What to do if potatoes have long sprouts?

Regardless of which conditions are stored potatoes, at the end of winter or in the early spring, the tubers begin to germinate.Novice gardeners do not always know what to do in this case.

What to do if potatoes have long sprouts?

The reasons for the germination of tubers

First you need to understand why seed potatoes are so early sprouts. Causes may be different.

  1. Wrong storage conditions. So that the potatoes do not spoil and germinate, it needs to be stored in a cool basement or cellar. The air temperature in the room should be within 3-4 degrees of heat. It is also important that there was a very good ventilation. In such conditions, tubers will be perfectly stored and awakened only by the landing time.

  2. Warm winter. If winter weather is warm, the temperature indoors quickly rises. Because of this, sprouts, which are very quickly stretched on the surface of the potatoes. They remain thin and white due to lack of light.

  3. Potato storage in bright room. In such conditions, the sprouts even at normal temperatures begin to stretch and thread. If there is no possibility to put the tubers in the room without windows, they should be stored in packages or bags.

  4. Improper neighborhood. After harvesting, many gardeners do not think about where tubers will be kept. In the spring, some may have problems because of this. So that this does not happen, potatoes should be stored separately from garlic and bow. After all, the neighborhood with them contributes to the accelerated growth of young shoots.

What to do if potatoes have long sprouts?

To slow down the growth of shoots on potatoes in the spring, for one or two weeks before landing it is worth bringing to the light. Tubers are also recommended daily spray with warm water from an ordinary spray gun.

If the landing for some reason is postponed for several weeks, slow down the expansion period of sprouts can be several ways.

  1. Treatment of seed material. Best for this is suitable for the drug called “Spraut-Stop”. Potato treatment with this drug allows you to slow down the process of accumulation of sugars in tubers. For this reason, tubers do not germinate too early.

  2. Use of herbs or essential oils. Bags or packs with potatoes can be put on beams of mint, rosemary or lavender. Instead of herbs, you can use and pieces of fabrics impregnated with essential oils of these plants. They also help slow the growing potato germination.

  3. Spraying with tuber with copper sulfate. For its preparation in 10 liters of water, 2 grams of product are bred. Processing tubers need carefully. There should not accumulate moisture on their surface.

What to do if potatoes have long sprouts?

If you do everything correctly, the process of “wake-up” of the eyes can be shorted to postpone.

Is it necessary to overtake the sprouts in severe potatoes?

For landing in the soil, it is recommended to use well sprouted potatoes. The length of the sprouts should be within a few centimeters.

What to do if potatoes have long sprouts?

In this case, it is impossible to allow the sprouts to be too long. Therefore, from time to time, tubers need to inspect. If sprouts appear on them before February, they must be neatly peeling.

In the second half of March and in April, it is impossible to do this. Such a procedure can harm potatoes and slow down its growth. Due to exhaustion and stress, the process of forming young tubers will slow down. Vintage this year will be bad.

What to do if potatoes have long sprouts?

Therefore, potatoes need to plant in the soil, without having young sprouts before it. This method of landing has its advantages.

  1. Plants are faster formed young tubers. Properly planted potatoes will grow even before the heat.

  2. The yield of potatoes is rising. This is due to the fact that the first sprout of each eye is the most productive.

  3. Bushes grow more powerful. This means that the potatoes are less likely and does not suffer so much from the heat.

What to do if potatoes have long sprouts?

The lack of him is one, but rather significant. Long sprout potatoes can not land with potatoes.

Technology landing

Potatoes with long white sprouts to plant need correctly. The process of disembarking clubs is as follows.

  1. Potatoes before landing need to get from the cellar and inspect. Optimal length of sprouted shoots – 10 centimeters. If they rose to 15-20 cm, their edges should be neatly shorten by scissors or a sharp knife. Do it need it directly on the day of the panato landing. After this procedure, the landing material needs to be disinfected. As a rule, it is sprinkled with dry wood ash or placed in a container with a solution “Phytosporin”. Pure ashes fall asleep in the landing well. If the soil on the site is poor, when planting potatoes in the trenches, you can also put a novophosku.

  2. Potato rows should be at a fairly long distance from each other. The optimal width of the rod – 60 centimeters. Many gardeners prefer to do the furrows in advance. In this case, the earth will have better warmer.

  3. Prepared potatoes are laid out into the grooves at a distance of 10-15 centimeters. Sprouts are trying not to suffer. So that they are not confused, they are recommended to gently straighten along the trench. At the same time, some gardeners come around. Shoots they gently wrap the tuber. In this form, it is much easier to plant. It is worth remembering that one groove is not recommended to place tubers with very long sprouts and not sprouted potatoes at all. They develop differently. And therefore, because of this landing, the bushes that will grow first will interfere with their neighbors to develop normally.

  4. After landing, the grooves neatly fall asleep. No longer need it. It can also harm the fragile shoots.

What to do if potatoes have long sprouts?

What to do if potatoes have long sprouts?

Potato landing time with large sprouts depends on the peculiarities of the local climate. Experienced gardeners recommend planting sprouted tubers after spring frosts will finally leave, and the soil warms well. Potatoes with thick and long sprouts is very fast.

Summing up, we can say that the appearance of long white sprouts on the tubers is a normal phenomenon. If there is an opportunity, these shoots are better not to touch. But if the seed material is too much, the sprouts should be shortened, so as not to spend time on the laying of tubers in the trench.

What to do if potatoes have long sprouts?

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