Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

Pacinal cultures are characterized by unpretentiousness, but there are some difficulties in their cultivation. Quite often, gardeners complain about the appearance of yellow leaves on plants. In the article we will look at why eggplants are yellowing and what to do about it.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

Causes taking into account symptoms

Healthy eggplants have strong stems and green wide leaflets. If the gardener noticed changes in the color of the leaves, should be closed to the plant, since it already signals some disease or improper care. Quite often, the reasons of yellowing leaves in eggplants are incorrect lighting, making feeding or watering. Although there may be more serious reasons when pests are attacked in beds, or plants are sick. Change of growing conditions, rigid processing or strong frosts can also lead to yellowness on plants.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

Shooting the lower and top leaves

Usually the yellowing of the lower sheets of eggplant can be viewed as a natural process if the plants do not hurt and are not subject to other negative impacts. Usually before the winter plants are so prepared for wintering. Eggplants dump leaves. All the forces are sent to young shoots, there is their preparation for future fruiting.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

The yellowness of the lower leaves should not cause special concern. If the young top foliage begins to suffer, it should be found to avoid the harmful consequences. The upper sheets can be covered with yellow spots in the following cases:

  • There is not enough nitrogen, or it is badly absorbed, so the plant does not increase the green mass – on the contrary, its leaves begin to adopt and dry out;

  • A small amount of iron is also manifested in the yellowness of the leaves, but they usually become yellowish only streaks;

  • The absence of potassium is also manifested by yellow, but first the tips of the leaves begin to suffer; If you do not accept the necessary measures immediately, then the crop will be very weak;

  • Insufficient boron leads to the fact that not only leaves are falling off, but also margins; Initially, the yellowness and deformation of the plate manifests itself;

  • The presence of uneven, chaotic stains suggests that the plant is affected by a fungal disease; Immediately move to active measures of struggle, and even better to make prevention in the form of spraying plants with antifungal agents.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?


If the leaves of eggplant begin to change the shape, twist, then such a deformation suggests that the plant can save an integrated fertilizer or proper lighting.

If the eggplant fully gets light and feeding, then the reason may consist that the plant attacks the wave or virus.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

Leaves yellow and wither

Usually the leaves begin to shrink, wither and dry when they get a lot of moisture. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the amount of irrigation, the land should dry, and for the processing of the garden, it will be necessary to take advantage of special antifungal drugs. In addition, the lack of moisture also negatively affects the general condition of eggplant leaves, they also shine and dry. In severe heat, it is recommended to increase the amount of irrigation.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

What to do if leaves wishes after disembarking?

It should be noted that the transplantation of the plant is for him quite strong stress. First of all, weak sprouts suffer. If after transplantation they poorly grow, a minor yellowness appears, it may be a natural reaction to a transplant, one should wait a bit. But there are other reasons that lead to the yellowing of the leaves after landing, namely:

  • Damage to the roots leads to the fact that the eggplant cannot be rooted in a new place, he does not have enough strength;

  • Increased humidity is especially dangerous for young plants, so watering mode should be adjusted;

  • The soil may contain the spores of the fungus or larvae of parasites, so before the transplantation is desirable to be disinfected;

  • Night frosts protrude in the form of stress for plants after transplantation, so the yellowness on the leaves is explained.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

To help the plant, choose the treatment properly, should determine the reason why the leaves began to yellow.

Elimination of problems in different conditions

To prevent the yellowing of the leaves, it is recommended to adhere to several nuances when growing eggplants.

  • An important role is played by the choice of seeds for further cultivation of seedlings. You should take seeds only from healthy and ripe fruits. Them should be carefully drying thoroughly, and then store in special bags that passes air. If the seeds are not assembled independently, but bought in a specialized store, then it is important to pay attention to the date of manufacture and landing time. To disinfect seed, it is recommended to be treated with potassium permanganate solution (rather weak).

  • If planned to plant eggplants in open ground or greenhouse, Then you need to take seedlings exclusively with strong stems and dark green leaves. Feel the earth will need after 2 weeks. The optimal choice will be an ammonia nitrate, about 30 grams of substance will be required on the water bucket of water. Per season will need to produce 4 times. In addition, you can carry out the alternation of feeding, using sulfate potassium, because this substance allows you to maintain a plant during active growth, thereby avoiding the yellowing of eggplant leaves.

  • It is very important to support the root system after brewing beds. It is necessary to treat the Earth with a solution of superphosphate. For its preparation, 20 grams of substance per 10 liters of water will be required.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

If the eggplant suffers from fusarious fading, then it should be treated as follows:

  • setting the frequency of watering, it is necessary to exclude the stagnation of water;

  • In the heat of the bushes should be covered with special materials;

  • During landing to each well add antifungal agent to immediately treat the plant from possible diseases, for example, Trihodermin.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

It should be noted that the yellowing of the leaves of eggplant is not a sign of the death of the plant, if, at the same time, the gardener is correctly cared for the plant, chose the right landing place for him, and only healthy seeds are used for landing.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

It is recommended to adhere to prophylactic measures, then a rich and delicious harvest can be collected from the eggplant bush.

In open soil

Usually eggplants landed on the street, most of all suffer from adverse weather conditions, as well as from different pests and diseases. Over the open, the following problems and their solutions are possible:

  • During the long rain, the leaves are yellow and begin to refine – it is desirable for this period to cover eggplants with a film, then the plants will suffer less;

  • If it is preserved quite hot and dry weather, then, most likely, the yellowness appears from drought and high air temperature – in this case, the landing is better to strengthen after dinner, and it is also necessary to ensure it with the necessary amount of moisture;

  • If the leaves have become in a small spear, then it may be burns from the sun – you need to close the leaves from the sunny rays, then the points will disappear over time;

  • The depletion of the soil leads to poor growth of plants and yellowing – it is recommended to regularly produce complex fertilizers;

  • In case of damage to the root system, eggplant uses all forces to restore it, so the ground part begins to need nutrients, and primarily suffers from foliage;

  • If the points and stains of the incomprehensible shape appeared, the reason could be a mosaic – this disease is little studied and is incurable, usually stains begin to crack, on top formed by tax and further deformation.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

In Teplice

Taking care of the cultivation of eggplant in the greenhouse, it is quite easy to maintain humidity and temperature regime. And they do not threaten frosts, strong impulses of wind and drought. It would seem that the conditions are ideal for obtaining a rich harvest of eggplants, but in these conditions various pests and fungi feel great. Consider possible problems and methods for eliminating.

  • The high level of moisture contributes to the spread of the fungus, so it is desirable to place an automatic mechanism in the greenhouse that watering at a certain level of humidity.

  • It is recommended to adhere to the optimal dosage when making feed and spraying. The season and the level of development of eggplant play a big role, because if the plant gets more fertilizers than necessary, then chemical burns can not be avoided.

  • Usually in the greenhouses are the likelihood of climbing the earth. It is better to make fertilizers, which contains nitrogen, and further add a little ash to him.

  • The land in the greenhouse does not have contact with the environment, so it quickly loses useful substances. It is advisable to deal with its processing with the help of folk remedies, as well as to carry out its periodic replacement. It is important to remember about disinfection, control the level of acidity and regularly introduce organic additives.

  • If the leaves are falling, and the plant is so patient, which is not amenable to treatment, it is better to destroy it better, so as not to infect other bushes.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

At the first signs of yellowing the foliage of eggplant, plants should be carefully examined. The absence of traces of pests, such as web, adhesive spots, as well as butterflies, indicates that the reason may wage in the structure of the structure.

If the level of moisture and temperature is normal, it is advisable to make the prevention of various kinds of diseases. And then it is recommended to carry out a complex feeding of bushes.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

On the windowsill

If you grow eggplants on the windowsill, not only problems with the level of moisture and soil may occur, but also other problems, Therefore, you should be guided by the following rules in order to avoid the yellowing of foliage:

  • Sprouts should always be in warm, so it is desirable to maintain the temperature from +20 degrees;

  • In containers it is very important to maintain the necessary level of acidity;

  • Plants should receive the required amount of daylight, if it is not enough, artificial light should be used;

  • Plants are recommended to hide from the direct rays of the Sun;

  • Planting seedlings need to be engaged during the formation of the root system.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

Prevention measures

To leave the eggplant leaves are not grathers, it is desirable to adhere to certain conditions of content. It is very important to choose a healthy planting material. When careing with eggplants, you should create the necessary temperature and humidity level. Regular air ventilation and looseness of the Earth helps to ensure air flow to the root system.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

When caring for eggplants, the following prevention measures should be performed:

  • When transplanting seedlings it is necessary that the temperature at night does not fall below +18 degrees, and the day did not rise above +28 degrees; If there are races of temperatures, it is impossible to avoid yellowing and withering;

  • During the planting seedlings, it is necessary to make disinfection of seeds, pick up the soil, ensure proper lighting;

  • Protect plant from fungus is recommended using natural or special means;

  • Regular looping of the soil will help create optimal conditions of humidity and breathability;

  • Propringe plants preferably on schedule.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

If eggplant leaves begin to shut up, it is necessary to immediately find out the reason to fix it as quickly as possible. Sometimes you should remove the amazed plants so that the disease does not move to the rest. Fast response to the problem will save the crop.

Why eggplants yellow leaves and what to do?

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