When it is better to plant grapes: in spring or autumn?

Many gardeners are engaged in growing grapes, because it not only gives a rich and tasty harvest, but also performs a decorative function. In this article, consider in more detail when it is better to plant grapes – in spring or autumn.

Features of autumn landing

Quite often, gardeners resort to grape landing in autumn. It is recommended to start doing this process from the beginning of October. And until the end of the autumn, all the work must be completed so that grapes have already adapted to new conditions, and rooted to the first frosts.

Landing grapes in the fall possesses the following advantages:

  • You can plant different varieties, the main thing is to choose a healthy seedling;
  • Usually falling a lot of rains in the fall, which allows you to ensure good watering without human participation;
  • If the landing is carried out in the fall, the spring is no longer necessary to make additional care activities for grapes;
  • This period is characterized by excellent survival rate, since the conditions in air and in the soil are almost the same;
  • Saplings that were planted in the fall are more enduring, they are easier adapting to the change of weather.

Landing grapes in the autumn period has both disadvantages, namely:

  • If frosts come earlier, or the seedlove will slow down for some reason in development, the plant will freeze in the winter;
  • rodents love young plants very much, so there is a high probability that they can damage it.

It is worth noting that the seedlings in the autumn time must pass the following manipulations:

  • During the day before the landing, the root system should be soaked in conventional water or in a specially cooked boltok from clay and manure;
  • It is very important to remove all shoots, except for one – the healthy one;
  • All roots need to be reduced in length about 15-20 cm.

After the above-described events, grapes are ready for autumn landing. You can prepare pits, and plant plants.

Spring landing nuances

Some experts prefer to plant grapes in spring. In this case, it is very important to wait for the daily air temperature to reach +12 degrees, and the frosts were not predicted at night. Spring landing has such advantages:

  • Excellent adaptation period, Plants are faster and more resistant to low temperatures of the winter period than the autumn fit, as they become stronger in six months;
  • You can thoroughly think over the process of planting grapes – In front of the winter, the primary pit is made, fertilizers are made, and the place is formed, and the spring is already at the spring, mulching, as well as soil moisturizing.

But the spring landing is not perfect, because it has both cons, namely:

  • Even if the air temperature is heated to +15 degrees, Anyway, there is the possibility of frosts, in this case the plant may not transfer sharp cooling;
  • It is advisable to produce soil disinsection before landing, To neutralize all possible microorganisms, because it is precisely in the spring that they are most active;
  • It is very important to choose a variety of grade, because the saplings need to be harvested in the fall, and then care for them throughout the winter; Of course, some gardeners acquire seedlings in spring, but in this case the planting material may be bad, as well as on sale pretty poor selection of varieties.

Select period

Many gardeners are wondering when it is still better to plant grapes. It should be noted that the planting in the spring has a significant plus – the roots of the seedling will definitely take root during the summer period, so the autumn frosts will not harm them. And the landing in the fall also has advantages, namely:

  • Autumn soil is ideal for landing, Since it has already accumulated a lot of beneficial substances, and also gained moisture over the rain period;
  • easier to find good seedlings, After all, it is in the fall that is sold the most fresh, strong and healthy plants;
  • If rooting goes well, then in the spring of grapes will begin to grow actively, and adaptation will be pretty quickly.

Considering everything for and against, each gardener independently decides how to do the right – what period to choose grapes for landing.

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