When currants matures?

The timing of maturation of currant depend on a number of circumstances. These include: type of berries, region of growing, weather conditions and some other factors. At the same time, it is possible to determine the ripeness of berries in several signs.

How to identify ripeness?

The easiest way to determine the ripeness of currant is possible with visual inspection of berries. The most faithful sign is to change the color of the skin of the fruit. In other words, berries with green as ripening begin to black, blush or tolery (depending on the species). At the same time, the color is saturated, the closer the term of full ripening. If visually, the level of ripeness does not determine, you can try the berries for the taste. If they are bitter or sour, then the ripening process has not yet completed.

About ripeness indicates a pronounced sweet-sweet taste. In addition, ripe berries become soft, easily separated from the twigs, you can also easily crush in your mouth with the help of language and sky.

At the same time, the skin will be moderately rigid, it is easy to burn it. While the misappropriate berries are difficult to laugh, while at the mouth immediately fits a bitter-sour flavor, and Oskomina remains.

When currants matures?

Seasons collection of different types

In order to determine the level of ripe red currant, it is necessary to pay attention to the shade of the peel. It initially acquires pink color, and as it ripens it becomes more saturated and comes to bright red. And berries are significantly increased in size.

After the flowering period on the bushes of black currant berries appear. Initially, they are small and green. Currant of this species is sleeping in about 45 days after the formation of berries. Create a crop can be in the event that the berries acquired black, steel large, soft and moderately sweet. And also need to be borne in mind that the currant, located on the shadow area, matures much slower. Fast ripening promotes regular sunlight.

All currant can be divided into 3 large groups of varieties:

  • early;
  • secondary;
  • LateVest.

When currants matures?

When currants matures?

If we talk about early grades, then in this case the berries ripen in the second half of June or early July. The following varieties are the following varieties:

  • Gold Inca;
  • Tear Isis;
  • The Snow Queen.

Average currant begins to sleep a little later than the early. It happens around the middle of the summer. But the harvest is accounted for only in early August, when all berries reach the desired state of maturity. The average varieties include the following:

  • Mystery;
  • Sweet;
  • Delicacy.

Currant with late maturations start collecting at the end of August – early September. In some cases, harvesting continues to the first frosts. Such cultures are most suitable for regions with a warm climate. The most common late varieties include:

  • Vologda;
  • Rund;
  • Tamerlan.

The maturation of the currant of all varieties also depends on the region and from weather conditions that can be different every year.

When currants matures?

When currants matures?

Dates of ripening taking into account region

Harvesting black and red currant on the territory of the Moscow region and the Moscow region, as a rule, occurs at the end of July – early August. If the weather is cold, then the deadline is transferred to the end of summer to wait for full ripening of berries. In a hot summer currant ripens a little earlier. It is important not to miss this period, because as the berries are peeled independently. In the territory of the Urals it is recommended to grow currants of those varieties, the maturation of which begins after the middle of the summer. In case the harvest fees will delay, such berries will be able to survive, up to the first frosts.

For cultivation in the middle lane, Russia is better to choose early varieties. It is necessary that the aging period comes from the end of June – the beginning of July. But in St. Petersburg and throughout the territory of the Leningrad region it is recommended to plant currants with different times of ripening. So it turns out to collect a harvest throughout july and August, so that all this time you can have fresh berries. In Siberia, it is most often grown currants with early or average maturation. At the same time, they should be resistant to temperature drops. The main collection of crop currant in this region is at the end of June.

On the territory of any region it is recommended to collect currants when dry weather. At the same time, harvesting is best to carry out either early in the morning or in the evening. Having stopped berries are recommended to gently tear off the branches and place in polyethylene packages.

When currants matures?

At the same time, it is important to try not to damage the skin of berries, otherwise they will ruin. For collection, you can use plastic or metal capacity only if the berries are planned to recycle within a few hours.

If the berries need to be transported to long distances, you can not wait for full ripening. Calculate the harvest can be carried out at the stage of technical maturity, that is, at a time when they are just starting to change the color of the shell. The fact is that the ripening and a full set of colors will occur just at a time when the berries will be on the way to the destination. If the berries intended for transportation is already collecting in a mature state, then during the delivery time, some of them deteriorate.

It is very important not to miss the ripening time currant of any kind. Otherwise, the berries will begin to crumble. And also should not collect them too early, because taste qualities will not be as expected. If you comply with the terms and rules for harvesting, you can have fresh berries within 1-2 months.

If it allows the place on the household plot, as well as climatic conditions, it is better to have both early varieties of currants and the secondary, and those that have a late harvest date.

When currants matures?

When currants matures?

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