What is sapropel and how to use it?

Almost all gardeners are aware of the benefits of organic type fertilizers, about their advantages compared to chemical. Regardless of the scale of the site and the level of knowledge of agronomy, it is necessary to deal with the main fake. Sapropel consider one of the most useful substances that can improve the soil, improve the quality and amount of crop or decorative flora. The main thing is to know the features of the use of this substance, its main qualities, benefit and possible harm to plants.

What is sapropel and how to use it?

What it is?

First of all, the fertilizer of sapropel is the deposition of a multi-layer type, which accumulates in the reservoirs of a fresh species. It is formed at the bottom after dying the diverse river and lake flora, fauna, soil. Sapropel properties are unique due to its natural composition. In fact, these are overloading substances of organisms, plants, all freshwater plankton. It is used as fertilizer for different types of soil.

Looks like a sapropel as a powdered substance of black color, visually it is similar to chopped ash. Form sale fertilizer can be different – from pasty to tablet. The huge advantage of this substance is the ecological cleanliness, safety and weight of organic unique connections. The maximally valuable compound is the organizing agent extracted from a depth of more than 2 meters. Flowing water does not allow for these compounds, most often sapropel can be found in the lake.

It is important to know the differences of sapropel from the usual il, because their composition is absolutely different, in the last organic compounds less than 15%. Thus, value is significantly reduced. Whereas in the sapropel organic can be up to 80%. Outwardly, these substances are different – Il with clay impurities, SIZY, smell like a word. Sapropel jelly-, oil- or creamy on consistency. Just the proceeded soil extracted from the swamp will also do not benefit, as it contains a lot of useless or harmful substances – iron, methane, hydrogen sulfide, toxic elements.

In the original form, the sapropel lumps are also not useful, it is important to correctly process it in order to achieve maximum benefit.

What is sapropel and how to use it?

Correctly processed fertilizer can enrich the soil with such substances:

  • potassium;
  • sodium;
  • phosphorus;
  • amino acids;
  • enzymes of various types;
  • vitamins;
  • Humic acids.

The main use of sapropel:

  • allows you to stimulate the growth of almost any flora;
  • deliverance of soil from infectious organisms, fungus;
  • breaking the composition;
  • Increased fertility even the poor in the composition of the lands;
  • Processed soils are perfectly held by water, and therefore they do not need to be able to moisturize;
  • The yield of fruit and berry plants increases;
  • Root system is strengthened.

What is sapropel and how to use it?

What is sapropel and how to use it?

How to get your own hands?

Fertilizer for the garden and garden can be bought in any specialized store, but you can get on your own. For this, the water is continued, standing, with an oxygen access restriction. Mining is carried out of the pond, lake. The Sapropel deposit is formed long decades. The most important thing is to distinguish the fertilizer from.

To prepare the substance, choose the time period from August to early September. It is during this period that water retreats and its level decreases. For mining suitable deposits that are not near the tracks, highway, industrial enterprises. So you can reduce the risk of fertilizer of harmful substances. Producing the body is quite simple manually by shovel.

In addition to the toolkit, take care of the capacity of sufficient volume and transport for transportation. Sapropel is digging, dried to a powder state. This is a mandatory procedure, otherwise the fertilizer simply rotates, and all unique properties will be lost. Optimally not only to dry the substance, but also pretty.

To moisture glass to the maximum, use tanks with a cured bottom and periodically sift the fertilizer with a sieve.

What is sapropel and how to use it?


In specialized stores you can meet the fertilizer of several types of marking:

  • A – universal type, which can be used for all soils, regardless of the composition;
  • B – suitable for soils that need to reduce acidity;
  • B – optimal for neutral composition of soil and low-alkaline soil.

According to the composition

Sapropel soil is different primarily in its component composition, the level of beneficial substances in different kinds – different. The chemical composition depends in many respects from the level on which production was carried out. The lake sapropel may be the following types:

  • Mineralized – grayish, with the highest concentration of beneficial substances – about 85%;
  • mineralized with a organic – grayish, the concentration of beneficial components – above 50%;
  • Organic with minerals – black, concentration of nutrients – up to 50%;
  • Clean organic – black with a level of useful substances up to 30%.

Depending on where fertilizer was produced from, its composition may differ, the sapropel may be the following types:

  • silica;
  • glandular;
  • organic;
  • Carbonate.

What is sapropel and how to use it?

By type processing

According to this criterion, sapropel can be divided into such types:

  • granulated;
  • bulk in bags;
  • liquid;
  • In the form of pasta.

Easier and most convenient to acquire fertilizer in granules or a bulk form. Such options are optimal for large sites, they are often acquired for industrial use. Pasta and liquid substance are most often used when culture of cultivation changes.

What is sapropel and how to use it?

How to apply?

Application of sapropel on the nursery area is possible at any period of development of the flora. Use feeding on the garden plot in different ways. To improve clay soil, it is necessary to distribute the fertilizer in the spring throughout the perimeter of the soil according to the following instructions: 3 liters of feeding to 1 meter to a depth of 10-12 cm. In fact, this procedure will be equal to the soil renewal.

If we are not talking about overall recovery, but about point, it is necessary to take into account the features of each Flora representative.

What is sapropel and how to use it?

For vegetables

Sapropel is successfully used for the formation of seedlings, in a greenhouse, in the garden in the open soil. If you use feeding correctly, it is quite realistic to increase the yield of tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and other crops one and a half times. To improve the quality and increase the crop of potatoes, the material is poured before the landing procedure. Number of fertilizer per 1 kV.M varies from 3 to 6 liters. You can combine sapropel with manure, laying them in layers. The proportions of manure and biogenic substance – 1 to 2.

If you plan to use fertilizer for seeds, which are sown without seedlings, then it is necessary to switch the soil by 10 cm, after adding the sapropel in the amount of 3 l per 1 kV.M. This will increase the fertile properties of the Earth for at least three years. Seeds in seedlings should be dried in a mixture of earth and sapropel. For each plant, most importantly, it is important to comply with its norms:

  • For cucumbers and zucchini soil, sand, sapropel are connected in proportions – 6: 4: 3;
  • For tomatoes, peppers, eggplants – 7: 2: 1;
  • for cabbage, salads, spices – 2 4: 3.

What is sapropel and how to use it?

For strawberries

These berries require the preparation of land in the fall, the sapropel is added to the ground based on the indicators from 2 to 8 liters per 1 kV.M. This will improve the structure of the Earth, increase the number of berries for the next season.

What is sapropel and how to use it?

For flowers

Another successful scope of applying fertilizer – flower beds, decorative cultures. Strengthening the root system, improving the strings of buds, flowering duration – organic material perfectly helps. To feed the already planted roses can be divorced with water with a solution. This can be done once a season, if necessary, the number of procedures increases to three.

You can process the soil in early September to destroy fungus, mold and harmful microorganisms. In the spring, the procedure is repeated to secure the result. As a result, the stalk of the plant becomes stronger, massive, flowering lasts longer and is more active.

What is sapropel and how to use it?

For indoor plants

If you prefer a home garden, sapropel will be useful in this area. The need for it especially increases when replanting home vegetation. The use of fertilizer allows preventing various diseases, increases the immunity of representatives of the flora, makes flowers heavier, strong. To get high-quality soil, connect 1 part of the sapropel and 3.5 parts of the soil.

What is sapropel and how to use it?

For fruit and berry crops

Relatively mulching of trees and shrubs bringing fruit – Effective feeding procedure. To raise fruit-berry performance, pour sapropel in a circle near the barrel:

  • For the trees, the layer is 6 cm;
  • for shrubs – 3 cm.

After the procedure, it is necessary to loosen and moisturizing, the number of feeding for season 1 – 3. When landing new seedlings also use fertilizer, it helps to take care and increase immunity. Enter into the pit for landing 4 parts of the Earth and 1 part of Sapropel. Already in the first year of fruiting culture will give much more harvest.

What is sapropel and how to use it?

Possible errors when using

In order to benefit your site, not harm the soil and achieve a really good effect, you need to know about the rules of application of sapropel. Unfortunately, the unique properties of this fertilizer can be completely level, if applied illiterately. To this not happen, do not commit the following errors, very typical for inexperienced gardeners.

  • In no case do not exclude other feeders and fertilizer substances, In the only number of sapropel will not be able to improve the soil. Optimally use the complex.
  • Do not increase the number of procedures more than specified in the instructions. Fertilizer properties are preserved for a long time, sometimes just once every 5 years to repeat the improvement event.
  • If you connect substances in incorrect proportions, there will be little senilization. Consider the features of cultures, they all require an individual approach.

If the use of sapropel did not benefit, it is necessary to revise the general principle of fabrication of plants and soil rehabilitation. Check if there were disorders when compiling mixtures and procedures.

What is sapropel and how to use it?

About what sapropel is and how to use it correctly, look in the following video.

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