When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?

Raspberry – unpretentious culture, easily carries out. Once every 5-6 years old bushes are recommended to transplant, this procedure is perceived gratefully, quickly restored. Transplantation can be performed in spring, but more often this procedure is postponed at the end of the season. Consider when and how to plant a raspberry in the fall.

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?

Advantages and disadvantages

Landing shrubs, including raspberries, autumn more convenient for organizational reasons. In the garden less hassle than in the spring, all works are completed. No need to carefully choose the moment, you can postpone a transfer for a week or a few days. In the spring you need to have time until the swelling swelling. In many regions of the Russian Federation, with its sharply continental climate and unstable spring weather, this term is difficult to guess. Not on time, a planted plant will not have time to root, will be forced to cope with double load: adaptation and growth of green mass. Autumn planting gives plants the opportunity to root to cold and leave on peace. Such plants start fruit faster.

Post down planting plants for spring makes sense if autumn is cold, raw, early frosts are expected.

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?

In which month it is better to plant?

The average time of autumn landing of raspberries – 1 month before the start of frosts. Dates are shifted depending on the region. In the southern regions of the Russian Federation, in the Rostov, Astrakhan region, in the Krasnodar Territory can be replaced in October-November. In the middle lane, in Central Russia and in the Moscow region are focused on September. Until the middle of October, only some species are planted.

In September, you can still perform a transplant in the southern parts of Western Siberia, but on average in the Urals, in Siberia and in the Far East, either the first numbers of September are chosen in the Far East, or the bushes are planted at the end of August. In the Leningrad region, the right time is September, beginning of October. These months here are rainy, but warm enough.

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?

Selection of seedlings

Occasionally there are green sprouts (10-15 cm high) or potted seedlings obtained from cuttings or rhizomes, but the bulk of seedlings is one and two-year-old plants. At the age of 2 years sell seedlings only by repairing varieties. They are rare.

To choose a high-quality seedling, you need to pay attention to the following points.

  • Stem. Its length is not important, when landing, the stem is cut off, and the thickness should be at least 0.5 cm. But too thick is also not needed, they suffer stronger in winter. In order not to buy a dried plant, you need to slightly rush with something solid bark at the end of the seedling. If there is a green layer, the plant is alive.
  • Configuration of new shoots at the base. Kidneys and shoots from quality seedlings are clearly visible. Better if there are several.
  • Root system. It should be well developed and healthy, without signs of damage to diseases or cold. A good seedling has from 2 roots at least 10 cm and a beam of small roots of the same length.

Buying better in autumn. In the spring, it is rarely sold “fresh” plants, usually this remainder since last year – annual seedlings that kept in coolness.

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?

Choosing a place

Soil under raspberry should be fertile. Type – soup or loam, pH level – 5.5-6, that is neutral. Mechanical soil should be loose, lightweight, well-transmitting moisture and air. Lowlands, pits and places with stuffing water will not fit, the plant will often hurt. About lighting – the raspberry is unpretentious, can grow in half, but if the goal is good crops, choose a place thoroughly. The sun should be abundant and long. However, the scorching rays will lead to the fact that the leaves will dry, damaging burns, berries crushed.

The best places – East and West, with a slight shading from the midday hard sun. Shady places are undesirable, lack of light provokes viral and bacterial diseases. Partly smoothed the demanding culture will help the right choice of varieties. There are heat-resistant varieties capable of feeling well fruit in full.

Malina strokes do not like, it is better to put it along the fences or other landings that protect against strong winds.

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?

Malina can not be planted in areas where such cultures grew before.

  • Old raspberry bushes, especially if it was unnecessary varieties. Malina is able to germinate even from a small piece of root. Old landings accumulate pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Potatoes, any Parenic, Strawberry and Strawberry – They have common pests.

Useful Neighbors: Calendula, Yarrow, Velhets, Pijm, Spicy Cultures (Basil, Major), Elderberry and Apple. They all scare the pests of raspberries. Apple tree and Raspberries are mutually positively acting on each other. Unwanted, but permissible neighbors: currants, gooseberries, honeysuckle, rowan, pear, plum.

The best predecessors are.

  • Siderats. If there was a lot of dusty on the site, rye is best. It is frightened to 10 cm, then drop into the soil.
  • Bean culture.
  • Zucchini, cucumbers.
  • Garlic, Luc.

Sorrel, sea buckthorn and even some weeds (Metleitsa) will help limit. Successful raspberries – along tracks, buildings, fences. Along the large trees it is not recommended to plant – cultures will compete for food, and care will become more difficult.

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?


The soil is best prepared for 3-4 months before landing, especially if the seedlings have an open root system. Fresh fertilizers can burn roots. The land is carefully examined for weeds with an active root system, all the rhizomes of dusty or wild -smage are chosen. Raspberry surface roots, competitors will not affect their activity. Grokes are preferably inked around the perimeter, leaving the band 1.5 m, to inspire. Drowning soil undesirable.

At the pinch of the plot make feeding. Per 1 sq. m need:

  • humus or overwhelmed manure – 8 kg;
  • Superphosphate – 40 g;
  • Calici sulphate – 30 g.

Nitrogen is undesirable, they better fertilize in spring. The acidic soil is deoxidized by ash, haired lime, dolomite flour or chalk. Sand is added to peat soils – 5 kg per 1 kV. M.

If you plan to make fertilizers immediately into the landing wells, then the numbers are as follows:

  • humid or compost – 5 kg;
  • Superphosphate – 30 g;
  • Sulfate Potassium – 20 g.

The number of fertilizers is indicated for the mid-fertile plot. Fertilizers in landing points should be made as follows: fall asleep at the bottom of the fertilizer, thoroughly loose with rakes, then sprinkled with a layer of soil 2-3 cm, again loosely loose and fall asleep with a layer of ordinary earth 5 cm. It is necessary not to burn roots. The standard depth of the landing pit is 40 cm, but taking into account fertilizers dig 10 cm more. Prepare the land for different varieties is better separately. Early, late, repairing varieties need different care, and harvesting falls at different times. Before boarding requires trimming. It bales the ground and underground part. Before planting seedlings they need to cut so that the shoots were no more than 40 cm long.

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?


General rules for landing all shrubs with open roots for beginners.

  • Saplings are soaked for 6 hours in water with a solution “Epina” so that the roots before planting were trained, elastic.
  • Hollyk fertile soil is poured into the hole.
  • The roots of the seedling can be placed on the holly.
  • Slightly raising and shaking the seedling so that the soil filled the emptiness between the roots, begin to fall asleep soil. Malina does not like voids. When settling the soil roots can be broken.
  • The soil is well compacted.
  • After landing, the plant watered. On the raspberry bush will need a bucket of water. Watering can be repeated in 3-4 days. If there is a raw weather, you can only pour a planted seedling not immediately, and a day later.
  • If the gardener rarely happens in the country or on the plot, the seedlings immediately after watering mulch sawders, the lying straw, humus. Old boards, chips, sawdust, branches, filter with a layer of compost from above. In nature, Malina loves plots among the burver.

Deep to planting raspberries should not, the kidney of growth should be 2-3 cm below the soil level. Saplings with a closed root system are simpler, they are eliminated from the wrapper, set in the pits at the desired height, fall asleep soil, seal it, water. Before planting plants, you can soak in a special bolt. Dig a hole at the place of the future landing, poured a pair of water buckets, poured 1/3 of the ash buckets. Gradually adding the earth, get a creamy mixture. Roots of seedlings. Such seedlings can wait for the landing up to 2 weeks. There are three ways to plant a simple garden raspberry in an outdoor ground.

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?


Raspberries landed in individual pits. Rock holes 30 cm in diameter and 40 cm deep. The distance between the bushes is withstanding 50 cm, it is necessary to leave 1.5-2 m between the rows. The bush method is classic, widely used in the territory of the Russian Federation. Suitable for those who have some plants.

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?


The ribbon landing involves the preparation of the entire area under the seedlings, then pits no less than 1 meter, seedlings are located in 3-4 rows. Between plants withstand 15-20 cm. Sometimes they call the landing in 1 row, or in 2 rows. 40-80 cm withstand between rows, between bushes – 40-50 cm.

The specific distance is selected on the basis of the characteristics of a particular variety: height, ability to form shoots, the presence of barns, ease of care and harvest.

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?


This method of landing raspberry is widespread in Europe. It is time consuming, but will provide high yield. It differs from the ribbon because the plant is preparing a nutritional pillow. How to put raspberry in trenches?

  • Dig a trench with a width of 50-60 cm. Depth – 45 cm (2 bayonet shovels).
  • When digging the land, not where it was necessary, but to fold the 1st, more fertile layer in one direction, the lower clay – to another.
  • If the earth is very heavy, the bottom of the trench is loose.
  • At the bottom pour on each meter of length 150 g NPK (Azophoski).
  • Fertilizer equalize robbles.
  • Then pour a layer of humus or manure 15 cm. It is also rambling.
  • Pour a layer of ordinary earth 25 cm. Slightly adjusted.

2 weeks later, when the “pillow” is sat down, the bushes of raspberries plant in the trench. Bad land will be useful for the manufacture of portors around the future Malinnik.

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?

How to plant brand?

To properly put removable raspberries, you need to take into account one nuance: the root neck must be at the soil level. Only in sandy soils permissible plugness, not more than 4 cm. Otherwise, landing does not differ from ordinary garden raspberry. After landing, the stem cut up to 20-25 cm. In the spring, when the replacing escape appears, the old pennies cut to several centimeters.

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?

Subsequent care

If autumn is wet, irrigation is not needed. If there is dry weather, 2-3 abundant irrigation, the soil is muffled. Next year, care is different from the care of adult raspberries only more attentive irrigation. Even adult bushes root system is close to the surface of the soil. Young plants will perceive temporary drought even more sensitive. In a dry or hot summer, raspberries are watered at least 10 times, starting from the end of May and until August. At 1 meter of landings pour at least 3 buckets of water. Often watered not necessarily if they are raining. Especially carefully need to take the watering in August. At this time, causative agents of purple spottedness or anthrax. Dampness in combination with night cool will strengthen the defeat, landing can be completely destroyed.

Shelter to protect against cold weather is necessarily throughout the Russian Federation, except for the south. For winter, young seedlings are well mulched. The plant has no stalks that need to bend and stroke, layer sawdust 5-10 cm enough to protect the plant from frosts. You can use organic mulch (manure, peat, sawdust, huskies) and inorganic (agrofiber, polyethylene, foam, rubberoid). The manure is laid out with a layer of 5-8 cm. It will not only protect the roots of the plant from frosts, but also enrich the soil. Speakers preserve moisture perfectly, the layer is selected depending on the climate, in Siberia it should be at least 12 cm. If a foliage from healthy plants is used as a shelter, a layer should be at least 30 cm. Fruiting will come a year after disembarking. The next summer, the seedlove will gain strength.

Exception is only two-year seedlings repairing raspberries. They will give a harvest for the next year after the autumn landing.

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?

When and how to plant raspberries in the fall?

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