How to choose a swimsuit

When the beach season is not far off, there is a question – how to choose a swimsuit that will emphasize the merits of the figure or vice versa – will hide its flaws. In this case there are many tricks, knowing which, any woman will feel like the queen of the beach.


  1. Solid or Separate?
  2. Swimsuit selection according to the figure
  3. Let’s choose the “top” of the swimsuit
  4. How to choose a bra for small breasts?
  5. Choosing a bra for large breasts

Flared or separate?

Seamless or separate?

Women constantly ask themselves the question – what model of bathing suit to buy for the beach season. More often than not the choice is made in favor of an open split model, and the shelves of stores are filled with them by 90%. But what to do if your figure is far from ideal?? A fusion swimsuit will be perfect for this situation. For example, to hide the belly, the best yet not invented. But we should not think that separates are only for skinny women, there are versions where the panties have a high fit in a retro style, due to which it is perfectly possible to disguise small fat deposits at the waist, but only small ones.

Choosing a swimsuit according to your figure type

How to make a suit fit

So a swimsuit must fit your figure and you should clearly define your type and know the pros and cons, which can be advantageously played with a certain type of swimsuit. Categorically do not follow the call of the heart and buy a model that looks great on the picture in the magazine. After all, just try it on will give a chance to fully assess how will sit the model on the figure, especially the problematic. Consider such popular options:

  1. Trikini (monokini) is perfect for women to hide the belly, as it covers this part of the body, remaining open on the sides. But if they (the sides) have the same problem as the tummy, it is better to consider a closed model. This swimsuit is not like the others because of a certain amount of extravagance, because only self-confident ladies can wear it. Such a swimsuit is perfect for a small bust, if the top will be sewn with a lace flounce. The top has a classic straps or ties on the neck, the cup, as a rule, made of thin foam rubber on the bones.
  2. Mayo. As a classic representative of the world of swimwear, it is the best-sold. Thanks to the successful cut, strong sewn in straps, located on the shoulders, just like a normal bra, it perfectly supports any breast. Those who have problems with overweight may be advised to look for a monochrome model with contrasting light inserts on the sides. So, even if there is no expressed waist, the impression of its presence will be formed. A fusion one-color swimsuit, completely covering belly and back to shoulder blades, like a sports swimsuit, which tightly tightens the body, will sit only on a trim figure. If there is some excess in the area of the abdomen, it is better to choose a model of mottled fabric.
  3. Halter. Such a swimsuit is a close relative of mayo, except for the top line. Thanks to the wide straps that securely hold any size bust, halter will be ideal for large women who can’t wear a two-piece swimsuit.
  4. Bandeau can be both solid and separate. The solid model is ideal to hide the flanks. It differs from other models by its original bodice – it looks like it consists of a single stripe that supports the bust well. If your breasts are small and there is a need to visually enlarge it, then this is exactly what is needed. Horizontal stripes, ruffles, fringes and flounces will make the breast 1-2 sizes bigger. Do not forget about the miraculous Push-up effect that visually raises the breast. Some bandeau suits do not have fasteners and held on the body due to the structure of the bowl. This option will be appropriate up to size 2 breasts. If your size is larger, you should choose a bodice with elastic bands.
  5. High-Neck. The very name of this swimsuit (high neck) tells us that the neck is covered up to the top. This model is suitable for chubby and slender girls. However, its main purpose is to hide the small size of breasts or the absence of breasts as such, by accentuating other, attractive parts of the body. The design of the bodice, which often has a variegated color, allows you to hide this flaw. But girls with a lush bust will lack a good support here. This bodice is held on the neck with normal straps, on a plastic buckle or even a hoop, which makes it a very original model. Hi-Neck may be both separate and united.
  6. The Tankini. Lovers of everything unusual and original can be recommended to buy this model. To ensure that the swimsuit sits on the figure, hiding its flaws (because that is exactly what it is designed for) do not buy it tight, because you can achieve the opposite result. The tankini is a panty with an exaggerated waist and a short tank top that covers the tummy. This model can be advised for women expecting a baby.
  7. Swimdress is a logical continuation of the tankini line. This swimsuit-dress hides the sides and the belly at the same time, increasing confidence in his irresistibility. In addition, the swimdress – a godsend for those who by nature have broad shoulders. Thanks to the displacement of accents, the shoulders visually become narrower because of the flirty skirt. Swimsuit colors may be very diverse, but if you are overweight you should avoid too bright colors and horizontal stripes.

Choose the “top” of the swimsuit

Choose the

The bikini has three popular bra options. The correct choice of the “top” will help to hide existing flaws or vice versa – to emphasize the advantages of this appetizing part of the female body:

  1. Soft fabric cup without lining will be a good option for firm breasts that do not require intensive support; such a bra dries quickly without changing clothes; ideal for teenage girls;
  2. The ush-up effect is ideal to visually lift the bust and is suitable for those who have a small bust and those who have lost the former shape and firmness of their breasts.

  3. The foam cup allows you to correct the shape of the breast giving it a nice outline.

How to choose a bra for a small bust?

How to choose a bra for small breasts?

For a small bustThere are several options for solving the problem:

  1. For those who, in contrast to a small bust has wide hips, it is best to choose a swimsuit closed, solid type with a vertical stripe. This option visually elongates the figure, narrows the hips and increases the breasts.
  2. With the help of wide horizontal stripes on the bra, you can give it a voluminous look.
  3. Bright, succulent shades are ideal for women with small breasts. However, a drawing or an eye-catching accent in the form of a brooch is mandatory, as it distracts the eye from the existing flaw.
  4. The ush-up is designed especially for those who want to increase their bust by a couple of sizes.

  5. Bandeau and halter – here is a great option for visual breast enlargement.

Choosing a bra for bigger breasts

Choosing a bra for large breasts

It is considered that the problem of small breasts is more global than that of large breasts. Women who have a cup D and above, suffer much more when choosing a swimsuit, because there are not many options to solve their problem:

  1. A one-piece swimsuit with a bodice with bones would be a great choice.
  2. Asymmetrical print can visually reduce the size of a bust.
  3. To support a large chest must have wide straps. It is good if they are held on the shoulders and not on the neck…

Highly undesirable:

  1. Get a bra without bones – it looks unaesthetic;
  2. Wearing a bandage without straps – it is a sure loser option, as this design will not support the weight of your breasts and will slip at the most inopportune moment;
  3. Buy screaming colors, shiny swimsuit colors are better, so as not to attract unnecessary attention to it. The horizontal stripe is forbidden.

Knowing how to choose a swimsuit, a woman can easily correct her figure on her own, using elementary methods. To look attractive on the beach can a woman of any complexion and instead of bundling, it is worthwhile to just carefully study the differences between the models. A well chosen bathing suit will greatly improve self-esteem. For the beach season it is advisable to buy two swimsuits to be able to change them during the day. Do not stop at too cheap models, as the quality of material and coloring in them leaves much to be desired.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose the right underwear, the secrets of choosing women’s panties and the peculiarities of selecting a spectacular bra.

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