What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

Mountain onion Anzur is divided into many subspecies. This is an interesting plant that attracts attention to violet spherical inflorescences. The plant is attractive, therapeutic, suitable for admission to food. The article will talk about how to properly grow onion ansur.

general description

Mountain leek Anzur is the only representative of the onion family, whose growth can reach an impressive mark of 1.5 meters. This original plant allocates not very pleasant smell. The decorativeness of the onions in question give flowers in the form of lush balls. Many minerals, vitamins of various groups, saponins are present in Luke Anzra. One bully on average reaches sizes from 6 to 10 cm.

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

Luk-Anzur wears another name – onion Suvorov. Most often, he meets in the mountainous locations of Central and Central Asia. In the people, the plant is still called onion with a stem, highest or gigantic – all these plants are subspecies of decorative onion-anzra.

If we compare and other fonts of the onion regarding the content of vitamin C, it is contained in more impressive volumes in the young leaves of Luke Suvorov. Moreover, in the considered attractive vegetable there are special salts that affect the human body as well as ginseng.

The healing effect rendered by Luku Anzur was noticed in the Middle Ages. Then this plant was valued for the ability to prevent such a serious illness as glaucoma. Luk-Anzur used to increase visual acuity, get rid of annoying headaches. The beneficial properties of this well-known uniform product are actively involved to this day.

Today, many people resort to the consumption of the natural product under consideration to strengthen the immune system, increase the total tone of the body, to stimulate the activity of the brain.

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?


As mentioned above, there are several subspecies of Luke Anzra. Each of them has its own features of a decorative type and structure.


Beautiful plant having an oval bulb. In diameter it can be from 4 to 6 cm. The bulb is located in a gray-brown shell split into separate fibers. The stem of this plant can reach 1.5-2 meters in height, has a foliage of a sidewood shade. The width of the leaves is usually no more than 10 cm. The inflorescences of the giant bows are dense, round, in diameter can reach 12 cm. Plant flowers themselves grow up or white, or purple-violet.

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?


Very attractive decorative appearance. Has an oval bulb. In diameter, this element usually reaches 6 cm, is in a specific paper sheath. The height of the stem, as a rule, is 180 cm or higher. Plant leaf plates grow smooth, siezovat. The width of foliage is 15 cm. Afleutunsky onion flowers attract the attention of an elegant purple tint.

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?


This popular variety, which is often grown in the suburbs, the diameter of the rounded bulb can reach 3 cm. It is located in the elongated skin of the grayish shade. Stem Suvorov Stem Most often reaches a marker in 1 m, characterized slightly ribbed structure. Foliage, as well as among the options discussed above, is distinguished by the SIZY Tint, the width is 3 cm. It blooms this spectacular bow in June.

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?


Luk-Anzur requires the correct landing procedure at the local area. First of all, the gift book needs to competently prepare the place where decorative planting will be located. It is very important to take into account a number of nuances.

  • Luk-Anzur is not allowed to have a precipitation or melting water in those zones.

  • The decorative plant is very light, therefore it is not recommended to plant it in the shaded zones.

  • Groans for Luke-Anzra need to make bulk to prevent unnecessary mooring of the soil.

  • The soil must be deeply disappeared, and also remove absolutely all weed grass.

For landing and breeding it is worth choosing only those bulbs who have no slight damage or defects, traces of rot.

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

Before the direct planting, the teeth surely be signed so that the sprouts appear as soon as possible. Besides, The planting material is treated with large-scale sand either gently caught with a knife. For scarification, a simple breaking of bulbs is suitable.

If we are talking about planting seeds, they are also preliminarily examined. Those units that have damage immediately remove, after which the quality material is soaked in a weak solution of mangalls by about 30 minutes. The soil in which plants will be planted should be fertile and well-processed. Perfectly sulace lands.

Luk-Anzur should be planted in the last days of October. Between the beds, it is necessary to withstand gaps of 30-35 cm, and between the plantations themselves – 20 cm. Optimal depth parameters depend on the size of the fractions. The large-sized components are immersed by 20 cm, average – by 12 cm, and the smallest – by 7-8 cm.

Onion seeds sow at depths of 1.5 to 2 cm. At the same time between the rows it is necessary to leave the gap 10-15 cm.

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?


After the proper landing of the onion anzur will need regular and thorough care. Neglect similar procedures in no case. It is worth noting that this plant is unpretentious, does not require complicated care for events. Luk-Anzur does not fear cold winters and unlocking the temperature of the air to -35 degrees Celsius. In winter seasons, such a landing can not be covered with special materials.

Luk-Anzur is characterized by a very short period of vegetation. If you need to increase bulbs, the arrow with inflorescences neatly cloud. All leaves that wishes are cleaned to maintain aesthetic plant species.

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?


Lined decorative plant is very important to ensure the correct and regular irrigation. Luke Anzur very badly tolerates excessive moisture. Even a light moistening for this landing turns out to be very detrimental – the bulbs quickly fall, and then die.

If there is too hot and hot weather on the yard, then the bow must be irrigated at least 1-2 times a week. In a couple of weeks before harvesting the harvest is required to stop.

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?


Like any other garden plant, Luku-Anzuru needs to introduce suitable quality fertilizers. This landing reacts perfectly on them and responds. Feed the decorative onions you need several times during the season.

  • Starting feeding must be carried out at the moment when the first shoots of the plant appear. Urea and nitrogen-containing drugs are best suited for this.

  • The second feeding is made 2-3 weeks after the formation of shoots to effectively increase the process of photosynthesis. We use a spraying of the plant with a special drug called “Ferness”.

  • After 14-20 days after the addition of secondary feeding, the land is fueled by sulphate potassium to the rolling.

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

Soil loosening and weeping

Luk-Anzur needs not only in proper fertilizer and watering, but also in thorough looser to the soil. Such processes have a serious effect on the decorative plant, so the summer house should not forget about them. Soil, in which the Luk-Anzur grows, is required to be subjected to loosening after each watering or after the past rain. And also necessarily need to remove absolutely all formed weeds, destructively affecting plants.

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

Diseases and pests

The elegant Luk-Anzur attracts many gardeners-gardeners not only with its interesting decorative species, but also resistant to most common diseases. The decorative plant under consideration is not susceptible to attacks of pests and parasites.

Due to this, the beds on which a similar appearance of onions grow, do not have to carefully treat various chemical solutions and compositions warning diseases, but capable of negatively affect the quality of the harvest.

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

Difficulties in growing

Many dacities are interested in what difficulties they may face if they decide to grow on their Luk-Anzur. Since these plants have very strong immunity to diseases, and also not subject to pest attacks, they do not cause serious problems. Landing do not suffer from infectious or bacterial ailments that can harm and the rest of the plants in close proximity.

The greatest danger from which the culture under consideration may encounter – these are rotary processes. This trouble is very easy to avoid – it’s seriously enough to irrigate. If the water exchange is not broken, then the onions-anzur will not get sick.

If the first signs of the specified problems appeared, then the plant need to dig as soon as possible. In relation to healthy landings, it is advisable to revise irrigation regimes.

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

Harvesting and storage

If the LUK-ANZUR is grown to obtain a useful and fragrant harvest, it must be extracted from the land layer immediately after the flowering period. It needs to be done before the foliage of the plant will have time to dry. If cultivation is carried out to obtain exclusively decorative inflorescences, then underground components are allowed to leave on the beds.

The storage of vegetables under consideration is carried out after their thorough dryer. It is best to dry the bulbs in simple paper bags. At the same time, the place in which they will be located must be absolutely dry and shaded.

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

Useful advice

If the summer house planned to land on his site, the mountain bow, he should use a number of useful tips and recommendations.

  • It is worth more closely to the timing of Luke landing. If you put it in the first autumn months, they will give from 4 to 6 polek. If you get a landing later, then the poles will be much smaller. Experienced agronomists recommend annually to replant the plant, but it can be done every 2-3 years.

  • If planned to plant a plant in a seed way, then it is better to choose for this period before the winter onset. Seeds “will sleep” the cold period, and then wonderful will be able to go in the spring. If we plant material in the spring, then it is pre-expedient to carry out artificial stratification for seeds.

  • Often onion anzur is used in cooking. For such purposes, young onion seedlings formed early spring are ideal for such purposes. This is a greens that can be collected in the first spring days. Often it is plugged into a variety of salads, soups and other treats. Often, such greenery complement sandwiches.

  • Luk-Anzur is preferably in small quantities to eat if a person suffers from heart disease and vessels. Allergies should also be careful about this product because it can provoke an unexpected body response.

  • In the raw form anzur. In addition, the amount of its consumption should not be too large.

  • The summer resident should always keep under control of the state of decorative and nutrient-anzura lined on the site. This can only be possible to detect the emergence of certain problems in a timely manner in order to immediately address them a productive solution.

  • Mountain plant must be fertilized only by high-quality and perfectly suitable feeding. It should not be experiments with such procedures, as it can cause very serious damage to the onions.

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

What is onion anzur and how to grow it?

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