cell phone

Smetannikov Paul

Advantages:Well everything is already written all. But when you first listen to the same immediately draws attention to the scene, beautiful, deep, you can hear the details of this very depth. Lightweight, you can spend all day in them without much stress, even fell asleep in them more than once. Two cables included – a great bonus. The headband on the elastic band is perfectly complemented by the resistance of the suede ear cushions. Even on a regular audio gadget they sound magical and fair enough. External sounds don’t really break through.
Disadvantages:The design is ok, but for the 21 century maybe something like this could be invented, although overpaying for design does not make sense, because the headphones are not street. Because of the large size of the ear cushions, the headphones require some positioning relative to the ears, the sound changes, I do not know if this is a drawback, rather a warning.
Disadvantages:I had a long time to choose the headphones from the middle segment, the AKG certainly conquered my ears a long time ago, so I chose them. When I saw today’s price tag on them I was so blown away… Now I wouldn’t let go of the greed. Now how to save up and buy a DAC to them, sad.

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Disadvantages:I don’t even know how to describe the whole experience with these headphones. It’s better to look at Dr. Head and head-fi org. However, I will say something about my feelings after switching to them from my old HD 558. The fit is not perfect as it may seem. I don’t like the way my ears are touching the inside of the sponge coated driver walls. This is not forgivable in my opinion for such an expensive model. These headphones seem to be so big, but they touch your ears, they should go a little deeper, at least half a cm. Although I’ve listened to them for more than 2 months and got used to it, I don’t even notice it. Compared with any closed “ears” they are just weightless and do not squeeze at all. The sound is great (airy, not driving, great sound resolution, high detail). Certainly, buying this model it is necessary to have at least a budget audio channel including a Tsap and an amplifier. From Realtek listening is extremely silly. I have an Asus Xonar D1 and an amplifier myself
avo Audio ocean. I am more or less satisfied with the sound, but now I would buy a more expensive circuit.

Sobakin Oleg

Advantages:They look good, sound great, and are surprisingly lightweight.
Disadvantages:Require a long “warm up”, require a preamplifier, require a quiet environment. One requirements in short.
Disadvantages:Bought the headphones in December 2014. Was choosing between them, 702 and 701 QJ. Decided not to cheap out and got the 712. Came to the store for a pre-listening, I was disappointed. They are positioned by the manufacturer as a pre-flagship, “cooler” than only the K812. But the “super majestic sound” I did not hear, then I realized why. First of all, the amplifier was a tube amplifier, a fancy one, to “like when the grass was still greener”. Second, the recording was “that psy-rock that rocked the world” from the 60s-70s. It is logical that through the “warm” amplifier I tried to listen to the frequencies, I heard nothing but “warm tube” in these headphones. Why I listened to frequencies? Because one of the distinctive features of the K712Pro is “Improved low-end performance by 3dB”. For the above reasons, I was a little disappointed. But the stereo picture immediately declared itself. Very clear and understandable, where and what from the first seconds. I connected them to the iPhone 5, but it is clear he is not very attracted to them. A little frustrated, I came home with my purchase. Through an “honest” amplifier, the sound card NI Komplete 6 was much less cluttered with “vintage” garbage, which is rumored to be appreciated by musicophiles. After listening to a variety of records, modern and not so modern, I was satisfied with the accuracy of the sound, but the bass did not come out. However, after a month of incessant scrolling through music, movies and everything else (in silent mode, dangling sadly on the stand – the main signal went through the monitor speakers), I put them on again, and was pleasantly surprised. Finally, a hint of bass turned into a fully real bass. Noisia’s contrabass in the orchestra and reese bass now sound right. I want to warn you right away – if you’re going to plug them in through
  • ne In his old laptop to listen to low-quality crap on vkontakte – you’ll be disappointed. These headphones are extremely demanding on the sound source (preamp, sound card) and material quality. They are great for mixing, mastering, listening to quality music, they can sit for a long time without getting tired. And the orange wire – well, cool?
  • ProjectX teh

    Advantages:A reasonable price-performance combination. Hand made in Austria. For long wear. No pinching or falling off. Low weight. Two cables included – straight and twisted. The sound is a separate song.
    Disadvantages:Funny, sit on your head))) As a headdress. Requires a good headphone amplifier.
    Disadvantages:Surprised there aren’t any reviews on them yet. Until I bought the 712s I thought I had good headphones. And the 712s immediately put everything in its place. Everything is almost perfect bass, midrange and top. Hear both the attack and the timbre of the bass instrument itself. And not just bass noise. Not only do the headphones produce sounds of different pitch, but you can hear the sound of plastic on the drum part. The cello plectrum and the feel of the strings. As much air as you can imagine. I’m sure it will be difficult to find a price tag of about 20.000r something better. Yes. I listen with a very good teac ha-501 ear amplifier. SACD images. So I can judge almost objectively. You should remember that it is not only the headphones that transmit sound, but also the equipment that originally produces sound. And these headphones require a good tract.

    Khleborodov Mikhail

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