When and how to water currants boiling water?

The need to learn how and when to spray currants from pests in the suburbs and in the Urals, when to water it with boiling water, why, in general, processing bushes, it arises absolutely from all gardeners. This unpretentious shrub is very vulnerable to insect invasions, so the correct and timely use of insecticides is very important here. Pouring currants accepted early in spring, after examining the features of the correct application of boiling water in the fight against tick, affecting plants.

The need for procedure

Currant – one of the most popular shrubs grown in Russia. But she has specific pests requiring special measures to fight. Currency tick tick has miniature sizes – the length of its body does not exceed 2 mm. But the damage caused by this pest may be truly colossal. The parasite strikes the kidneys of the plant, and then sucks the juices from it throughout the growing season.

Even the highest quality care will not save currants from:

  • Yellowing leaves;
  • Stop in development;
  • reducing fruiting;
  • drying berries;
  • The death of the whole bush.

    It is impossible to fight with kidney ticks with conventional insecticides. But it can destroy the dumping of hot water, spent in the spring, before the deploration begins. Such radical measures will definitely be needed if the autumn on the plant is already visible signs of infection. They manifest themselves in an unnatural increase in kidney. It is worth noting that this parasite can occur not only on all kinds of currant, but also on the gooseberry.

    Timely taken measures help save the garden from total destruction. Clean the currant boiling water and in order to prevent prevention to prevent possible infection. If you ignore the signs of the appearance of parasites, the colony of ticks will begin to grow with a huge speed. Stop this process helps scalding. The fact is that ticks are sensitive to sharp temperature differences, and for plants such a “shock therapy” is a good way to temper.

    Effective processing boiling water and against other pests. Among them – TLL, as well as pathogens of fungal infections, dangerous microorganisms. The treated shrub is faster awakened in the spring, it gives a young pig.


    I need to handle currants with boiling water, taking into account the regional shrub growth features. The main reference is melting snow cover. The processing is made in early spring when its height is reduced to 5-10 cm. The air temperature influences the choice of shrubs of shrubs after the winter, but it’s not worth getting.

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    The optimal month and the term taking into account the regional factor.

    1. March 10-15 – For spring processing currant in Moscow and Moscow region.
    2. The first decade of April in Western and Eastern Siberia. In the Urals, you can also focus on these terms.
    3. March 12-17 – for Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Tula regions. The same time is suitable for the entire central region.
    4. In the south, scaldings are performed in the first decade of March. These dates are relevant for both the Astrakhan region and the Krasnodar Territory.

    It is important to know that the processing of boiling water should be carried out exceptionally early spring, when there is a dense and hard crust on the kidneys, performing natural protective functions.

    In the fall, destroy pests in this way will not work. And late spring and summer boiling water will bring great harm to the already blossomed leaves and actively growing shoots.

    Watering methods

    Correct the bushes boiling water, too, you need to be able to. If it is usually enough to spray plants from diseases, with kidney ticks have to contact otherwise. Hanging bushes from pests is needed to accurately get into the kidneys in which dangerous parasites hide. So you can handle black, red and white currant of any varieties, including old landings, already affected. To increase the efficiency of insecticidal exposure, you can add additional ingredients.

    Most often by summer houses are used with manganese, urea or copper vigorous. Sometimes a weak mixture of water and salt is preparing in proportion of 5 g per bucket boiling water. Such solutions do not lose their properties when contact with hot water. Processing technology is also worth considering. The branches of the shrub is recommended to be pre-tightened if they have thickened autumn kidneys, they are removed and burned.

    The main order of scalding currant boiling water looks like.

    1. Conduction. It can be performed in spring or autumn, in advance. It is important that the bush is quite resolved, gets rid of dry or damaged branches.
    2. Clearing platform at the processing place. Need to remove trash, clear the track.
    3. Conducting the necessary protective events.
    4. Preparation of boiling water or a special solution based on it. It is important that the source of hot water is close enough from the currant bushes planted in a row.
    5. Make measurement of temperature. By the time of hitting the bushes, he must have indicators in the range of + 70-80 degrees Celsius. This is enough to destroy insects, but do not burn shrub.
    6. Perform ferry processing. Lake must stay over a bush. Boiling water is served from the central part to the edges of the crown. In one place the flow of water is held no more than 5 seconds. Flow per plant – about 3 liters of the finished solution. Fully refilled watering can be enough for 2-4 bush.

    In some cases, pure water vapor has to be submitted without the usual gardening inventory, to complement the effect of the effect in the ingredients. There are also alternative solutions for sites on which there is no access to water early spring.

    With urea

    The carbamide dissolved in hot water in the processing of currant in the spring performs the function of the extraxornic nitrogen feeding, which stimulates the growth of green mass.

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    To prepare a mixture, the crystalline substance is first bred in the amount of 700 g in 3 liters of hot, but not boiling water, adding 50 g of copper. Then the solution is topped with boiling water to 10 liters.

    In contact with evaporation, it is important to take care of the protection of respiratory organs with a respirator.

    Steam cleaner

    If there is an access to the power supply system, you can use modern technique for steam processing. The steam generator is filled with liquid, connect to the network. Then each bush is processed individually directed by a jet of steam. It is necessary to withstand the distance from the nozzle to the branches in the range of 30-50 mm.

    A similar effect is provided by the installation in the roasting zone of a bucket with hot water – the bush will sufficiently cover the film for 5 minutes so that the processing is a success.

    With manganese

    For processing prepare a solution with several potassium permanganate crystals on 10 liters of water. Liquid will be pink. This is a good solution if you need not just eliminate ticks due to hot steam, but also to disinfect plants. The event can be combined with the sanitary trimming of the overwhelmed shrub.

    This method is very good for clearing the old garden as a measure of disease prevention.


    There is a “folk” method of combating kidelite tick on currant, which does not require boiling water. For its application, a portable gas burner will be required. Processing procedure is produced immediately after the spring trimming, but before the start of the Softness. It is important that the bush is already resolved. Bind branches in this case is not required.

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    The firing is performed on all branches with the kidneys, holding a burner of 80-100 mm from the bark. All plots pass 2-3 times. The surface of the cortex becomes slightly dilated. The method is good in that it is suitable for autumn use, while the rest of the impact options are suitable only for spring.

    In addition, the gas burner will correct the position if there is no possibility for boiling water.

    Useful advice

    Spraying hot water – a serious task that requires careful preparation for the procedure. It should be started carefully planning the circle of work. Since boiling water in the cold air cools quickly, they will have to be done without unnecessary delay. It is necessary to take care of the protection of the root system from the harmful effects of hot water. As a safety measure, you can use the soil ashlation by boards, plywood sheets. So the surface root system will be able to avoid damage.

    Tool for work also need to choose correctly. The optimal solution will be a classic metal watering can with a small divider. In the plastic capacity of boiling water will cool too quickly. In addition, hot water polymer materials can be deformed.

    Watering water must be maintained in a boiling condition throughout the procedure. It is worth useing a street stove bourgear, a fire or slab. If there is a bath on the territory, you can melt it, filling the tank drive, and then take water out of it.

    It is very important to produce uniform irrigation of bushes without delay for more than 5 seconds. Pour water is not necessary on the soil, but directly on shoots, where pests are hidden.

    Precautions also do not interfere. From boiling metal, from which the watering can be done quickly heated. It is important to take care of hand protection with thick gloves. Fastening the cortex is also worth checking out so that it can not accidentally jump in the process of conducting work. The legs are better to protect rubber boots with a solid thick sole, rather relief to eliminate slipping when moving on the site.

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