What kind of mattress to choose for a newborn baby?

A mattress for a baby should be moderately hard, flexible, and have the flattest possible surface. It is not so much for sleeping comfortably as for the natural curves of the spinal column.

The spine of a newly born baby is straight. It is not at all suitable for sitting, walking or other active activities. It is not until the third or fourth month after birth that the baby develops its first bend in the neck area, in the sixth or seventh month in the thoracic area, and in the eighth or ninth month in the lower back area.

In addition, in the first years of life, the baby’s spinal column is very fragile, it is hard to carry loads and can easily become deformed. A baby lying on a sagging or uneven mattress will affect negatively the skeleton formation.

Choosing a mattress for a newborn baby

What should be a mattress for a newborn?

  1. Up to three years old a baby should sleep on a completely flat, firm or medium-hard surface.
  2. Baby has a tendency to overheat, t.k. the mechanism of its thermoregulation is not perfect. Good ventilability (degree of permeability of the material to the air) of the filler and cover facilitates thermoregulation of the little organism.
  3. Materials used in the manufacture of mattresses for babies must not cause allergies. It can be coconut fibers or coir, cotton, linen, natural latex, felt, polyurethane foam.

The following manufacturers’ products meet these requirements.

The best mattress manufacturers for babies


Vegas mattresses

The Belarus mattress manufacturer founded in 1997. The company began to produce goods from high quality raw materials and collaborate with well-known European manufacturers. Vegas products received certificates of the Customs Union for compliance with GOST requirements and international quality certificates:

EuroLATEX Eco Standard – confirms the safety of latex mattresses and checks for the presence of heavy metals, nitrosamines, pesticides, solvents and volatile organic substances in the products;

Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 testifies absence in textile dyes and materials of dangerous chemical substances: formaldehydes, chlorine-containing components, etc.p.;

FKT “Medically Tested Tested for Toxins”, confirming the safety of the textile materials for skin and health and the absence of harmful substances;


    -Naturlatex – attests to the high quality of natural latex in mattresses.

    As we see, the Vegas products are absolutely safe for babies. The company produces mattresses for babies Teddy, Magic, Prince, Chocolatex and Coco made of coconut coir, cotton and natural latex. The price of the product ranges from 3750 rubles for a product 42 x 82 cm to 8300 rubles for a mattress 60 x 120 cm.


    Ascona mattresses

    Several decades have passed since the company was founded (1998) and during this time it has become one of the most famous mattress manufacturers.

    “Ascona” created a collection of orthopedic mattresses for kids Mediflex Kids, recommended for the prevention of musculoskeletal system diseases and disorders of the spinal column development. In addition, its products have been certified by Roszdravnadzor as medical products. Tests have not shown any contraindications for the use of mattresses.

    Mattresses for babies are made of hypoallergenic materials: thermal linen, cotton, anatomic foam Medifoam and terry cloth. Medifoam has been clinically tested and found to be a safe filler that prevents capillary compression during sleep, improves circulation, protects against bacteria due to the silver ions contained in the structure and correctly distributes the load on the immature spine of the baby.

    One of the most popular models of Ascona baby mattresses is Baby Flex Jump. It is made of highly elastic foam, felt, spring block type mini-bonnell with a height of 7 cm, and cotton. The Baby Flex Jump has a smooth, elastic surface and a medium degree of firmness. And although the manufacturer claims that it can be used from birth to 10 years of age, remember that most orthopedists do not recommend products with Bonnell spring block for babies.

    Some customers also note that Mediflex Kids mattresses have a pungent chemical odor that can take months to get rid of. The manufacturer himself says that products should be ventilated for a week before use.

    The cost of mattresses for kids is 5000-8000 rubles.



    The “Virtuoso” company was founded in 2005. It makes high-quality mattresses for people of all ages. All products, including baby products, are certified and have a declaration of conformity with EEC technical regulations.

    Mattresses for kids are made of coconut coir, hollofiber, holcon, natural latex, and cotton, all these materials do not contain toxic components and are not associated with any allergies.

    Most reviews of Virtuosus baby mattresses are positive. Customers report that baby models don’t have the pungent chemical odor often found in other manufacturers, mattresses don’t squeeze, and covers are well quilted.

    The cost of mattresses for newborns is 3825-6975 rubles.



    “Rollmatratze uses certified innovative technology and materials to produce sleep products. The company uses both classic versions (coir and latex) and Roll Schaum and Ca

  • pore Outdoor.

    Roll Schaum is a hypoallergenic filler known for its elasticity and resistance to damage. It absorbs and expels moisture well and keeps the mattress ventilated. Roll Schaum meets the requirements of Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

    Ca-filled products

  • The Outdoor pore can be washed at home. This innovative material dries quickly, absorbs and releases moisture well, and, thanks to its porous structure, allows air to circulate.

    “Rollmatratze also uses unique HyCare cover. It is treated with a special antimicrobial impregnation, which protects the product from dangerous microorganisms and allergens (dust mites), as well as the appearance of stains and damage.

    The prices for “Rollmatratze” mattresses range from 4130 to 8879 rubles.

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