Selection of small hallways for a small corridor

As the theater begins with hangers and our house begins with a hallway. It seems that the miniature areas of the “face” of our housing will not make any problems on creating his design: think, put the cabinets and stands. But the size of the room does not cancel the tasks of convenience, comfort and functional orientation, to solve which will help the entrance hall for a small corridor.


Distinguish several options for compact consoles.

  • Small-sized hallways in the corridor with a wardrobe perfectly look with mirror facades. The design contributes to saving space, as it can be used without the rear wall. The only nuance – in a narrow room, the cabinet should be a small depth.

  • Economy-class furniture in a small corridor prefer those for whom the quality is important at a reasonable price. When decorated, the concept of minimalism is observed and limited to the main subjects.

  • For a narrow corridor, it is wiser to choose convenient built-in designs, the location of the cabinet in an empty niche will save the precious space.

  • Models with mezzano talk about the practicality of the owner, they allow you to place a lot of things, without clutching space.

  • Plasterboard allows you to build a whole ensemble entrance hall with an arch as a laconic point.

  • Modular structures are a set of various items made in the same style solution and one color scheme. The essential advantage of such furniture is the ability to set modules depending on the individual needs and layouts.


Modern furniture industry uses a variety of materials for the manufacture of “parishings”. These can be natural products from the array, consoles from MDF and chipboard, built-in drywall cabinets, stone coffee tables or forged structures with lishes for clothing, telephone with soft sofa upholstery.

  • From the array of wood. Furniture made of natural wood in the interior – luxury today, which only wealthy people can afford, because the price of such products is quite high. The console from the massifs emphasize the taste of the taste and prosperity of the host of the house and give the whole family a real comfort. The tree is the most eco-friendly material, the lovers of all natural.

Different types of wood are used as a raw material: from expensive mahogany to practical walnut. Color palette is no less diverse: the spectrum varies from a black ebony sample to a white oak. Wooden hallways personify quality, reliability and comfort, which justifies their high cost.

They will successfully fit into any interior style, whether classic, modern or provence. Large service life speaks from the fact that the price of natural products will pay off more than once.

  • MDF – one of the publicly available materials for the manufacture of “parishioners”. Recently, such products have become the greatest demand from the average consumer due to acceptable cost and a wide range of products. “Hoobers” from MDF looks presentable and does not infer the consoles from the massif. MDF does not highlight dangerous substances, which indicates the environmental friendliness of products.
  • Chipboard – It is considered an economy option in the manufacture of furniture for home. Material is obtained by pressing the dried technological chips and resin. It is less suitable for home furniture, as it allocates dangerous formaldehyde. DSP does not differ and quality: products are considered less durable than their “colleagues” from MDF, almost do not repair. The material is weakly holding the fastening fittings, once the fallen bolt can be screwed into an infinite number of times, ultimately the product will easier be called faulty.
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The main feature of small-sized hallways is compactness and small sizes that directly depend on the planning of the corridor. A classic option in most apartments is a small wardrobe or built-in pencil pencils.

If we are talking about mini kits, ready-made “carfings” may look different:

  • The cabinet location is able to replace the hanger in the form of a stand or standing metal – with several hooks for outerwear, umbrellas and hats.

  • Economic in terms of space Small shoes or a compact shelf for shoes, in the upper plane of the hallway to successfully place Andresol.

  • It is convenient to use a small cabinet and a chest of drawers with a mirror that is part of the module.

  • Mirrors should choose without a bulky rim, a narrow phone will allow you to sit down, shooting boots.

Compact vessel models allow you to place only the most necessary things and accessories for everyday use. All the rest of the clothes, unnecessary in the current season, should be stored in the dressing room or in the cabinet of another, more spacious room.

Mini size modules are very harmonious in any interior and convenient for use.

Non-standard hallways with an unusual planning are inherent more likely to private homes. In this interior of storage space and various furniture consoles can be anywhere.

For example, the built-in wardrobe is placed under the staircase if there is such a house in the house.


Hint of the hallway is important for harmony of space.

  • White Console for a small close front – excellent option. It visually increases the space, gives it an extra light. Snow-white furniture in the interior is considered a sign of aristocracy. Color creates a feeling of purity, solemnity, ease, so in small rooms it is used more and more. It will be more effectively the hallway from the array, rather than from compressed materials, for example, a pine console in white wax. However, it should be remembered that the bright decor requires increased attention and special care.

It is wiser to fulfill the trim of the corridor, where there is a white “parlorianship” in darker colors.

  • Dark furniture Colors of wenge Now at the peak of popularity, it is increasingly using designers for their interiors. However, in the hallway it should be compensated by bright lighting, so as not to dying the room. The dark console requires a lightest situation of the room itself, then it will look advantaged and expensive. In the competent selection of design, the furniture of the dark color will bring the highlight, freshness and novelty.

  • Milk oak. Shade is most relevant for modern hallways. Beautiful embossed natural wood pattern like most people. The hallway of this color create a cozy home atmosphere in the room, give him a hospitable appearance.


The stylistic focus of furniture is a determining factor for the formation of bright individuality and uniqueness of a compact hallway.

  • Classic – This interior style is distinguished by special aristocraticness and elegance, it will never come out of fashion. Such a design is suitable for the premises of the right shape, without sections and rounded corners. Furniture are inherent geometrically correct features and even lines, calm natural shades and classic discreet patterns. Materials distinguishes natural or imitation under a wooden array. Often there are forged and carved products, stucco.

  • Product in modern style Provide competent functionality and compactness: the presence of shallow cabinets, penalties, hinged shelves, modular angular systems, customer consoles. Externally, the hallway should seem stylish and compact, and inside being spacious and thoughtful to the smallest detail. Facades of cabinets are often ordered from mirrors or with mirror elements, photo wallpaper on glasses may be present.

Interesting decor and decoration

Interesting design solutions require even a small furniture console.

  • With a mirror. This is one of the indispensable attributes of the hallway. The mirror is necessary that those who come and the outgoing people could put themselves in order. The mirror canvas can visually increase the space, make the necessary accents indoors and adjust its irregular shape. It can be located both individually on the wall and built in furniture design.
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  • Hall with a kareny tie – One of the most successful combinations of beauty and convenience in the interior. The technique of finishing originates in the middle of the XIX century and, as in the past, occurs more often in the homes of wealthy people. The base with a soft upholstery is tightened with a material that is shifted by special buttons. A characteristic pattern in the form of rhombuses or squares is formed on the surface.

A special chic and the nobility of the product give the quality of the upholstery and the unusual texture of buttons that can have a decorative coating or represent real jewelry. The durability of the design depends on the quality of the upholstery, whether it is skin or cloth.

Design idea

During the arrangement of the hallway today pay attention not only to functionality and convenience, but also on the originality of the decor.

To turn the space in designer art, you can follow the techniques and advice of professionals:

  • The use of furniture consoles with bends and non-standard forms, hallway to order by an individual project.

  • Models with mirror sandblasting, stained glass, photo wallpaper creates a very unusual design.

  • In the hallway in Shebbi-Shik style it will be interesting to look furniture, decorated in the technique of decoupage.

  • Pufas, couches, telephone with a trim in the form of a carriage screed will give an aristocratic charm room.

  • Artificial and natural patina on the surface of furniture personifies the effect of antiquity.



What to choose?

The choice of a furniture ensemble for a small hallway is the case responsible, the future design must comply with all functional and aesthetic requirements, and preferable if it is a budget option.

A small classic “pardlehouse” will appreciate the supporters of conservatism in everything. Laconic design, proper geometry and moderate shades are appropriate for most modern apartments. Ready models from MDF inexpensive and available to a wide range of consumers.

Compact budget furniture choose the economical owners for whom the price is in the first place, and only then – quality. The most appropriate options: Wall panel with hangers and a puff, a compact shoe shelf, a small chest of drawers with a mirror.

Which furniture to furnish?

Puffy – universal furniture, due to its compactness, functionality and variety of species. With the Puffy, you can solve non-standard, original design tasks. A variety of textures, materials, geometric structures, color solutions and functional features makes a soft accessory an indispensable interior object of a small-sized hallway.

If the refrigerator did not find the reflectors in the kitchen, it can be masked under the cabinet in the hallway or corridor. With a refrigerator, there are no problems with free movement along the corridor, if you place this technique in a special cabinet that is performed under the order.

It is important that the refrigerator has harmonized with a common hallway style in shape and color.

Advantages and disadvantages

Factory models of small-sized hallways have their own positive sides:

  • Available cost. The finished console will cost much cheaper than the furniture made under the order.

  • Quality assurance. Any product produced on an industrial scale has a guarantee.

  • Wide selection. Assortment of furniture stores today amazes product variety. You can choose a design for every taste and wallet.

  • Purchase and delivery is carried out from one to a few days.

The disadvantages include:

  • Standard product. Factory furniture of the same type and boring, there is a high probability to see the identical hallway at home at the acquaintances.

  • Even a compact “parlorianship” does not always fit perfectly into the size of the room.

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Functional furniture to order has its advantages:

  • Uniqueness. Furniture design will be created individually for your apartment, do not see anywhere. The project can be developed by designer or personally.

  • The exact dimensions of the hallway perfectly fit into the space of the corridor.

By cons of such furniture include high cost and long-term production time.

Useful little things

Any entrance hall does not work out without useful accessories:

  • hangers;

  • keyword;

  • racks for umbrellas;

  • Organizers for the hallway, in which you can add glasses, newspapers, letters and other little things.

Hangers are especially relevant if the hallway does not have a closet.

  • Wall-mounted models are simple and easy to use. Even with small sizes, there are enough outerwear.

  • Outdoor hangers are relevant due to their mobility, they can have the most diverse design. Forged products are equipped with adaptations for storing hats, umbrellas, bags.

  • Non-standard options can be made with their own hands from improvised materials, it can be both deer horn, and durable branches of trees of an interesting form.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

Advertising avenues represent the buyer of the “product face”, briefly describing the advantages and bypassing the shortcomings of the goods, but it is always interesting to know the opinion of buyers, not one year by the goods of some brand.

Among the owners of IKEA furniture Most are young families with children who own small housing, or those living in the removable.

They note the following advantages of this furniture:

  • Development specifically taking into account the fine housing;

  • Comparative cheapness in its furniture market attractive for low-budget families;

  • This is a designer furniture, and modularity when moving is a great benefit and relief;

  • Buyers celebrate its convenience, cheapness, practicality, compatibility and democraticity.

Beautiful examples and stylish furniture models

To date, there is a rich selection of small consoles as made to order and embedded with their own hands.

An example of the original and stylish hallway can be called a corridor in the style of country, decorated in bright colors. Characteristic of this direction interior furniture with scuffs under the antique finished in the same white color as the walls. Storage systems are presented in a semi-open version. Cozy wicker baskets for the storage of various necessary trifles give the room a special highlight.

Original carved benches made in the dark tree will be funny to look both in apartments and in private houses; They are convenient to put bags, packages with purchases or other useful things.


To landscaping the miniature hallway, you can use the tips on its organization.

All of them are aimed at visual increase in space:

  • Main style – minimalism.

  • Closed cabinets compact and spacious.

  • Necessarily the presence of mirrors.

  • Interior doors to choose translucent or arrange opening mirrors.

  • Ceiling perimeter to equip lighting devices.

  • In all parts of the room – light shades.

  • “Impacts” of bright accents – a little, and the background for them should serve perfectly clean surfaces.

  • It is important to choose the proper finishing materials for a miniature parade.

  • Wallpaper will help to find a consensus between practical style and current design solutions.

Spectacular light blades in any interior style for the hallway require special attention to the material: preferably vinyl and flieslinic coatings with creative embossed texture, equipped with moisture-resistant protective spraying.

Relevant here are the wallpaper for painting.

A small hallway will withstand a combination of no more than three complex tones, and each shade must meet in the interior at least twice.

Read more about this in the following video.

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