How to choose a bag for a laptop

Transporting a laptop in a special bag will protect the device from the effects of external factors – shock, moisture, low or high temperature.


  1. What to pay attention to when buying
  2. Types of bags for a laptop
  3. Materials
  4. Protective features
  5. Additional compartments

How to choose a bag for a laptop: what to look for

How to choose a laptop bag

When choosing a bag for a laptop, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Type;
  2. Materials;
  3. Protective features;
  4. Additional compartments.

Nevertheless, in principle, absolutely any bag, including a plastic bag, will do for the careful carrying of the laptop in dry and warm weather conditions.

But the main thing to pay attention to is the size of the bag. The bag should be chosen so that it corresponds to the diagonal of the laptop. So, if the computer has a screen diagonal of 15.6-inch, then the case (or backpack, or whatever) must be specifically designed for 15.6-inch devices.

Types of laptop bags

Bags in which to carry laptops can be very different:

laptop bags
  1. Backpacks that are behind the back. Frees your hands, but can get in the way in crowds and crowds, and are not well suited for carrying heavy laptops;
  2. Shoulder and vanity bags. Convenient for transportation, freeing your hands, but ill-suited for fast movement, cycling or rollerblading, and causing great discomfort when carrying heavy devices;
  3. Cases. Don’t have handles. Suitable for carrying a laptop in the car or carrying it in your hands, and no more;
  4. Cases. Look elegant, especially leather and metal, but they are expensive and uncomfortable to carry for long distances without a car;
  5. Travel bag, which is equipped with a compartment for a laptop – the solution for travelers.

The type of bag should be chosen based on the daily image. For example, a backpack does not pair at all with a classic suit or evening dress, and a leather briefcase would look ridiculous in a casual style.


Laptop bag materials

The vast majority of bags for laptops are made of synthetic. Thus, among the most common materials:

  1. Nylon – waterproof, repels dirt, does not react with household chemicals, does not tear or pull, does not burn. However, it can fade and deform under the influence of sunlight;
  2. Polyester – waterproof, repels dirt, does not react to household chemicals, does not tear, not stretched, resistant to sunlight. However, it burns;
  3. Neoprene – waterproof, repels dirt, resistant to UV and frost, does not wear out. However, it is sensitive to some chemicals;
  4. Polycarbonate – used for cases and other hard bags. In addition, it is used for creating thermal insulation.

Laptop bags are also made from higher quality materials such as leather, aluminum, etc.d. However, they are not as practical as the above.

Protective features

The main function of bags for notebooks (which plastic bags can not cope with) is a protective. Therefore, the computer compartment of any bag should always be covered with shock-absorbing materials – such as polyurethane foam.

For better protection, you should choose bags that have air blocks built into them. These pads are usually placed on the sides to prevent the most dangerous for the laptop end impacts.

Waterproof materials and water-repellent impregnation are used to protect the laptop from moisture.

If you plan to transport your laptop in conditions of low temperatures, it is worth choosing bags with insulating inserts. The frost is detrimental to the motherboard, display and battery.

Additional compartments

additional compartments

It is highly recommended that the bag have a separate compartment that is well protected on all sides and solely for the notebook. Everything else can be carried in other compartments. It is also recommended that in this compartment there are special straps that will allow you to rigidly fix the laptop.

In additional compartments placed charger, mouse and other necessary things the owner.


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