When ripens strawberries and strawberries?

Strawberries and strawberries are related plants. However, it is necessary to remember that strawberry is actually a strawberry garden, and its gardeners grow on their sites.

Whereas the berry, which is customary to call just strawberries, is a wild meadow, forest and field berry. Ripen these berries at different times. Forest strawberries collect approximately a couple of weeks later than strawberries.

Influencing factors

For a period of ripening of berries, several factors affect. First of all This applies to the climate of the growing region. In the south of the country, the first strawberry harvest can be collected already at the end of May, in the central areas the fruits are kept by mid-June (early grades ripen at the beginning of the month), whereas in more northern localities berries become ripe only in July. An important factor is the temperature of the terrain. For the initial stage of growing plants, it is enough that the air temperature is slightly higher than 0 degrees. However, for successful ripening of the berries, the daily temperature should be approximately 20 degrees Celsius, and the night should not fall below +15 degrees.

Forest strawberries ripens later than the rest of the varieties. This is due to the fact that it grows in shady places, where sunlight penetrates insufficient. As a result, it takes more time for full ripening berries. Every year, the time of ripening of berries may vary depending on weather conditions. If the summer period is frequent with frequent rains, then berries will be watery. When summer is too arid, strawberries will be shallow and dry.

Thus, the optimal crop can be collected when heat and moisture is evenly distributed.

The timing of ripening of cultural strawberries

Cultural strawberries (strawberry) in different regions ripens at different times. The strawberry season comes from the end of May and continues until mid-August.

By type of strawberry fruction is divided into two main types:

  • varieties that ripen only once throughout the season;
  • Remote grades with the ability to be fruit many times.
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In addition, strawberry varieties, fruiting once throughout the season, in turn are divided into four main types.

  • Early varieties, which allow you to collect ripe berries, starting with the second May decade (Kimberly, Olbia, Czech beauty).
  • Midhranny varieties. Harvesting occurs approximately a week later than the early grades of strawberries (crown, festival, red shore).
  • Middle ripening varieties. The yield of the berries of this type is going for a week or 10 days later than among median species (Solushushka, Present, Arose).
  • Late strawberries, which is completely sleeping at the end of June or early July (Chamor, Malvina, Adria).

Removable varieties ripen over the season several times, the first of which takes place in June, and the latter falls in mid-August. The harvest of removable varieties is much higher than that of the berries with one harvest. However, growing and care for similar types of strawberries requires the use of fertilizers of various species, while the plant is less durable. Strawberry ripening is very stretched in time in the country due to its huge area. Therefore, each region has its own deadlines when the berry is completely ripe and ready to collect. In Kuban, the first strawberry harvest is beginning to receive early in early May, thanks to warm sunny weather. However, if the ripening period is rainy weather, it is reflected on the quality of berries. During the rain, strawberries can start refusing, she spoals the taste and a commodity view.

The average strip of the country is suitable for growing many strawberry varieties. It is recommended to plant early varieties, while landing should be carried out approximately in the middle of summer, the maximum in early September, otherwise the plant may not be rooted. With cold weather, all landings need to be stolen using the use of underfloor nonwoven material or ordinary film. The use of mineral and other fertilizer types is also recommended. If you adhere to these rules, you can get a sufficiently abundant yield of delicious sweet berries. In the Moscow region a harvest of cultural strawberries is usually beginning since mid-June.

This condition is observed exclusively with warm and sunny weather. If the weather is rainy, then collect the harvest will not be earlier than at the end of June.

When the wild species begin?

Strawberries are a perennial grassy plant, which can be in height 20 centimeters. Fruits of small weight weighing about 10-12 grams. Wild strawberry is a delicious and useful berry. That is why such a large number of people with great pleasure will be sent to the forests and fields in order to collect a ripe strawberry. Wild strawberries are divided into three main types:

  • meadow;
  • field;
  • Forest.
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Field and meadow berries ripen earlier than forest plants. This happens due to abundant sunlight. However, because of him, strawberries are not sufficiently large and juicy. In the fields, the collection of berries can be started earlier than in forestry arrays. Usually, strawberry bushes are located in the thickets of weed grass, which successfully shades the plant and protects it from the direct rays of the sun. Berries grow on wild fields that are not used for agricultural purposes. However, the largest fruits ripen in birch and pine forests, where moderate herbaceous cover grows.

Plant prefers illuminated lawns and small lumets between individual trees. Sometimes strawberries can be found along the roads and on the edges. It must be remembered that Early berries have a slight bitterness and only to later terms they gain sweetness. Forest strawberries can be transferred to the garden plot and successfully grown on it. In this case, this plant does not require any special care. And the crop matures about two weeks earlier than the same strawberry growing in the forest. Ripening berries does not happen at the same time. Therefore, on one bush can meet absolutely ripe berries and perfectly green.

Like the cultural varieties of strawberries, the dates of ripening are directly dependent on a particular increase in the berry. The south is the area, the more at earrig, you can collect a harvest. With warm sunny weather in the southern territories for strawberries can be sent already at the end of May. But the best harvest can be collected still in June. It is this month that most berries fully sleep. The strawberry season in Bashkiria also falls for June.

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Climatic conditions in the suburbs are perfectly suitable for growing and ripening strawberries. The very first ripe berries can be found in mid-June. However, to recruit a large number of berries, it is best to postpone the campaign for strawberries until July. For Moscow Region, July is the main month for harvesting wild species of strawberries. In the Urals forests, as well as in the forest arrays of the Far East and Siberia, the strawberries begin to ripen to the beginning of August and you can collect berries for several weeks. By this time, in other regions, this berry is already moving. Berry bushes fruit not too long. In meadow and field strawberries, the period of fruiting lasts about three weeks, in the forest berry – a little more than a month.

In addition to berries, you can collect other parts of the plant. Green strawberry leaves are rich in vitamin C, they are often used in all sorts of infants and decoction. For this purpose, the green parts of the plant must be cut with scissors or a secateur and put. Strawberries and strawberries are rich in calcium, folic acid, iron, tanning substances, flavonoids and other useful substances. Berries are effective when avitaminosis, they greatly strengthen immunity.

Recommended strawberries in the presence of diseases of cardiovascular and digestive systems. Knowing the duration of ripening strawberries and strawberries, you can collect a good harvest of very tasty and useful berries.

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