How to choose a high chair – expert opinion

High chairs make life much easier for moms. They not only simplify the process of feeding, but also allow you to leave the baby in safety (to play or leaf through books) and do household chores.


  1. The most popular highchair manufacturers
  2. Highchair types
  3. What material is better?
  4. What else to look out for when buying
How to choose a high chair

The best high chairs make:

  1. Happy baby;
  2. eg perego;

  3. Chicco;
  4. Sweet baby;
  5. Jetem;
  6. Babyton;
  7. evi.

The products of these brands are known all over the world. It contains no hazardous and harmful substances for children and complies with international quality and safety standards

Types of high chairs

Classic (high) high chairs

High high chairs

The classic version of these stools are not foldable or adjustable. They are used only for feeding the baby and are not always equipped with a countertop. But today there are many models on the market that have:

  1. Safety belts;
  2. Removable tabletop;
  3. Wheels;
  4. Folding mechanism;
  5. Adjustable footrest.

All this makes life much easier for parents. For example, the presence of wheels allows you to move the chair in any room without straining, and the folding mechanism – to hide the model behind a door or closet.


  • Stability and security of models.
  • Wide assortment. You can choose small high chairs for travel or products with a wide double tabletop – while mom washes the upper tabletop, the lower part remains at the child’s disposal.


  • Take up a lot of space in the kitchen.
  • A baby cannot climb into the high chair by himself.


Highchair-transformer for feeding

These models can transform from a highchair to a small chair and table, lounger or swing. They are used from birth and up to 3-4 years old.

For example, the chair “chaise” can take both sitting and lying position, so such models are suitable for babies who can not sit. Just like the Rocking Chair Transformers, they can be manually or automatically rocked.

There are among the transformers and high chairs – their service life is 10-12 years, and some models can withstand a weight of 85-90 kg. The location of the footrest as well as the height and depth of the seat in such products can be adjusted as the baby grows.


  • Versatility;
  • Long life;
  • Reliability and stability;


  • Take up a lot of space in the house;
  • High stools can be expensive.

Hinged high chair


This type of product is attached to the kitchen table. It can be used from 6 months to 3 years old and can hold approximately 15-17kg. The highchairs have a small weight (2 kg) and take up little space in the room.

These products should not be used if the tabletop is made of a fragile material (such as glass). In addition, they should not be attached to folding tables, tables with one support in the center, to furniture with too thick table tops or unstable products.


  • Compactness and small weight;
  • Small price;
  • Convenient to take with you on trips or visits;


  • Do not attach to all tabletops;
  • No footrest – it is uncomfortable for a child to sit in it for a long time;
  • Can not be used separately from the table;

Booster for baby feeding

Booster for feeding

This type of stool is ideal for small kitchens. Boosters can be attached to an adult chair with a hard seat and are often equipped with table tops. They have a low weight (1.5-3 kg) and are suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years.

Boosters often have several height adjustment positions. This allows the child to eat at the same level as the parents. You can also take the high chair with you on trips and feed the baby right in the car.


  • Suitable for travel;
  • Takes up little space;


  • The stability of the model and the safety of the child depends on the chair on which the booster is mounted.

Traveling high chair

Traveling high chair

It is a fabric seat, which is attached to the back of a normal chair. It is ideal for the road. The weight of the model is about 200-400g. If necessary, the high chair can be folded and hidden in a special bag.


  • Compact size and light weight;
  • Can be used in a restaurant, airplane cabin, train or train station;
  • The high chair can be washed in a washing machine;
  • Low price;


  • Not suitable for overly active and active children;
  • Designed for babies who can sit, t.k. It is difficult to keep your balance.

What is the best material

High chairs can be upholstered, fabric and leatherette. The plastic cover is easy to care for, but the baby sweats a lot on it. So it is better to choose products with textile or leatherette upholstery. When buying a model with a fabric cover, make sure it is machine washable and removable.

The bodies of high chairs are often made of plastic or wood. Wooden products are safer and more environmentally friendly, in addition, they are stable, reliable and can withstand a lot of weight. But if the wood is constantly exposed to liquids, it will begin to deteriorate. In addition, wooden products are much heavier than plastic, and parents will find it difficult to move the chair from place to place.

Plastic models are lightweight and often equipped with additional accessories: music, toys, etc.p. They are easy to care for and do not deteriorate with regular exposure to water and food. But in the manufacture of some models of plastic can use toxic dyes, dangerous to the health of the child.

What else to look out for when shopping

What to look for when buying a high chair
  1. Remember that the main purpose of the high chair is to ensure the safety of the child. So look out for seat belts. They can be three-point (the baby’s shoulders are free) and five-point (the baby’s legs and shoulders are securely fixed). From the three-point straps an active baby can slip out, so it is better to use five-point.
  2. When buying pay attention to the quality of the chair. It must be sturdy, stable and have secure fasteners.
  3. Choose products with footrests. This is essential for a child’s normal posture and proper blood circulation.
  4. Pay attention to models with adjustable backrest. They are suitable for babies who do not know how to sit and babies who want to sleep after feeding.


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