How to make a hallway do it yourself?

Trying to save money or realize your plan, not referring to the designers and designers, many people think how to make a hallway do it yourself. This is a good deal, but it is important to consider some principles and know all the subtleties.


In the appearance of the “entrance” room, all your guests and even just random visitors will put the impression of the dwelling as a whole. Carefully think over the concept, the basic idea of ​​the entire room. And then only proceed to work when you make sure that the idea is practical, and the embodiment will lead to an optimal result.

The hallway made by your own hands, in any case, is unique to order. But freed from the “guardianship” of designers and engineers of the furniture industry, you will have to independently understand all the nuances. The main types of these rooms are an angular, open, jewel and swing, depending on the specific type and the requirements for furniture.

In the corner room, everything is strongly subordinated to the idea of ​​the maximum use of space, or rather, the empty angle. Open shelves can stand on the sides of the wardrobe, in other places the cabinets and hangers of the classical species are put. Additionally save the area of ​​the corridor if the cabinet doors are mirror.

An open variety of hallways contains the minimum of furniture – there will be no soft know, sometimes the cabinet does not find. If it is, then a relatively small, for hanging clothes, use hooks and hangers, prominent to everyone. The opposite is a room in a compartment format, in which the cabinets of the same name are invariably. It is easy to accommodate the personal belongings of everyone who lives in the apartment, sometimes they will not even have to look for a place for clothes for different seasons.


Among all the materials it is advisable to give preference to furniture shields – they exceed simple boards of pine and other wood breeds, do not contain a synthetic resin or other artificial component. Minus they have only one – this is a solid price.

Using chipboard, plywood, drywall is attractive in cases where in the first place for you to save considerations. Do not be afraid, however, allow the error against the canons of style, the possibility of designing modern materials is large enough.

If you can use MDF instead of a chipboard or take ready-made details from old furniture, it should be. This will allow you to perform more qualitatively, get aesthetically full result, and on environmental parameters the furniture will be better. The use of primary materials is much more convenient and easier than an attempt to use steel or aluminum pipes, because the metal processing at home is quite complex.

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The trim with veneer is not too heavy, but this material is expensive; Choosing between melamine and laminate, one should unambiguously give preference to the second, as a stronger and long-life.


When the material is selected, you need to decide on the dimensions of the future design (or several furniture designs).

Even if the size of the corridor is “mini”, try to locate in it:

  • Place for clothing storage;
  • Toumbo shoe;
  • Seat for easy renovation;
  • Several shelves for different smallest things;
  • Storage system of caps, umbrellas and packages.

All these functions can be performed by combined furniture objects, help save space. With a sharp lack of space, it is worth limited to a compact floor or wall-mounted corner hanger connected to a jumper and a small soft seat. If the cabinet is put, the minimum depth should be 40 centimeters (it simply does not make any sense). For the angular cabinet, the optimal parameters will be the length and width of 0.9 meters, the height is 2.5 meters, but provided that the ceiling height allows.


Coloring of furniture in the corridor – a very important moment in its design; According to designers, it is necessary to select it in harmony with:

  • Wall color;
  • Color characteristics of other rooms;
  • The total area of ​​the hallway.

Light tones always add not only space, but also the feeling of freshness, the room will look modern. For narrow corridors stretched in length, are categorically unacceptable brown and other heavy paints. They will create the impression of presence in a strange gloomy tunnel. If the area is large enough, then white walls will cause associations with a clinic or laboratory.

Conclusion: paint furniture in the same colors as the walls should not.


Used Loops Door and tie, handles, mechanics for folding doors. Also there are rods for hanging her shoulders, holders of shelves and boxes, shoe cassettes and metal mesh boxes.

Swing doors are most often hanging on four-starry loops, and if a more compact door block is required, the furniture blinds of German and Italian production are used. Take corner screeds not recommended, their appearance will not fit into any decent interior.

Required tools

Be sure to:

  • Saw or electric jigsaw;
  • Construction knife;
  • Roulette measured;
  • Emery;
  • Screwdriver.

Removable materials need screws for furniture, corners and door loops.

Making drawings and schemes

Both beginners and experienced home masters makes sense to draw up drawings and schemes, because even the most prepared may assume a mistake, something is wrong to do or miss an important circumstance. Immediately decide on the dimensions and geometric configuration, with which types of furniture will be used. In the spacious room, you can put a wardrobe, and if there is little space, you will have to draw an angular hallway.

Filling features

At the level below 70 centimeters it is desirable to fix the non-rolled boxes, and the baskets in the form of a grid (they are more convenient and not so much dirt when storing shoes). Using modern brackets, you can put such a basket in a closet, much wider than they themselves. Considering, again, relatively small gabarits of the hallways, all components for furniture in them should be less than those used in other rooms.

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Format Country Attracts the attention of designers not in vain, because he makes a feeling of comfort and comfort.

Scandinavian style – This is a combination of warm natural shades as accents and a common light background. Stylistics Modern, he is ar-nouveau, is distinguished by curved lines similar to plant stems. Modern hallway does not have a certain framework, it can take the best from all other styles, and at the same time design can not be reduced to one of them.

Olive stylistics It is beneficial to play and emotionally enhanced just due to decor under the old. But in the “Scandinavian” hallway, unnecessary decorative elements are inappropriate, there should not be anything that would not be absolutely necessary. In the interior in the spirit of ar-nouveau, on the contrary, it is very useful to introduce luxurious gold-plated details. If the exquisite mirrors are put, bright color accents are made, it will only be plus.




In the hallway of the apartment “Khrushchev” it is advisable to use minimalist referral furniture. Refuse unnecessarily details, try all the elements of the headset are uniformly. Closed storage systems are preferable to open, they do not create a feeling of overcrowding space and beamless. Only in the tall rooms it makes sense to put an open hanger instead of a cabinet or box. Visual mitigation of corners and maximum smooth lines – here are more important requirements for furniture design for the corridor.

With all the beauty of natural stone, relief panels and similar volume solutions, give up them – the absorption of space too badly affects the feeling of it. Important: Do not use large patterns, they only spoil the impression. Putting up both furniture and walls, apply only high-quality materials and structures that will not lose an attractive appearance for a long time.

How to do?

If it is decided to make the decor of the wooden, you will need furniture shields, boards with dimensions of 200x12x1.6 centimeters, boards of the 200x24x1.8 centimeter, three-meter rails, plywood, loops and handles. Depending on the specific ideas, other components may also be required. It is recommended to start working from the grade assembly (sizes, for example, 82x40x4 cm); The tops of the side walls in the corners are spilled to narrow the lid compared to the main part. For connecting parts, screws are used, downstairs necessarily cut the corners under the plinth. Facial bar should be fixed by seasons.

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Then you need to make a simple door (40 per 40 dimensions), drill holes for loops and install the item. Weeds are made for a rolling box in the upper share of the bedside tables, they are cut from plywood and fasten on the sides.

Next comes a queue of the lid of the couch (fastening on the seeds), in the top ends, the sidewalls are required to score short furniture nails somewhere for two thirds. Apply the lid and click on it, the holes will be placed. They are drilled, the lid is installed on the shelters and glue. To the adhesion of the adhesive layer was better, you should put a heavy cargo from above.

The next step is the manufacture of the couch, which should differ from the previous one, its size is 82x49x40 centimeters. Do inner shelves or not, and how exactly to solve you. From the sides, the design is fastening on the self-tapping screw, and the upper segment of the median partition will hold the wrenches. Doors will need to cut, fix the loops, prepare the facial bar and drunk for plinths.

It is easy at home to make it yourself and pencils with dimensions of 200x40x40 cm. Side, upper and lower elements are consistently formed, each of them, with the exception of the facade slats, will be held with self-draws. In the corners put plywood corners, giving structures an additional margin of safety. The shelves installed in the pencils fall on the holders made of rivets with a partially cut top. Each door must hold three loops.

A lattice wall is formed from the boards, it is desirable to put a transverse rail with such a calculation to fix the hooks later. Cut the space for the bedside table, and the top of the crates should take the shelf. To make holders for her, take just the trimming of boards remaining from previous works. All surfaces, even internal, as well as ends, should be thoroughly ground.

As you can see, nothing complicated in this work for all who own carpentry tools at the minimum level will not.

Advantages and disadvantages

The explicit advantage of self-making the hallway will save money. When there are children in the family, it is very useful to attach them and so that they do not grow up. The lack of only one is the risk of error.

Successful examples and options

Make furniture made of wood and put it in the hallway is not too difficult. In a large corridor, it is possible to place it around the perimeter, and if there are few spaces, you have to use an angular location. Options with mirrors and illumination to the cottage are unlikely to be appropriate, such solutions are more correct to use in a full city dwelling.

Our video review will help you make a hallway with your own hands.

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