What to choose a curling iron for your hair?

It is time and energy consuming for the ladies. To do the styling, it is preferable to use a hair curler. It makes it possible to have a great hairstyle at home without wasting time and without going to the hairdresser’s. Girls no longer need to spend hours walking around with curlers or use folk methods to achieve the desired result. A variety of curling devices are available on the market.

Which curler is better – metal or ceramic??

Which is the best curler - metal or ceramic?

The impact on the hair structure depends on the materials used to make the plates. In the past there were only metal models, but ceramic has gradually gained popularity. It differs in features and performance, and it affects the safety of the hair during styling.

There are two main varieties of materials:

  1. Ceramics;
  2. metal.

This changes both the final cost and the direct quality of the styling. Stylists recommend paying attention to this in the first place.

Metal curling irons

Metal curlers

These products are considered cheap and affordable, but metal plates are dangerous to the structure of the hair. Strong heat generates positive ions that cause the hair scales to open and release moisture.


  • Longevity of use;
  • affordable price.


  • Dry your hair.

If you frequently use curlers with metal plates, the hair becomes dry and brittle. And if you’re not careful, your hair will just burn to the metal. Such devices are inexpensive, they are chosen for infrequent styling.

Ceramic curling irons

ceramic curlers

Ceramic is a safe material, so brands in new curlers use only it. These plates distribute heat evenly when heated, so the hair remains safe. However, this material is not as durable and strong as metal. If you do not use the tool correctly, then after a year, the ceramic coating can severely deteriorate.

The advantages of

  • Uniform and high-quality styling;
  • Safety for the hair when used for a long time.


  • High cost compared to metal products;
  • Damaged by improper use.

Ceramic – a choice for every girl. The hair is easy to style and does not stick. When using it, you need to be careful with the device, because otherwise the plates will simply get ruined.

On the market there are often models with titanium-ceramic plates, a mixture of ceramic and tourmaline, glass-ceramic, etc.d. These are progressive materials, but their advantages and disadvantages are about the same. Many brands use these names only to advertise the devices.

What should be the power and temperature settings?

What power and temperature settings should I use?

In addition to the materials from which the plates of the curling iron are made, attention is paid directly to the technical characteristics. They ensure styling quality and safe operation. This is primarily influenced by the power of the hair curler. This indicator affects the critical temperature and speed of heating plates. In other words, the power determines how quickly the device will be ready to work and to what temperature it heats up.

When choosing a power, consider the following tips from stylists:

  1. For home use as a styler is suitable power 25 – 50 watts;
  2. For thick and unruly hair, and for arranging in the absence of time, it is worth taking a powerful model 60 – 120 watts.

Most girls will only need a household curling iron with a capacity of 40-50 watts. It can normally cope with the duties of. But the owners of thick hair, as well as those who are often late, should take a professional device for styling. Their power starts from 50 watts. The market price of such models is higher, but they cope with the tasks better.

Temperature mode plays no less important role in achieving the desired result. When styling hair set the desired temperature, then curling will be much faster, and the damage to the hair is minimized. All modern curlers except low cost models are equipped with a thermostat.

The consumer is offered several modes of operation:

  1. The minimum temperature of +60 to +80oC – designed for fine and sensitive hair;
  2. Average temperature of +100 to +150oC – designed for curling soft curls of normal sensitivity;
  3. High temperature of +150 to +200oC – designed for stiff and unruly hair.

Temperatures over +200oOnly professional hair curlers support a minimum temperature of +60 to +80. These modes are designed for professional styling hairstyles. It is better not to use them at home, and treat them with extreme caution. With such a strong heating there is a risk of burning curls.

The optimal temperature for most girls is from +80 to +150os. Suitable for medium-stiff hair that’s not too brittle. When choosing a curler, pay attention not to the extremes, but to the stability of the medium temperature range.

Also keep in mind the properties of the material from which the plates are made. To the metal hair easily burns, so on these curlers, turn down the temperature. It does require a higher temperature for unruly hair so it’s best to use ceramic curling irons.

What nozzles are available??

What kind of attachments are there?

Any curling iron has high demands from the girls. It should be a complete tool for creating casual and evening hairstyles. This task is easily solved by interchangeable nozzles. If you want to experiment with your hair, you have a wide range of heads to choose from.

More often than not, manufacturers offer the following types of nozzles complete with curlers:

  1. Cylindrical rollers of different sizes;
  2. triangular nozzles;
  3. Spiral-shaped nozzles;
  4. rounded brushes designed to create volume;
  5. Flat plates for straightening.

More often girls use the last two varieties. Flat extensions are designed to straighten curls and rounded brush tips give volume to your hair. But if you want to open the field for experiments, choose a device with a large number of nozzles, or buy a universal kit separately.

Things to consider before you buy?

What else do I need to consider before buying?

The choice of curling iron is key to looking good in your daily hairstyle. But some girls take such a device to create hairstyles for special occasions. Depending on this choose a specific model. The technical specifications affect the specific relationship to the curler.

Pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. The temperature range that the device maintains;
  2. the power of the device;
  3. The material of the plates and special coatings to improve its properties;
  4. Number of styling attachments provided in the kit.

Most girls will fit a budget curler, the power of which does not exceed 30-40 watts. It is used for easy styling of healthy and unbreakable hair. For frequent use – at least 2-3 times a week – it is better to pick up a quality model with ceramic plates. The power of such a device at least 40-50 watts, because in this case the plates will heat up quickly.

When choosing, it is important to consider the condition of the hair. For thin, weakened curls, you can’t buy a metal curler that heats up more than 150os. This kind of styling will finally damage the weak structure of the hair. With this you need to be careful, because there are problems with frequent use of curling irons.

One of the conditions is the presence of a temperature regulator, because it selects the optimal mode. You should also pay attention to the package of each curler, because the additional attachments will expand the styling capabilities. It is not necessary to take too large a set of nozzles, if you do not plan to experiment with your hair.

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