What to choose: a tablet or an e-book

When choosing a device for reading, you should first of all decide if you plan to use it only for reading or also for other purposes?


  1. Which to choose: Tablet or E-book
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of an e-book over a tablet
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of a tablet over an e-book
  4. What to choose?
  5. The best vendors

What to choose: tablet or e-book

What to choose: tablet or ebook

The tablet can be used for reading ebooks. However, this is more of an additional function of it than the main one. The tablet is more of a multimedia device, suitable for web surfing, watching videos, listening to music, playing games, etc.d. Most ebooks will not do any of this. But they have their own advantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of an e-book over a tablet

The advantages of e-books

Among the advantages of electronic books (“readers”) the following can be mentioned:

  1. Long battery life;
  2. Low eye fatigue;
  3. Compact size and low weight;
  4. The absence of heat when you use it.

This is due to the fact that e-books, for the most part, are made with displays that are made with e-ink technology (“electronic paper”). These screens provide minimum power consumption. Electricity is consumed only when the display needs to be refreshed – t.e. when flipping pages, selecting books, etc.d. As a consequence, the battery life of your “reader” can last for days or even weeks.

Displays that are made with e-ink technology are not equipped with a backlight. Therefore, reading from such a screen is as comfortable as reading from an ordinary paper sheet. The eyes are less tired, which will please even people with visual impairments (myopia, hyperopia and other diseases).

Due to the fact that electronic books require a minimum of components for their operation – battery, controller, screen – such devices weigh very little. Weight of most “readers” is 150-200 grams, while tablets are usually at least 2-3 times heavier. So the e-book will not detract from your bag or backpack, and your hands will not get tired holding it for a long time.

Well and another plus of the simple design “readers” is the lack of a powerful processor, which heats up when using.

Of course, all these benefits apply to e-books, which are equipped with the display made with e-ink technology.

DisadvantagesThe advantages of e-books are obvious – low functionality, black and white display and lack of screen backlight.

Advantages and disadvantages of a tablet over an e-book

Tablet Advantages

Among the advantages of the tablet as a device for reading e-books:

  1. Backlighting of the screen;
  2. Convenient navigation;
  3. Compatibility with a huge number of formats;
  4. Color screen;
  5. Availability of additional features such as GSM module.

All tablets, regardless of the screen technology (IPS, TFT, OLED) are equipped with a backlit display. This allows you to read in the dark or just in low light without straining your eyes. Only some e-book models offer this function.

Touch screen tablets provide easy navigation – selecting a book, turning pages, starting menus, moving through chapters and sections, etc.d. This is quite an important advantage for people who do not want to learn the mechanics of “readers.

Despite the fact that “out of the box” the vast majority of tablets does not support any format of files, by installing third-party applications can expand its functionality to any required. Thus, such devices will be able to “read” very rare types of books – like comic books, packaged in C containers

The color screen is one of the most important advantages of tablets when it comes to richly illustrated books. On such a display, you can see all the details of the image, which is especially necessary, for example, when reading special or academic literature.

Thanks to the additional functions, such as GSM-module or support of Wi-Fi networks, the tablet will be able to go online – to download new books without connecting to a computer, read the latest articles, RSS-subscriptions and other text content.

Disadvantages – high weight and low battery life (even the best models, it is about 10 hours).

What to choose?

What to choose

If you want to read fiction or reference literature, it’s worth buying an e-book. Thanks to the long battery life and comfortable screen for the eyes it provides maximum comfort.

For graphic novels, richly illustrated literature, special and educational books, as well as files in rare formats is better to choose a tablet. It is equipped with a screen that is more convenient for viewing such content, and expandable through the installation of third-party applications.

Best manufacturers

Tablet and e-book manufacturers

If we talk about specific manufacturers, they are different for each type of device. So,The best manufacturers of e-books:

  1. The company that, in fact, invented e-books. Products from it have a fairly high price, but it has excellent performance parameters;

  2. OnyxBook is a competitor to PocketBook, which offers devices at a lower price;
  3. Texet, Prestigio – “Chinese consumer electronics”, which, nevertheless, is very inexpensive. E-books from these companies are great for beginners or as an additional device.

The best manufacturers of tablets:

  1. Samsung, Acer – produce expensive, powerful, multifunctional devices;
  2. Xiaomi – manufacturer of inexpensive, but convenient tablets. The only drawback – an unusual operating system MIUI based on Android. That’s why Play Market is supported;
  3. Apple – produces tablets with the best screen on the market. Provides a comfortable, pleasant reading experience and excellent color reproduction. However, there are difficulties with “throwing” books into the memory of the device.

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