What is terry and how to grow a tree?

Territory is a rather unusual fruit tree. As it is clear from the title, it is a hybrid of turning and plum. The plant is hardy enough, so grow it on my site is easy.

What is terry and how to grow a tree?

What is terry and how to grow a tree?

general description

For a long time, this plant was considered a variety of Turran. His fruits differ from the usual drains only with a sweeter. Branches of shrub grow in a height of up to 3-4 meters. Cover their small elongated leaves. Spring bush decorate blonde flowers, and then the plant looks very beautiful.

Dark major berries appear in the tree of fruiting on the tree. Inside each such fetus there is a bone. The berries themselves are delicious, but quite tart. Features of the taste of berries depend on how early they were torn. The longer the fruits are voluntary, the fasten their taste.

Ternovka has many positive features that she inherited from plum and turning.

  1. Fertility. Trapet fruits appear on a tree at the end of the summer. Collect them usually in the fall. Tasty berries can exert on the tree until the onset of frost. It will only improve their taste.
  2. Frost resistance. Ternovka is distinguished by frost resistance. Therefore, it can be calmly grown even in the cold regions of the country. The plant can withstand sharp drops of temperature, as well as restored after frostbite root system.
  3. Resistance to drought. The heat thorns are also not afraid. In additional care in dry weather, it does not need. The surface of the trunk is not amazed by the Sun and not covered by cracks.

In general, terribly is a very strong and hardy plant that can grow even in the most unsuitable conditions. Shrub is very quickly growing and already in the early years after disembarking pleases the owners of the site with excellent harvest.

What is terry and how to grow a tree?

Deciding to land in its plot, it is worth choosing the most suitable grade. The most popular are the following varieties of thorns plum.

  1. “Burluk”. This grade of the Territory is considered one of the most yields. His fruits ripen in September. Berries growing on the branches of the bush, dark and large. The plant itself perfectly carries out in the garden. It feels well in the sun, and in the shadow.
  2. “Large”. As it is clear from the title, the main difference of this variety is large fruits. From one bush a good gardener can collect about 30 kg of harvest. Barodes are usually assembled at the very beginning of autumn.
  3. “Uzbek”. This grade of ternisle is fruitful throughout September. Berries have a rich dark purple color. The taste of them is pleasant, not too tart.
  4. “Large-rooted early”. The main difference of this variety is that bushes begin to be fron enough early. Delicious berries can be collected from them at the end of August. At the same time, the plant is not distinguished by high yield. Such a thorn is great for growing in the suburbs.
  5. “Autumn”. This thorn grade is late. On the bushes are growing stretched in the length of berries with dark skin and juicy flesh of green. To enjoy delicious fruits, they should be collected in the second half of autumn.
  6. Solyanovsky. This is one of the best hybrids. Garden thorns resistant to frost and drought. Shrub perfectly fruit. The collected berries are distinguished by a pleasant taste with light tarts notes.
  7. “Ultra-car”. The low bush is good fruit and does not need special care. Berries appear on it very early. Almost immediately they begin to darken. Get to assembling the crop need when they will become almost black. At this time, the berries will already be delicious and soft.

In one site, you can land not alone, but several different grades of thermal.

What is terry and how to grow a tree?


So that young seedlings fit on the site, they need to put it right. The process of landing the ternchers consists of the following steps.

  1. First you need to prepare a plot. It is necessary to dig one or more nuclear fifumes. The distance between them should be within 5 meters.
  2. 5 kilograms of humoring should be poured into every pit, as well as add a glass of dry wood ash. Additionally, you can pour a small amount of mineral fertilizers. Usually, gardeners are added to each pit 40 grams of potassium sulfate, as well as 100 grams of superphosphate.
  3. Next to the pit is poured a small amount of land. It must be filled with half. If you do everything right, the roots of the seedling will not touch fertilizers.
  4. Young plants need to be immersed in prepared pits. Roots need to accurately straighten and then fall asleep the earth. The soil around the trunk is needed well.
  5. Next, the young plant should be poured. Around the trunk is recommended to lay a dense layer of mulch. This will help keep moisture in the soil, as well as protect the plant from weeds.

After landing the crown of a young seedling, it is necessary to cut immediately. His height according to the result should not exceed 80 centimeters.

What is terry and how to grow a tree?

What is terry and how to grow a tree?

Nuances of care

Territory is a rather unpretentious plant. Therefore, in special care it does not need. In the process of growing shrubs, it is worth remembering the following procedures.


Since when planting a tree, the soil feels abundantly, in the early years of life, the thorns does not need additional feeding. For the first time fertilizers in the soil are brought only on the third year of the bush.

In the future, the plants are steadily feeding once a year. Usually this procedure is carried out in the middle of autumn. For feeding thorns used overwhelmed manure.

Before making fertilizers, gardeners are always well drunk the soil, and also remove all weeds from the site. After completing this procedure, the soil next to the trunk is mounted with dry straw, wood sawdust or old foliage.

What is terry and how to grow a tree?


In the first few months after planting plants, it is necessary to water. As a rule, this is done once or two per week. The frequency of irrigation depends on the characteristics of the climate. If the soil remains wet after the rain, it is not worthwhile to water it.

Territory is distinguished by resistance to drought, so it is not necessary to water it too often. Lady drought will not be able to harm the young plant.

What is terry and how to grow a tree?


Like many other plants in the garden, thorry needed in timely pruning. This procedure helps prevent severe shoots. So the shrub is good fruit, and its berries are comfortable to tear off the branches in the fall.

Crop the plant is recommended three times per year. For the first time, all extra branches are removed from the bush at the end of March. Then the plant is cut into late June and autumn. There are several varieties of this procedure.

  1. Sanitary. In the process of trimming, all dried or damaged branches are removed. It helps to improve the tree, as well as extend the life of his life. So that the plant is better fruited next season, some of its branches need to further shorten.
  2. Thinning. It is worth conducting this procedure if the branches of the plant hinder each other much. At this time, most of the shoots are removed. At this stage, gardeners leave only 4-5 main branches. Such trimming allows you to significantly increase the yield of the bush.
  3. Formative. This procedure is carried out in the first years after landing. Proper trimming allows you to make it more accurate.

It is worth remembering that the thorny is very quickly restored after trimming. Therefore, gardeners may not be afraid to remove excess vegetation from the bush.

What is terry and how to grow a tree?


Ternovka is a winter-hardy plant, so it is not afraid of cold. The danger to the plant is not frost, but rodents who damage the bark of trees. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the rubish.

The trunk of the bush usually wraps with a dense layer of agrofibular or covered with rubberoid.

What is terry and how to grow a tree?


Now there are several ways to breed the ternor. The most popular are two main methods.

  1. Reproduction of seedlings. Most often, gardeners use young root pigs for breeding. Strong shoots digging in advance. You can do it as fall and spring. Dugged seedlings carefully examine. If they have a well-developed root system, they are immediately transplanted to a new place. Otherwise, the process is neatly cut off, and then placed for several months in nutrient soil.
  2. By grafting. First of all, it is necessary to choose a plant to which you can instill a thorns. Winter-resistant plums or cherries can be used as a dull. Push the grain case on the same principle as other fruit trees. This method of breeding the plant is excellent for rare varieties.

There is also a method of breeding a shrub seeds, but it is quite complex and time consuming, therefore it does not use much popular among gardeners.

What is terry and how to grow a tree?

What is terry and how to grow a tree?

Diseases and pests

Territory is not afraid of most common diseases and pests. However there are diseases that gardeners should be feared.

  • Fruit. The main signs of this disease – a layer of rot on the fruits, as well as the fading of young shoots. Noticing that the plant is infected, it must be treated with iron or copper vitriol.

What is terry and how to grow a tree?

  • Plum pockets. This fungal disease is also quite common. Fruits on an infected village increase and deform. In some cases, bones are not formed inside. There are no ways to treat this disease. Only timely prevention can help novice gardeners. So that the plant does not hurt, it needs to be processed by a burgue mixture. Used this means to protect the tree twice a year. For the first time, it is sprayed in the period of her flowering. The second time the procedure is carried out during the ripening of berries.

What is terry and how to grow a tree?

  • Dwarf. The diseased plant is deformed, and the fruits are significantly reduced in the amount of. The disease is practically not treated. So infected trees have to be deleted from the site. In order for the disease in the future, the entire garden tool after use is carefully disinfected, and branches and leaves are burned.

What is terry and how to grow a tree?

If you do everything right, it will not be sick in spring or summer.

Harvesting and storage

Collect the fruit recommended after their full maturation. Harvest time depends on climate features, as well as plant varieties.

Most gardeners prefer to keep berries for the winter. Stopping Recommended in Boxes or Convenient Containers. They should not be too big. As a rule, berries are laid in the box with two layers. Fruits that are going to storage should be slightly unricking. In this case, they will be stored much longer. Cheerful boxes can be placed in a cold room or cellar. There they will be able to be stored for several months.

Berries that plan to recycle, it is worth collecting after they become soft and juicy. They can be dried, preserve or freeze. After processing the berry, their storage is significantly increased.

Territory is a great version of the plant for a small area or a large garden. It does not need special care and regularly delights its owners with delicious berries. You can even grow thorish on your site even novice gardeners.

What is terry and how to grow a tree?

What is terry and how to grow a tree?

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