When and how to plant grapes in open ground?

Grapes – one of the most beloved and frequent cultures among modern gardeners. Such is not only due to delicious fruits, but also due to appearance. Many use grapes as a living hedge or live carport. An integral part of the care is to land a culture in open ground. On the main points of this procedure, as well as some of its nuances will tell this article.

Dates of landing in autumn

In the autumn grapes, as a rule, transplanted in October. Do it throughout the month. It was during this period that the air temperature ranges from 5 to 15 degrees of heat, being the most suitable for landing. After the onset of the first cooling, it is necessary to have time to complete the transplant within three weeks. After this period, the probability of the onset of frosts is large, and the bush simply will not have time to take care.

With autumn transplant, you need to prepare for a bush insulated shelter. No need to land at once after sharp temperature drops. It is categorically impossible to plant a culture immediately after a sharp cooling.

Vintage Time and Technology Spring

Proper landing in the spring period includes a number of steps.

  • First you need to choose the right place. No need to plant culture on wetlands or where water accumulates. Poor grapes tolerates drafts, and also should not be planted in the northern part of the local area. Ideally, a landing place should be on the south side of the site, as well as be protected from the north wall, hedge or fruit trees. The soil here should be an explosive and saturated organic. Plant should be planted at a distance of 4 meters and more from other bushes, trees.
  • Next you need to prepare a pit. It needs to dig at least 3 weeks before landing. The depth of the pit should be about 1 meter. On the bottom of the pits are put drainage material (usually it is gravel or crushed stone). Dipped from the pit of the earth is divided into two parts. One piece is mixed with 15 kg. Houring, 1 kg of ash, as well as 0.5 kg of superphosphate, and fall asleep back into the pit. From above poured a small layer of earth, and pour 3 buckets of water. In this form, the pit remains for 3 weeks so that the soil in it is ass and compacted.
  • The next step is processed by a seedling and is prepared for subsequent landing. First you need to explore the vine. If the roots are traces of fungus, rot or other diseases, it is better to give up landing. If the bush is healthy, it is soaked in pre-boiled and cold water with several drops of Korninner for 24 hours. A day later, you need to repeat the roots again. In the presence of diseases or pests, you need to replace the seedling on a healthy. If the seedling is healthy, then after soaking the upper roots are completely removed, and the heel roots are cut by 10-15 cm. 4 eyes should stay on the saplings. After trimming it needs to be treated with fungicide.
  • Must be carried out directly to the landing. In a pre-prepared pit, a little land falls asleep so that a small holmik is formed. A seedling is put on him. Roots completely and gently spread. Next to the pit begin to gradually fall asleep the soil, holding the seedling. It is necessary to fill the pit in this way completely, and pour 3 water buckets.

If the bushes of grapes will be planted in one row, the distance between them should be at least 1 meter. Between rows Minimum distance – 2 meters.

Top dates for different regions

Especially important are the timing for the spring planting of grapes. In the south of Russia, the most best to plant grapes in the open ground in mid-April. Usually during this period, the temperature rises to +15 degrees, which is considered optimal for landing. However, during this period, the probability of frosts remains rather high, and therefore it is necessary to provide a shelter to protect against cold. In the regions where the climate is cooler (the average strip of Russia and the Moscow region), landing should be made later, in May. The best period is considered the last days of May. At this time, the air temperature reaches +15 degrees, in which, as already mentioned, the transplant is best.

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Good time to transplant grapes in regions such as Siberia and Ural, is considered mid-June. However, this is not always the best solution. It is recommended to conduct a climate analysis for the last 5-10 years and assume that at about time the air temperature will reach +15 degrees. And also need to do measuring the temperature of the air from the end of the spring in order not to miss the moment when the mark reaches +15 degrees. It is this time that can be considered truly optimal to transplanting culture in open ground.

In the warm regions of the country (in the south), the culture is planted from mid-October and up to mid-November. In the middle lane of Russia, culture can be planted in early October. In cold regions, grapes can be planted in September. It is best to do this at the end of September, but an earlier landing is allowed. It is worth noting that professionals have no definite answer to the question of whether the grapes are better in the fall or still in spring.

Each period has its own features. Choosing between two options you need to rely on the growing area, air temperature, as well as on your own preferences.

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