What to put in the well when boarding strawberries?

Strawberry consider queen berries. But as we love it eat, so she loves various feeding. If you systematically make fertilizers on strawberry beds, you can achieve an increase in yield by a third, and the berries themselves will be even more and more in the amount of.

Specialists are reminded of the importance and usefulness of feeding in the landing period. In the article, we will tell you what to make in the soil with spring and autumn landing of strawberries so as not to just get lush and beautiful bushes, but also a shame.

Why fertilize the soil?

Separate varieties of garden strawberries can adapt and grow almost on any soils, but the strawberry loves a more nutrient medium. For that To get high-quality berries, the soil must be fertilized before planting strawberry bushes.

Prepare the beds in advance, and above all, they are drunk by a garden shovel (at least three weeks before landing).

For good growth, strawberries need both a organic and mineral compositions. With the first problems, it does not occur – this is what is at hand:

  • humus;

  • peat;

  • Compost (appropriate and dung).

And from mineral fertilizers it is better to use comprehensive compositions, they go with all the necessary useful trace elements. This berry culture does not like strong moisture, so it is better to make high beds to land and provide a drain layer.

If, when creating a hill on the beds, mix the ground with a manure or with a humus and add wood ash, then the plants will receive a good organic and mineral feeding, and so that the water is not formed, the sand layer is needed at the bottom.

Strawberry bushes are planted at a distance of about half the meter, almost as much (40 cm) leave between the beds.

As for fertilizers and feeding young sockets during the landing, it still depends on what time of year is this event.

Consider in detail what they bring in the wells in the spring when they want to dilute a new plantation of this berry, and what the young bushes feed when landing in the fall.

What to add spring?

In front of the spring landing in the soil, overwhelmed manure, or you can add chicken litter to each well. But these organic formulations should not be fresh, to avoid burns.

The main principle of work during the spring planting of strawberries is not to overdo it with an organica. Otherwise, the plant, of course, will grow lush and green, but will give little berries. As our grandfathers said: “Everything went into the bush”.

If they still come across this, then the next spring is simply refusing to make organic fertilizers in this place.

And put in the well when boarding strawberries, you can and peat: Quarterly fill the deepening peat composition, pour, and put a rosette with leaves.

But knowledgeable gardeners note that if you correctly prepare the soil in advance, then you do not need to add anything to the holes. For spring landing prepare the soil from the summer.

  1. Choose a plot and put on it legumes or mustard on it. Lupine or other plants from the category of Siderats are suitable.

  2. As soon as we collect harvest (if these are representatives of legumes), or the plants will flash, make the remnants and scarce them in the same place.

  3. Autumn, support the soil with superphosphate, scatter the potash salt, and scatter the humus.

And in the spring when landing will only remain well to pour bushes, and no longer fertilize – the soil is already saturated with the necessary elements. This is enough for the plants to fix and go to growth. Remember that excess in the feeding does not benefit harvest.

What to make in the land in the fall?

When planting strawberries, it is necessary to fertilize the bed. At this time, the soil needs mainly organic fertilizers. To do this, you can feed it with a compost, a humid or peat is added. Strawberry itself loves ash, so you can pour a handful of ash to each well.

Suitable wood ash, it perfectly replaces phosphorus-potash fertilizer.

Experienced gardeners have developed such equipment for the autumn planting of strawberries.

  1. Dial in one bucket (or another question) humus, and in the other – ash.

  2. For watering prepared a special watering can or a bucket with water, as well as a jar or a mug.

  3. All buckets are placed in a bent, and start landing.

  4. The shovel makes the wells and fall asleep there is an urinary composition and humus.

  5. In the well, organic fertilizers are stirred from the ground.

  6. Add to well to 2-3 water mugs.

  7. Plant plant when water is a bit absorbed into the soil.

Strawberries and garden strawberries needed feeding when landing for better rooting of plants and development.

But if the land was also prepared for autumn landing (as described above to the spring landing), then you can also limit illegally with minimal feeding: Add to Lunka Only 1 h. L. Special composition for strawberry growing.

And do not forget to break or trim new sockets and mustaches in young plants, then all the forces will go to the formation of berries.

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