What to bother strawberries to be sweet?

One of the most beloved all berries is strawberry. Sweet, fragrant, juicy – already from the middle of spring it appears on the shelves. But you can not always try the smallest and tasty strawberry. Often the berry grows water and has a sour. There are many ways to which you can grow sweet and fragrant berry. One of them is feeding. About the features of the feeding and their species will be speech today.


Many gardeners and gardeners note that even from the most productive and hybrid varieties of homemakers Sadovo are not always possible to obtain the expected result. Without regular feeding and careful care of plants to wait for a good crop. Berries grow small, not juicy, have defects. To correct these shortcomings, it is necessary to make fertilizers. Not enough to feed the bushes of strawberries only in spring and autumn, the culture feeding is carried out and before tying the berries, their ripening.

There is a scheme for making fertilizers for strawberries.

  • The first feeder is made at the beginning of spring, after melting of snow. During this period, urea.
  • Later, undercase plants at the end of May and in June. This is the time to introduce nitrogen, potash and phosphoric compositions, iodine mortar.
  • The last time feels like the plants after the collection of the last harvest.

Besides, Additional feeding in the period of fruiting. This will get a large and sweet strawberry. It is at this time that potassium and phosphorus are needed by plants. The use of potassium will speed up the growth and development of berries, improve their taste. The presence of phosphorus helps strawberries to rapp. The use of other trace elements allows you to increase the yield of this culture.

It should be remembered that During fruiting, it is necessary to eliminate the compositions with chemical components, leaving the organic. Mineral additives can be used immediately after flowering when zerovy is formed.

With caution, nitrogenous fertilizers should be made, so as not to get intensive buildup of bushes instead of ripening of full fruit. So, Many varieties begin to produce new shoots and powerful leaves, forgetting about berries.

It is necessary to make feeding with the milking fruits, their deformation and bad ripening.

Although the congenital weather is directly affected by the ripening of fruits, fertilizer will become an additional factor that allows you to get a good collection of sweet berries.

Root feeding

Root feeding of strawberries should be held in the spring and autumn periods, combining it with cropping leaves, mustache, processing bed. You can enter fertilizers in a dry form, scattering them on the surface of the garden, and then produce the soil and watering it. Water feeding with solutions, which are much faster absorbed into the soil and pass directly to the roots of culture.

For the sweetness of berries, many experts recommend using root feeders with the addition of boric acid:

  • It is necessary to dissolve a little boric acid (pinch) in a bucket of water, adding mangartee (a couple of crystalline);
  • This solution is produced by watering the root bushes – on 1 bush, about 300 ml of the prepared solution are needed;
  • Processing is carried out before the start of flowering of bushes, in May.

By adding a solution of 200 g of wood ash as described above, it is possible to obtain a beautiful fertilizer that can strengthen the bushes themselves and contribute to the development of full-fledged large and sweet fruits without defects.

Watered the resulting mixture once, bringing the root.

Extra-green subcords

For extractive feeding, it is recommended to use a solution with a concentration, weaker than twice, rather than to enter the root. So that the berry is sweet, you should bother with strawberries with a mixture of necessary trace elements. Conduct a similar procedure recommended in the period of pouring fruits, their ripening.

To enrich the soil, many gardeners growing on the strawberry plot use the drug “Gum” or “Biohumus”. The use of biologically active additives will significantly strengthen the plants.

The replacement of stores can be organic fertilizers. So, the use of the aforementioned boric acid has proven well. Application of the drug during flowering helps:

  • Education in the bushes;
  • strengthening flowers – they will not turn due to severe wind or the sun;
  • Plants become more resistant to mildew, phytoofluorosis.

The main advantage of such treatment is the change in the structure of the berry. She stops being water and becomes sweet.

There are several recipes with boric acid, allowing to get a juicy and sweet berry.

To prepare a solution, it is necessary to take a boric acid in the amount of 10 grams and dissolve it in a bucket (10 l) slightly heated water. Spraying with water with boric acid produced during flowering bushes, pouring berries. It is advisable to spend 3 processing within a month.

During the ripening of the harvest, the bushes are better handled with special compositions. This will allow the fruits to become more juicy and sweet.

To make a means for spraying bushes with a ripening berry, you need to take:

  • Water – 1 liter;
  • Manganese – 2 g;
  • Boric acid – 1 g;
  • Potassium sulphate – 2 g.

You can also use other fertilizer:

  • 1 l of water;
  • 0.3 g of boric acid;
  • 1 teaspoon of wood ash;
  • 2 g of urea.

What to bother strawberries to be sweet, look in the video below.

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