Why yellow seedlings tomatoes and what to do?

Tomatoes refer to ancient and sought-after garden cultures. If culture has bright green foliage and strong stem, then it can not but please the gardener. However, in some cases, the tomato seedlings begins to turn yellow and wither, without waiting for transplantation to a permanent place of growth.

From which the yellow appears?

If yellow seedlings are yellowing, the gardener stands for a short time to determine the cause of trouble and address it. If the leaves of tomatoes dry out on the windowsill or after the transplantation to open soil, then cause it may be incorrectly either insufficient care, unfavorable environmental conditions and much more.

When it became noticeable that the lower edges of the foliage will dry, after planting seedlings, the seedlings slightly grows on the garden, and the tips of the landed culture disappear and creep, the gardener should immediately take measures to save tomatoes.

Errors under subcortex

Each type of plant shows a sensitivity to soil nutrition. Tomatoes react well to fertilizers, micro and macroelements. The feeder plays the last role in the growth and development of tall tomatoes with a powerful root system. The fertilizer for this type of plant should be present a full range of elements, which will exclude a shortage of micro- and macroelements.

Tomatoes need potassium, nitrogen, zinc, manganese, gland, copper, phosphorus. All listed composite must be present in the substrate in optimal quantities. Make such a feeder personally quite difficult, so specialists recommend buying it in the store.

To determine which item is not enough seedlings, it is worth paying attention to the following points:

  • Loss of green pigment in foliage, its yellowing, the formation of a new small foliage may indicate a lack of nitrogen in the ground;
  • Twisting young leaves, as well as the loss of coloring in the old parts of the seedlings speaks of the minimum number of potassium in the substrate;
  • About magnesium deficiency can be found in the appearance of yellow along the leaf streak;
  • The friendly yellowing of the tomato leaves with their subsequent whitewash is usually caused by a lack of iron;
  • In seedlings, spots of brown or yellow color appear – insufficient zinc volume;
  • Manganese deficiency manifests itself in the yellowing of the leaves in a checker order.

If you observe for a tomato seedler for several days, even an inexperienced gardener will determine the deficit element.

Insufficient lighting

The problem of insufficient lighting of plants is quite frequent, it can be simply defined. Since the tomato refers to light-sounding vegetation, when growing on the northern windowsill, he always lacks the sunshine. If cloudy weather is observed, even if there is an artificial illumination at tomatoes, there will be a deficit in lighting.

A low amount of solar lighting often entails stretching seedlings up, as well as its yellowing.

Consequences of close landing seedlings

Tomatov’s thickened sowing is also the reason for their yellowing even at the stage of shoots and seedlings. Growing in Tenshot Culture suffers from moisture deficit, light, nutrient elements. In addition, plants lack places to fully develop. Tomatoes that grow too closely, thin, brilliantly, they have yellow bottom foliage, and the top light green with a yellow tint.

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If seedlings are planted in a container, then it can also be cramped in it. The root system of tomatoes does not have the optimal amount of space for growing, so it is intertwined, is shedding. Due to the poor functioning of the root system, the ground part of the culture begins to suffer.

The soil

Substrate for tomatoes should be sealing correctly, otherwise the seedlings will arise a lack of nutrient elements, which entails her yellowing. Tomato grows well and develops in weakly acidic soil, the pH of which ranges from 5 to 6. If the culture grows in an alkaline ground, it may have a deficiency of iron. In this case, the leaves acquire a yellowish shade with green streaks.

Sour substrate, for example, peat, provokes a lack of a large amount of nutrient elements, followed by yellowing of the leaves.

Wrong watering

The most common reason for which tomato seedlings begins to yellow, the wrong irrigation is considered. The tint of seedlings can become yellow both during excess and with a lack of moisture. If the situation is not solved and aggravated, then the culture begins to yellow from the lower foliage. The disadvantage of water provokes the colivers of leaves with their subsequent drying. When moisture in tomatoes is abound, the leaves lose their elasticity, which leads to their yellowing, although they will not dry.


The presence on the tomato seedlings of yellow and pale leaves on the upper and lower branches can say that the plant is sick. Such a state of culture often causes parasite attacks, as well as infectious and bacterial diseases. The reason for such a trouble is to ignore the prevention of infection of tomatoes when they are in the seedlings stage. The most dangerous glasses of tomatoes include the following:

  • A black leg, a sign of which is considered to be the appearance of a tug, which provokes a shift of the shade of foliage with green to pale yellow;
  • Fusariosis, manifested in yellowing, fading foliage, as well as stopping the growth of culture;
  • the phytoofer, which is associated with the formation of yellow spots, changing their painting on the brown.

If the culture attacked the pest, then it can tell not only yellowed foliage, but also the presence of spots, inclusions, plaque. Often, the parasite manifests itself with masonry of eggs on the back of the sheet, as well as its presence.

Options solving the problem

Many gardeners are wondering what to do if the seedlings of foliage. Depending on the clarified reason, the garden will need to apply certain measures to combat tomatoes.

  • In case of lack of lighting, tomatoes are recommended to rearrange to another place where they will not suffer from light deficiency. Growing this culture should always be on the lighted windowsill. Until the age of 30 days, tomatoes need to highlight. To increase the level of lighting, experts are recommended to use reflective film or foil.
  • If the tomato foliage is yellow from strong sunburn, then the plant can no longer be saved. If the degree of lesion is initial, then the culture must be removed into another bright place, protecting it from direct sunlight entering. After the color of the seedlings turn into green again, it will be possible to return it to the previous place, but it is impossible to forget about shading.
  • Since seedlings can get yellow from insufficient irrigation, the gardener stands quickly and moderately pour culture. If, after such an event, the tomato returned his original coloring, it can be left alone, as it will grow normally and develop. The twisted folia will need to cut, as it will not restore.
  • So that tomatoes do not bug foliage from too close landing, they are recommended to disassemble in separate containers. Specimens that do not compete with each other normally grow and develop.
  • If seedling is in a container too closely for it, you will need to pick up a container with a greater capacity. If the roots arrive around the perimeter, then they should be removed due to non-functionality. Other roots cut to a quarter. Do not be afraid if after picking seedlings began to yellow. Often these phenomena are short-lived, they will be able to completely disappear only after young roots will grow, and the seedlings themselves will strengthen.
  • The yellowing of seedlings due to improper feeding can be corrected by making comprehensive fertilizers.
  • If you feed the seedlings in time, it is able to exclude the risk of yellowing of tomato foliage.
  • In case of infection of tomatoes in infections, they are recommended to be treated with a special drug – insecticide. A good effect is given by the following drugs: “Quadris”, “Acrobat”, “Agat”, “Bordeaux mix”.
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Tomato growing is a process in which some difficulties may arise.

To get healthy seedlings and as a result of a high harvest, gardeners should fight with the yellowing of foliage in a timely manner. Otherwise, the plant can fall behind the growth and die.

To prevent the yellowing of tomato seedlings, it is worth performing some preventive measures.

  • Sowing material need to prepare in advance by disinfecting the substrate by manganese. Such a procedure will reduce the risk of infection with fungal infection.
  • In the process of growing tomatoes, it is worth holding the agrotechnical rules that can increase the immunity of plants.
  • Before the recording of or crop transplantation, the gardee needed a day before the procedure to treat the foliage “epinom”.
  • Replanatory seedlings in the soil stands after hardening, when the risk of frosts has already passed.
  • To grow and develop high-quality seedlings, it is impossible to overheat culture from artificial lighting.
  • Watering tomatoes should be infrequent, but abundant.
  • The gardener is worth controlling the level of the soil pH.

Tips on how to eliminate the yellowing of tomato seedlings, see the following video.

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