How to choose a pressure gauge for tires

Before you start moving, car owners are advised to check the air pressure in each of the wheels of your iron horse. For this purpose, a pressure gauge is used, which is a special device that measures the pressures not only in the wheels, but also in other parts of the car – fuel rail, turbine, with its help it is possible to measure the compression of the car engine. On the market there is a great variety of devices of this class, and all that the user needs is the right most suitable.

How to choose a pressure gauge


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The best manufacturers of automobile pressure gauges

Preference should be given to quality devices from well-known manufacturers:

  1. Alca;
  2. Daewoo;
  3. Berkut;
  4. it-Stop;

  5. Rubber;
  6. Kachok;

Reviews about the functionality of the products of the above brands can be found on specialized automotive forums, as well as in those social networking groups dedicated to automotive topics.

Types of pressure gauges

Pointer pressure gauge

Pointer pressure gauge

The most common type of such devices, in which readings are displayed using an arrow with the values moving around a special dial. A tribo-sector mechanism, working in tandem with a spring-loaded diaphragm, measures the pressure and displays the figures on the scale of the device.


  • Compact;
  • Low price;
  • Does not require special skills when working with the device;


  • Critical to the effects of moisture;
  • The need to calculate the arithmetic mean to obtain specific figures;
  • Mediocre measurement accuracy;

Rack pressure gauge

Rack pressure gauge

Quite ingenious design, providing a fairly high accuracy of measurement. Its appearance resembles a hollow compact tube, inside which is a special rod with a marked scale. When performing measurements, it extends from the body of the tube as high as the pressure in a particular tire. Not widespread, mainly used by motorists.


  • Small dimensions;
  • Inexpensive;
  • High reliability;


  • Uncomfortable to use;
  • Mediocre measurement accuracy;
  • The construction is very fragile;

Electronic pressure gauge

Electronic pressure gauge

Modern type of such devices, characterized by ease of operation and high accuracy of measurement. Measuring sensor is enclosed in a compact housing, and the readings are displayed on an integrated liquid crystal display. The source of operation of the device is almost always a small battery “pill”


  • Tiny size;
  • LCD as an indicator
  • High accuracy of measurements;
  • Minimal weight;


  • Requires regular replacement of the battery;
  • Fear of exposure to cold;
  • More expensive than analog instruments;

The main criteria for the choice of pressure gauge

In addition to the type and functional differences of a particular gauge, you should pay attention to the key parameters.

The accuracy class of the measurements to be carried out

All devices on the market are divided into three main classes:

  1. First class – the error of measurement ranges from one to 0.5;
  2. Second class measures values with an error of 0.5 to 0.1;
  3. The third class is the most accurate devices. It measures tire pressure with an accuracy of less than 0.1;

To the first and second class traditionally belong devices of pointer and rack design, in order to get acceptable results to perform measurements, should be made, at least 3-4 measurements and to calculate the arithmetic mean value. Digital devices are devoid of such a feature – it is enough to measure once in order to get an acceptable accuracy;

Units of measure

In order not to confuse the results, preference should be given to models that measure in units such as Atmospheres, BARs and kilograms per square centimeter. When it comes to electronic devices, many manufacturers provide the ability to switch units right during the measurement.

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