Features of the choice of photo wallpapers in the corridor

There are many options for finishing a corridor in apartments. But it is best to achieve a visual expansion of space. It is this effect that will be achieved if you apply a photo wallpaper.


Hall before all other houses at home is estimated by guests and random visitors. Only by placing it as it should, it turns out to create a pleasant impression. A large problem is that standard wallpapers, regardless of color, do not allow to demonstrate the aesthetic taste of owners and designers.

Wall murals in the corridor are able to eliminate this difficulty, because they may contain a lot of attractive, original images and are performed in a variety of color scheme. However, it is necessary to immediately clarify: the process of choice only seems simple and easy, only strict adherence to some rules will not regret its decision.

Basic Rules

Possible the most radical experiments, the most original approaches. But if you want not only to show your ingenuity and originality, but also get a reliable result, ignore general principles should not.

And they are as follows:

  • In the hallway of a small area are unwanted large drawings and three-dimensional effect (and the other externally compresses the space).
  • Bright shades are good only until the time they will not excessively strain vision.
  • It is more correct to use nonsense or inexpressive colors in yourself, but to alternate them spatially or otherwise combine.
  • For visual expansion of the room, cold or dark shades are best suited.
  • The external lift of the ceiling is achieved by using photo wallpapers, decorated with vertical stripes or similar drawings.



If in the hallway (which is very rare, but it happens) it is necessary to create a feeling of a lower ceiling and walls, more correctly apply horizontal photo wallpaper. There is no natural light in this room, and the light that gets from adjacent premises is extremely weak. Because it is unwanted to choose options with detailed patterns, with bending. Or they will not be able to evaluate or will perceive badly, trying to consider and straining at the same time.

The above applies to all types of photo shutters that can be used in the apartment type “Khrushchevka”. But besides designer, you need to consider and practical requirements.

Because it’s about the corridor and the hallway, immediately find out if the product you liked you like too brand. Learn about how it will carry friction, dirt, moisture and even tobacco smoke. As if carefully disguised (pereobvuva) guests and hosts, it is not possible to avoid pollution to avoid.

The general conclusion is quite simple – the more dense material, the better.

It will be quite relevant to the purchase of photo wallpaper to which the protective film is applied or varnish. Then you can less close them in order and still contain the hallmark. There is another option: in places that will be polluted first, use the decorative panels with a solid surface.

How to use?

Possible errors and misses disassemble. But no less useful to know how to use photo wallpapers in the interior. Not in all cases you can use a large cloth, because the walls are often already occupied by mirrors, a number of shelves, a wardrobe or other furniture. An effective alternative is the sticker of wallpaper on the sliding doors of cabinets or adjacent rooms (the choice for such a task is, of course, more complicated than just on the wall).

Often, designers in such a situation form the prefabricated paintings (panels), which occupy all the free space. When there are a lot of places, photo wallpaper can be used for visual zoning. Some of them, if it allows the drawing, looks beautiful and on the ceiling. The choice of the application of the photo wallpaper is associated with the goal of which they acquired them.

In addition to pasting, the entire perimeter of the room is often practiced and focusing on a certain part of it. Invariably one requirement: harmonious entry into the interior, stylistic uniformity with a headuit and other decorative elements, coatings. The decision must be accepted at the very beginning of at least because the style and material depends on it.


You can glue the wall with a variety of photo wallpapers, but those of them are preferred, which are decorated with creatures and a favorable impression of drawings. The owners of modern living rooms are not at all obliged to choose some one color, use any welfare, if only they combined with the selected room style.

Depending on it, it is advisable to focus on such plots:

  • For ecological style – animalistic and plants.
  • For classic – with strict ornament, without catchy tones, all lines are clearly drawn.

  • Abstract motifs and three-dimensional effects prevail in the modernist environment.
  • Fans of exotic will like the jungle and other primordial forests, unusual beasts, sunset or dawn in the coastal strip and the like.

  • If the hallway design is made in retro style, you can decorate it with photo wallpapers with images of your creative idols, generally known personalities, old cities and old things.

But these general considerations are not enough, it is also necessary to take into account the fact that unwanted too luxurious “canvas” or paintings with a complex plot. It is unlikely that someone will stay in the corridor for a long time in order to study it in detail, and therefore the investment will be in vain and will not improve your reputation. Visiting a regular store or entering the directory on the site, choose what will be perceived at first glance and will not require the intense mental work of the viewer.


The intention to expand the space is quite reasonable, but even if you have already chosen the overall stylistics and places where the wallpaper will be passed, it will still be necessary to understand what you need to glue. So, if the doors of light tones, then the wallpaper should be bright color.

In the event that the door is too dark (painted under a wenge and other similar tonality), it will still be better to look for bright solutions! On the principle of contrast, aesthetic compatibility is achieved, and reproduce the original color of the door, the plinth or decorative element must respond to it.

Why it is impossible to use dark wallpapers, it is clear: they harmoniously enter the spacious rooms where the lack of light is not felt.

Expanding viewing Corridor Wall-paper more efficiently perform its role, if in the middle of the height of the wall to use a strip of another color than in the rest. Large mirrors or mirror doors can serve as good amplifiers.

If you want to use a striped wallpaper, preference should be given to a wide band (narrow perceived as too motley). At high ceilings, the bands must go horizontally, and with too low – vertically. Exactly impossible to recommend without special knowledge or consultation with designers mixing wallpapers from various collections.

There is such an option: about a third of the walls on top either in the lower part is covered by wallpaper. If the band is started from above, it makes her darker of the main part, and if the bottom is the lighter.

Additional recommendations

Solving what to stick pictures, anyone is free to act in accordance with personal tastes and preferences.

But it is worth considering except already said, a few more nuances:

  • Optimal, according to experts, is the combination of bright and quiet paints. Watching images with pronounced symmetry. Even the most boring interiors will turn out to revive and refresh if we enter plant motifs in them.

  • Choosing forest landscapes should be careful, as they no longer correspond to the latest fashion, it is more correct to use them only in the thematic environment. Dreaming about traveling to an exotic country at the end of the world, can at least visually embody their intention if it fits into the overall concept.

  • Famous architectural monuments will harmoniously enter the room weathered in Scandinavian style. Images of high and very high buildings, mountain peaks will look good only against the background of the extended to the last detail of the space.

Popular motive of recent years – Plots with powerful and technologically perfect buildings.

As you can see, choose a photo wallpaper and correctly use them quite just. You only need to consider a number of practical moments and think about the stylistic compatibility of interior elements.

About what kind of photo wallpapers are, see the following video

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