What is Padalitsa apples and what to do with them?

In the garden or in the country site, often under the trees you can see fallen apples that call Padalitsa. They begin to fall when ripening, with strong winds and bad weather, with diseases. Blowing about the Earth, many fruits may be damaged that negatively affects their storage. Apples without special damage and rotes can be sent for processing, use fresh in food. Many gardeners do not always know what to do with fallen fruits, and is it possible to leave the Padalitsa under the trees. And they also have questions about the use of such fruits as an organic fertilizer. This article will dismantle these issues.

What is Padalitsa apples and what to do with them?

What it is?

Fruits from the tree are not quite suitable for long-term storage. When falling, they may be damaged, crack, reveal, which affects their appearance and safety. Very fast fruit begin to refuse and become unsuitable for food.

It should be understood that there are Padalitsa apples, how to dispose of the fruits where you have fallen and rotten fruits, how to treat surviving fruits.

Gardeners recommend using fallen fruits:

  • for organic fertilizer;

  • in the form of feed for agricultural animals;

  • For eating fresh form;

  • for canning and billets of vitamin compotes, vinegar, cider, pastes, jams and other billets.

What is Padalitsa apples and what to do with them?

To reduce the fallout of the fruit, it is necessary to carry out timely trimming of trees, feed them. It is important to regular crown branches – Although it may affect the amount of harvest, but such procedures will have a beneficial effect on the quality of fruits.

The lack of nutrients can directly affect the quality of fruits, so the trees begin to throw off the marrow. Feeding fruit trees will reduce the late late fetus.

Fit fruit can when various diseases appear, with moniliosis and rot. Timely spraying of trees will help protect plants from fungal infection, will give the opportunity to get a better harvest.

Apples can start abundantly due to damage to their fruit. From such fruits, the plant begins to get rid of independently. Conduct with fruit will allow timely events capable of protecting insect pests.

What is Padalitsa apples and what to do with them?

Can I leave under the apple tree?

Leave fallen fruits under the apple trees undesirable, they should be collected.

These are the main reasons for the collection of fallen crop.

  • Fruits may be infected, resulting in infection of other fruits and the tree itself in general.

  • Fallen apples because of the attacks of fruit can cause the return of these malicious insects to further “tasting” fruits.

  • Apples, damaged when falling, quickly begin to become sources of infections and diseases.

Taking into account all these factors, the collection of Padalitsa is important to spend timely.

What is Padalitsa apples and what to do with them?

Can Padalitsa be put in compost?

Many gardeners do not know whether the rotten fruits are added to the compost, where to give them, and how to lay fallen apples in a compost pit. The fruit collected from under apple trees can be used as a fertilizer, they will become an excellent component for the organic. Thanks to the rapidly decomposing Padalice, compost maturation will accelerate.

To get organic fertilizer, you need to perform certain actions.

  • Prepare a suitable plastic container, wood. Suitable for this and the usual dummy pit.

  • Put the branches, straw.

  • Suitable fruit in the garden without traces of defeat. Grind them.

  • Shiver them by stirring with grass, tops and leaves. It is necessary to mix the ground with the ground, alternating the ground with a mixture in proportion 1: 5.

  • The resulting compost cover the film.

What is Padalitsa apples and what to do with them?

From time to time it should be mixed with compost and water it. In case of ammonia smell, a torn paper or cardboard is added to the compost yam. Accelerate maturation will allow the use of “radiance” or “unique with”.

Non-conventional fruits can also be thrown into a compost bunch, using the ash or dolomite flour to neutralize increased acidity.

Installing damaged fruits, or placing apples to the compost pit with signs of rot, you can use fertilizer not earlier than three years.

What is Padalitsa apples and what to do with them?

How to use as fertilizer?

Apples, fallen from a tree in the country or plot, can become an excellent organic fertilizer for other crops. The fruits contain a large number of useful trace elements capable of enriching the soil. Improving the fertility and groundingness of the soil will lead to an increase in the yield of the garden.

As feeding Padalitsa is used:

  • With direct laying it into the ground;

  • as one of the components of parts for compost;

  • for liquid feeding.

What is Padalitsa apples and what to do with them?

Falling fruits can be separately folded, then make fertilizer from them, or just bury on the site. So that fruit flies appear in this place, the land falls asleep.

Since the apple is considered an acidic product, it can lead to a change in the acidity of the soil. To reduce it, it is necessary to add chalk or dolomite flour into a trench with fallen apples, scattering for 1 kV. meter 200 grams of dry matter.

In addition, a mixture of soda, lime and ash is added to neutralize the crushed Padalitsa.

What is Padalitsa apples and what to do with them?

For fruit trees

Many gardeners prefer to fertilize trees and shrubs with organic components. Used for fruit trees in the garden and fallen apples. To get organic fertilizer from fallen fruit, you need to know how to recycle them.

For high-quality product use suitable fruits. In order not to provoke the appearance of diseases in plants, patients with fruit, worm, and those who have already appeared rot, discard. The selected high-quality apples crushed. It is convenient to make a shovel or hoe.

Mass are burying near the tree at a depth of about 15 cm, retreating from the barrel at least 10 cm.

What is Padalitsa apples and what to do with them?

For berry shrubs

Favorites from Padalitsa for most shrubs. Her bushes of gooseberry, currant plantations react well, can also be made fertilizer and raspberry.

To bookmark:

  • Along the rows they do the grooves, or make a trench around the bush;

  • fall asleep in the grooves already prepared crushed fruits;

  • Cover the layer of land mixed with humus, thickening about 15 cm and more.

Such a mound will protect the zone from the OS attack, will not attract flies. On top of the embankment, you can put the sawdust, bark, or climb grass.

What is Padalitsa apples and what to do with them?

For other plants

Most of the plants, including decorative, will be responsive to the Organics from Padalitsa. These include Kalina, Ryabina, Hawthorn, as well as Magnolia and Rhododendron. And also well react to such feeding coniferous trees and shrubs.

To enrich the soil, use a special mixture consisting of crushed apples mixed with chicken litter. Alien and ash add to mass. Make such fertilizer in autumn. Spring in this place it is advisable to plant cucumbers and tomatoes, zucchini and pumpkin.

What is Padalitsa apples and what to do with them?

Installing in a garden

As for direct feeding, which are made directly to the ground, then the Padalitsa not affected by diseases. Such fruits can be buried to the ground in the garden plot or garden.

For the application you need:

  • make the grooves on a small depth;

  • Grind fruit using a shovel or ax;

  • shift the mixture into the groove, adding a riveted greens, leaves, mulch;

  • mix ground with soil.

Experienced gardeners recommend fruit to bury in beds, having previously dug a trench, a depth of 20-50 cm.

It is necessary to leave up to 15 cm of the Earth above the layer, given that the spring ground will settle.

What is Padalitsa apples and what to do with them?

The use of the Trihodermin biological preparation will be a good option. To increase the action of them will help making urea. The remedy can be scattered or pour between layers of crushed apples. In addition, Padalitsa recommend processing before bookmarking copper vigor. For the preparation of the solution take a glass of copper sulfate by 8-10 liters of water. It is desirable to add urea with liquid (3-4 st. l). Fruits shed the resulting solution.

In the fall, it is necessary to remove all apples from under the trees, this will allow you to leave the garden healthy, without foci of infection.

What is Padalitsa apples and what to do with them?

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