How to choose a mobile for babies

Baby apparatus is a real savior for the moms who like to hold their baby in their arms. With his help, you can distract the baby for half an hour, and have time to do household chores.


  1. What is a mobile
  2. Children’s mobile – what brand to choose
  3. What mobiles are
  4. What to look for when choosing

What is a mobile

What is a mobile

This is the first educational toy for your newborn baby. Can be used from the first days of life up to 6 months. Mobile is fixed on the edge of the crib or baby carriage and attracts the child’s attention by rotating, ringing and playing different tunes.

Why do you need a mobile?

  1. It trains your baby’s hearing aid and eye muscles, develops his ability to focus on objects and distinguish colors.
  2. The baby calms down quicker and falls asleep to the music.
  3. Studying toys with a 3-4 month old baby takes about 15-30 minutes. And while the baby learns the world by looking at favorite animals, the mother has some free time.

Which brand to choose?

Buy mobiles from manufacturers who are responsible for the quality of their products. Children’s toys must meet international quality standards and be tested for flammability, heavy metals, toxicity and durability.

The best companies that produce mobiles for children are considered:

  1. Tiny Love;
  2. Fisher Price;
  3. Chicco;
  4. Maman;
  5. Taf Toys.

What mobiles are

Decorative Mobile

Decorative mobiles

The easiest type of mobiles. It has no music, projector and other nice “bonuses”. It is light, and the toys on it swing with the slightest movement of air. Mobile can be equipped with bells or jingles. The toys in it are removable, easy to replace or swap places.


  • Low price.
  • Decorative mobile can be made by yourself.


  • Limited amount of functions. In mobile no projector, illumination, MP3 player and other useful “bonuses.

Mechanical mobile

Mechanical Mobile

This toy winds up from the key and plays only one melody. Every 2-3 minutes it needs to be restarted. The music emitted resembles the sound of a music box.

Toys are often made of textile and plastic. Can be detachable. Some models are additionally equipped with a mirror.


  • No need to change batteries or charge the battery.


  • Wind-up lasts only a few minutes.
  • A melody can quickly get boring.

Electronic Mobiles

Electronic baby mobile

This is one of the most versatile and convenient mobiles. It runs on batteries or a rechargeable battery, so it can rotate and play tunes for about 5-30 minutes without stopping.

Some models have an MP3 player which you can load your music onto and use instead of the manufacturer’s tunes. They allow you to adjust the volume and mute.

Sometimes a crying sound sensor is built into the rocker. When your baby starts to cry, the sensor reacts and turns on the mobile.

Some models are equipped with a projector-nightlight, which creates a projection of the night sky on the walls or shows the baby images of colored figures. You can turn on music.


  • Electric mobilizer can occupy the baby for 15-30 minutes.
  • You can switch tunes and regulate the movement of the toys.
  • A built-in projector helps baby fall asleep.


  • Need to change batteries or charge the battery.
  • Cost more than decorative and mechanical mobiles.

What to look for when choosing

What to look for when choosing


Electric models have screw mounts that can take a lot of weight. They are attached to the metal and wooden crib edge. Velcro hooks are provided to hang the baby on the handle of the car seat or to cling to the stroller. Clamping clips are often used – they attach to the side of a regular bed, playpen bed, and stroller and cradle.


Choose models with removable toys. They can be easily removed, washed and replaced with new ones if necessary. In addition, your baby can play with their favorite figurines even during the walk.

Musical accompaniment

Choose models where you can adjust the volume and mute the sound. Listen to all the melodies offered by the manufacturer before buying. The sound should be clear, soothing, it should not irritate you and the baby.

Remote control

Models with a remote control are more expensive, but they make life much easier for mom. The remote control allows you to remotely set the desired volume, switch tunes, speed up or slow down the “merry-go-round” of toys


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