When crop raspberry?

Many dackets are grown in their sections. This is one of the most delicious and beloved many berries. But in order to collect a good harvest, you need to carefully care for the bushes, and it is very important to know when to crop raspberries. It is the trim that depends on how the bushes will grow, and how many berries will be able to assemble in the future.

When it is better to trim – in the fall or spring?

When gardeners only make the first steps, at first allow mistakes. Someone seeks to cut shrubs only in the fall, someone only in spring. Some choose the wrong months, or cut off the shrub too often. So as not to put the harm plant, you need a golden middle.

If the gardener is responsible and passionate about this activity, then the question is when it is better to cut, not even worth. And in the autumn, and this procedure is always produced. Spring and autumn trimming goals are different, but it is necessary to do this, as well as the main care. The month of performing this manipulation depends on the region in which raspberries grow.

  • Autumn. Crop the bushes after fruiting. Malina is cut off, leaving 25-50 cm from the ground. Be sure to remove all old and sick shoots. After harvesting the bushes slowly prepare for winter. Therefore, sanitary trim is necessary. Young shoots leave, flex them to the ground, then shelted. But it’s all for the northern regions. In the south in all of these manipulations, there is no need. Just produce trimming, remove everything too much, remove weeds. And in such a state of raspberries winter.

Cut a young booster in the fall is not needed. By the spring, new sprouts are fixed, and the next year you can wait for the harvest even from new bushes.

  • Spring. At this time of the year, even before the occurrence of vegetation, it should be very carefully examined by bushes and pay attention to the pruning, especially if it was not produced for some reason for some reason. For the winter, in any case, certain changes will occur with the plant. Some branches dried, freezed. After the raspberry opened, it is necessary to assess its condition. Dry unwanted branches are removed immediately, and then there are a lot of new shoots, you need to pinch the macs of bushes, then the side branches will soon appear. The tops, by the way, can be slightly cut and in the summer. As for the young swords in the spring, here gardeners are recommended to get rid of it. This year, these bushes will not give the crop, but the juices will take away from the main plant, which will definitely do not benefit him. If there is a desire to multiply Malina, then better transplanted process to another place.

But it is clear that only one pruning will not bring a rich harvest, here we need and timely watering, and protection against pests, and feeding.

Terms of trimming with regard to the region

Crop the raspberry needed, given the features of that region where it grows.

For example, in the Moscow region to carry out the autumn trimming follows in early October. In the spring, when you need to promote bushes, it falls at the end of April. If spring was very warm, it can be done in the middle of the month.

In the Kuban with warm weather, the harvest is removed several times, especially if the raspberry is removable. She gives a harvest even in early December. Pruning produce and during the season. If dry or sick branches appear, they need to be deleted in a timely manner, do not wait for the end of fruiting. The final trimming is carried out when the plant ceased to be fruit. It most often falls in November.

In Siberia, the situation is somewhat different. Frosts occur significantly earlier, in October, the air temperature is noticeably declining by the end of September. Therefore, the beginning and middle of the month is the time to complete all work on trimming raspberries. In the spring, rejuvenating and sanitary trimming is produced at the end of May. With very dry warm weather, you can transfer this procedure for the middle of the month.

Useful advice

The gardeners have their tricks to get a greater harvest, to their advice should heed.

  • After the spring trimming in June-July, you need to shorten the twigs. It stimulates the growth of new shoots, which means that the crop will be even more.

  • Another trick that allows you to increase yield, – Trim shoots to different lengths: Some shortening by 50 cm, others on 25, third at 15. So berries will ripe gradually. The first will be froning those shoots that are longer.

  • Be sure to work on shrub thickening. This also applies to the usual, and old raspberry. Raspberry in the garden grows very quickly. Therefore, you need to pay attention to new bushes: stronger and well-developed can be left, but it is better to remove fine pig.

Well, in addition, there are very simple tips that should be held with any trimming.

  • All manipulations to shorten the shoots, as well as the elimination of old dry branches produced only in sunny dry weather.

  • The secator before work should be disinfected. And he, of course, should be sharp. An old rusty tool is capable not only to damage the plant, but also infection. At the end of the work, the tools are also processed and removed in the place specifically allotted for this.

  • Cut down neatly, without all sorts of jar and sticking bark. You can handle the location of the cutting plant.

  • All sick old shoots should burn or throw. They can develop different diseases that are easily applied to healthy young bushes.

If you comply with all the rules of trimming, and carry out basic simple care activities, you can get quite a good harvest.

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