What to choose Wall-mounted wooden hangers in the hallway?

Perphrazing the famous phrase without losing sense, you can safely declare that the dwelling begins with hangers. In the hallway, where guests come immediately after the street, it is appropriate to position this accessory for the convenience of clothing storage. In principle, any uncomplicated hook will cope with this task, or even a carnation, driven into the wall, however, who will arrange it? In addition to the placement of the wardrobe, we need to choose a stylish and functional product.

Pros and cons

Deciding on the use of wall-mounted hangers in the hallway, it is important to take into account some nuances in order not to disappoint in your choice. The advantages of such options include:

  • acceptable cost;
  • compactness;
  • unpretentious;
  • wide model diversity;
  • Clothing with their help will quickly dry and ventilate.

The disadvantages are:

  • the inability to move the installed hanger without subsequent cosmetic repair;
  • Not all models are characterized by high strength and will withstand an increased load;
  • Installation of fasteners is preferable to walls of durable building materials.

A competently selected hanger will be durable and comfortable and will be harmoniously fit into the interior. Reliability and quality of the model depends on the manufacturer.

Italian and German accessories possess reference quality and exclusive design. Slightly inferior to them domestic and Belarusian manufacturers.


Hangers of various designs are made by their following materials:

  • wood,
  • metal,
  • plastic,
  • Combined options.

Wooden hangers are universal: This is an environmentally friendly material that will not harm even allergy. A variety of shades of wood will help you choose the option that most successfully will fit into the overall design. The texture of this material is suitable for use in any interior style: Classic, Baroque, Rococo, Palace, Vintage, Country, Provence. In addition, such hangers are durable, withstand a significant load and durable. For production use beech, ash, pine, birch, alder and some other wearing door.

A minor cons can be attributed to the fact that the tree requires care, especially if it is supposed to post wet products on a hanger. To protect against moisture requires processing special means.

Forged hangers are very popular: with the help of them it is easy to emphasize the special style and color of the corridor of any room. For durability, it is impossible to exceed the metal, and if there was no taste among the diversity of finished products, it is possible to order an individual design in a professional blacksmith. Steel, copper, aluminum, iron – these and some other materials can be used to create a wall structure.

For objectivity, it is possible to make metal models can be quite severe, which requires care when installing and choosing reliable fasteners.

Plastic for a long time and successfully used in all industries, including in the furniture industry. Plastic hangers are inexpensive, have a huge color and species diversity, easy to leave, and easy to rise. The obvious disadvantage of plastic models will be that they are not so durable and hardy, like their natural competitors.

Consumers are in demand, convenient and functional hangers, in the production of which various materials were combined. They cannot be reproached in insufficient wear-resistance, they are not much demanding in care and not too heavy.

Constructive features

Wall hangers are horizontal or vertical.

  • Horizontal Models do not require large space for installation and optimal for accommodation in angular zones. As a rule, they have a rectangular or streamlined shape. Horizontal models for convenience are often supplemented at the top of the shelf for hats. Placing hooks into several rows, you can place more clothing when using a small prayer of the wall area.

  • Vertical The hangers will take more space, so before the final choice of the model carefully measure the allowable dimensions. Wooden case can be geometrically correct or vice versa bizarre, supplemented with metal hooks into one or more rows. Similar models, crumped skin or its substitutes look original. More expensive wrought-iron vertical hangers will serve as faithful for many years, which is an exquisite and stylish interior decoration.

A huge variety of models can be divided into several groups:

  • Hangers with hooks located in one row;
  • Similar models in which hooks are located in several rows;
  • variations with an additional storage system;
  • Top Shelf.

For the hallways that do not have enough area to install a full cabinet, options are suitable, combining a wall hanger with a mirror, a shoe and a bench.

All the necessary things will be scented here, and the space will not look clumsy. Convenient and ergonomic.

Color solution

As a rule, hangers are placed in small rooms, so light colors visually expanding space, just come by the way. White shade hanger is relevant for use in both bright rooms and dark interiors (for contrast). White is always in fashion. It can also reflect light from lighting devices, which serves as a pleasant bonus for small dark corridors in some apartments.

The highlight of the hallway can be a bright wall hanger. Exciting yellow, mounted crimson, saturated turquoise colors will be able to create a mood. The use of screaming shades is shown in the premises with fashionable avant-garde interior or pop art ensemble. Dark or black hangers are universal. As a rule, these are metallic or wrought. Going to the choice of a dark color model with enthusiasm, you can find a suitable option to any style.

What to pay attention to?

To enjoy the hanger, it was convenient to all family members (children or adult low growth), look at the models with the ability to adjust the hook level. The model-added model of wall articles will not take a lot of space, but they will give the opportunity to inspect themselves before going out of the house.

Designer hangers

Taking into account the needs of modern inarsts, the hangers stopped serving only for the placement of things. Now they are an embodiment of the copyright, in order to diversify the interior, giving him a completeness and individuality.

A model of hangers with bending as needed hooks looks simple, however, surprises with its functionality.

Romantic Natures or Families with children will fit wall hangers with an image of animals. The curved tips of the metal “snowflakes” can easily be used as a hanger. Congrators resembling a crown, with hooks placed on them, will become a little, but convenient and unusual entry of the hallway.

Creative designer solutions

It is not always possible to pick up a thing in the heart and pocket. In this case, you can make a hanger yourself. Featuring a solid foundation, for example, a wooden bar, a hazardous leather or painted graffiti, it is necessary to install hooks on it.

If shopping options were not inspired, connect fantasy, replace the banal options for conventional nails, bent and screwed to the plank wrenches or cutlery.

It is not necessary to use a geometric bar. For frivolous interiors, you can give the basis of the cloud or zipper.

An old-fashioned animal horns will not look like a hanger, if the room includes country or eco style elements. You can add an unusual accessory imitation of the candlestick as a sconce.

To install your unique hanger, you will need to drill in the wall of at least three holes for reliable fastening. Take advantage of the layer to locate exactly. Install a dowel in the resulting holes and attach the base to them with the help of screws.

How to make a creative hanger with your own hands, you can learn from the following video.

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