What to plant eggplants in a greenhouse?

Plants mutually affect the yield and health of each other. Good neighborhood gives natural protection against harmful insects (nasturtium), bacterial diseases (clover) or fungal infections (garlic). Therefore, it is important to know which plants are best to plant next to the eggplant.

Best options

When we are talking about a limited space, the question immediately arises, with such cultures you can plant eggplants in one greenhouse. In this case, it demonstrates a good neighborhood with many cultures. Eggplant grows well next to Kohlrabi, it is adjacent to the radish. Compatible shiny and spinach, he is friends with the basil.

Often you can meet the landing of peppers in one greenhouse room with eggplant. At the same time there are a number of rules that need to be adhered to:

  • between planted plants retain from 60 to 80 cm;
  • Before the plants bloom, watering is made exclusively warm water, 1.5 liters in 7 days on the bush;
  • Eggplants and peppers, after they were formed, it is necessary to bother with nitrogen, it was not advised to do this before, otherwise you can reduce the level of yield.

Well will grow described by a vegetable next to the bow. You can also land Melon, which are not bad in the greenhouse and do not close the light to eggplants. Good neighbors for eggplants are considered spices – Among them Kinza, Basil, Parsley and Dill. Not bad neighbor for eggplant can become corn. Many people think that it does not fit, because it grows big and gives shadow. In fact, when complying with a distance of 70-80 cm sunlight perfectly reaches vegetable. Moreover, corn becomes a wonderful defender from draft. However, such a neighborhood has one feature: if corn does not interfere with eggplant, then he, on the contrary, makes the process of pollination impossible, it is necessary to manually.

With a similar neighborhood, it is necessary to take care of insect processing, which successfully move from eggplant to corn.

Neutral cultures

Can be planted at some distance Beetle, But necessarily not too close, because then the tops will close the solar light needed by eggplant. It is necessary to land nearby Beijing cabbage, But at the same time, for a similar neighborhood, it is better to choose an early grade – then it matures before eggplant, so the plant will normally develop. It should be noted that any cabbage perfectly gets around in bed with mud.

Beans, like eggplant, loves heat and lack of a large amount of moisture. Such a neighbor is perfectly affected by vegetable, since they have perfect compatibility. Between the bushes of the described vegetable to remove insects, such as the WLL or the web tick, can be planted thyme and even astragon.

What can not grow?

If with sweet pepper vegetable grows well, then with bitter they are bad neighbors. In such a neighborhood, an unpleasant bitter taste caused by cross-pollination appears at the eggplant. Solanina removal will not change the taste of vegetable. Even if you grow them in one greenhouse room, then The distance should be at least 2 meters between the rows, in this case there is no savings and speech.

Often you can see how eggplant grows on one territory with cucumbers. In fact, such a neighborhood is not the best option, since the conditions of detention in these cultures are also different. Watering conditions do not coincide, the level of humidity that must be observed in the greenhouse, and much more. It is possible to plant eggplant and cucumber together only if the film is stretched between the beds or they are on a decent distance from each other. Be sure to have cucumbers from the North side, and from South – Eggplant. There are other rules that will have to follow if you want to get a decent harvest of both cultures:

  • Since the cucumbers need more moisture, they will need to additionally irrigate water in foliage;
  • Watering cucumbers is made every day, while eggplants required water only once a week;
  • If the cucumbers become a shadow, then the crop of the second culture is not worth waiting, because the Singnye loves the sun, and in the shadow their height is delayed.

Do not land in the greenhouse tomato and eggplant, in this case the probability is great, that they do not get along together, because it is necessary for a frequent watering, and another rare. It is important to remember that these two cultures are sick of one diseases, so are carriers for each other. If one of the neighbors get sick, then I will definitely suffer some time and the other. Experienced rabbing people know that the cinestic oppress the growth of tomatoes, at the same time tomatoes have a negative impact on the quality of eggplants. As a result, the fruits are small in size watery. Moreover, these both cultures have too different requirements for water and humidity. Tomatoes need much less water, and if they grow in one greenhouse, then the outcomes will be two: eggplants are dried or tomatoes just rotate.

Middle yields can be achieved by following specialist recommendations. When landing, tomatoes will need to perform some rules:

  • These plants will grow together, but there must be space between them, so that you can save as much light as possible;
  • In the greenhouse, drip watering must be present, which allows various cultures to properly distribute moisture between plants;
  • The premises must be able to air at least once a day, because excess moisture is harmful to the grated;
  • It is necessary to carry out the treatment of tomatoes from phytoophulas and ticks;
  • Sutting off tomatoes and eggplants nearby, it is better to choose a low variety of tomatoes, because high varieties will give a strong shadow, as a result of which the latter will grow small and weak.

When landing both cultures in one greenhouse produce a timely inspection for the presence of insects. On time the identified signs of infection helps to save a crop. Bad neighbor for eggplants is both potatoes, because then both crops are amazed by the Colorad beetle. Even if the shiny grow indoors, the potatoes are better not to plant near the greenhouse. It is worth noting that any Parenic –Bad neighbors for each other. The first reason – the soil should be very rich minerals, and otherwise it’s just not worth waiting for a good harvest. Even before the time of ripening, the ground will be completely “dried,” will help in this case only numerous feeders.

Summarizing all of the above, it should be noted that without complying with the rules of the neighborhood between cultures to achieve a quality crop will not be able to.

For greenhouse cultivation of eggplants, it is better to choose a good neighbor for them, which will contribute to growth, and not vice versa.

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