How to choose a hat

Headwear provides head protection from temperature drops, atmospheric precipitations and other troubles. A well chosen hat can perfectly highlight the advantages of your face and play the role of an original element of your clothes, which will add the necessary additions to your stylish image. So you can keep your health, and your uniqueness and charm advantageously shade.


  1. General suggestions
  2. Choice of face shape
  3. With your individuality in mind
  4. Influence of hair color
  5. The comfort of an infant especially in mind
  6. For Older Kids

General guidelines

General guidelines

Hats are worn by everyone, regardless of sex, age, place of residence and other criteria. A few universal rules for choosing a hat are as follows:

  1. A hat should fit the shape of your face;
  2. It is necessary to take into account for what season the headgear is purchased;
  3. A thoughtful combination with your appearance and clothing is desirable.

For the result to please you, practice individual approach in choosing a hat With the obligatory trying on in front of the mirror.

Choice of face shapes

Choice by face shape

The most common technique that allows you to choose the right headgear is to consider the shape of the face. It often happens that people with one type of face suit a certain hat, while it looks inappropriate on others.

Asymmetric and voluminous articles are suitable for round faces. Pay attention to big knitted hats, hats with margins, caps, caps, scarves, shawls, scarves-collars. The main principle is to keep the forehead as open as possible and not to tighten the head too much.

An elongated (oval) face has practically ideal proportions, therefore any models of hats and caps appeal to it. Particularly advantageous are hats that cover the forehead.

If the shape of the face resembles a triangle, try not to burden the upper part of the head and cover the forehead. The best suggestions will be:

  1. scarves and kerchiefs;
  2. small berets;
  3. Hats with small brim or without brim;
  4. Cap with earflaps;
  5. Capes.

For a rectangular face it is necessary to soften and round out the features and visually reduce the length of the face. The most acceptable options – hats with wide brim, hats with lapels or in the form of a turban, a scarf-pipe, berets, hat with earflaps.

In cases of doubt and deliberation, stylists offer win-win options – universal hats that are equally suitable for everyone. First and foremost, these are berets, which appeared in the Middle Ages and have since become a favorite headdress for many people. The beret is part of the official military uniform in some countries, a symbol of a creative person and an all-time fashion accessory. Also hats with earflaps, caps with a visor, hats with caps and furry fluffy hats suit practically every type of face.

Consider your personality

With your personality in mind

Remember that a hat on your head looks like a second hair. Therefore, try to create the desired volume with products of large knits or fluffy fur. This is especially true for tall girls with a large body, the ideal variant for them would be a voluminous hat in accordance with the proportions of the figure.

Miniature ladies of small stature (less than 160 cm) are better to choose headwear of small size with a small pattern, and hats are preferable with narrow fields, so that their width was not more than the width of the shoulders.

For different ages are characterized by their accents. The youthful style for young girls implies bright hats with original shapes (with ears, pompon, etc.).). For older women elegant berets, hats or knitted hats, made in quiet tones, will do a great job. When choosing, consider that a fur hat in the form of a bowler can visually add a few years to the owner.

The influence of hair color

Try to choose a hat depending on the color of your hair, because in this simple way You can accentuate your own attractiveness. It is comfortable to be blonde – almost all colors suit you. Blondes are especially good in hats in gray, pistachio, gold, beige, peach and blue shades.

Brunettes and brunettes look better with brighter colors. Shades of fuchsia, lilac, burgundy, crimson and purple go well with dark hair. For brunettes the main thing that the color of the hat does not repeat the color of the hair. The beauty of red hair will advantageously emphasize the black, white, blue, green shades, as well as headgear with ornaments or stripes.

The comfort of babies – special attention

The comfort of babies - special attention

It is necessary to be attentive when choosing a hat for your baby, a special case is choosing a hat for a newborn. The first hours of life, the first encounter with the environment require protection for the fragile baby, especially the head. It is through the head of the newborn the greatest heat loss occurs, and the thermoregulation of the body is not yet established. Therefore, several cotton bonnets are handed over together with diapers and undershirts directly to the delivery room. A hat for a newborn should be soft, without a seam at the back of the head, the best option is seamless. For cool nights we need insulated hats made of fleece, and for walks outside in the cold season we need knitted hats or products made of fur, padding, etc.d.SizeThe diameter of the cap is determined by the circumference of the baby’s head, which is:

  1. 35-40 cm for ages 0-3 months;
  2. 42-44 cm from 3 to 6 months;
  3. 44-46 – from 6 months to 1 year.

For older children

For older children

Every child needs a hat that allows you to reliably protect your head from the cold, wind, moisture and at the same time is able to ensure proper thermoregulation. Your baby should feel comfortable, Not to feel hot or cold and enjoy walking in the fresh air.

For the early fall or late spring, when the air has retained heat, hats with waterproof bologna tops and soft natural fabric lining will do. For the colder seasons we recommend knitted hats with lining, wool, fleece or velvet with insulation (for example, with synthetic fibers). These products retain heat well. They may be of different shapes, as long as they cover the ears and forehead closely, do not move down, and if possible protect the child’s neck from the cold wind.

For winter, choose a fur hat for your baby. Modern light industry offers products made of natural and artificial fur, as well as combined. The hat with earflaps, the variant proven by many generations. The fur should not prick and irritate the delicate skin, and hat headphones must cover not only the ears but also the cheeks and chin.

Dress your child for the weather, t.e. The way you dress. For infants, pediatricians suggest composing clothing on the principle of “plus one layer.

In the following articles our experts tell you how to choose thermal underwear and the secrets of choosing stylish shorts.

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