What is Ficeophalia and how to grow it?

Not all gardeners know what Ficeophalia is, and how to grow it. Meanwhile, the cultivation of the pumpkin figullization is a very promising case. Before this, however, will have to get acquainted with the description of the plant itself and landing seeds. And it will also be necessary to deal with the collection and application of the crop.


Immediately it is worth saying that from a botanical point of view of the Fiefalius, it is a pumpkin Figoven, is a grassy liana. Such a plant is cultivated in all countries of Latin America. From there it spread to Eurasia. The exact biological origin of this species is not established.

From the usual pumpkin Fichephalia is characterized by black seeds, which are even larger than the watermelon.

The source name of culture is due to the fact that her foliage is pretty similar to the foliage of figs. These leaves are painted in a greenish blue color. Light spots are formed on their surfaces. The stalk of the five-marched form is quite solid and can grow to 20-25 m. During flowering, yellow or orange flowers are formed.

According to these flowers, special differences from the familiar pumpkin. But the number of zones is very large, sometimes reaches 70-80 pieces. Fruits are close to elongated oval. Their skin is painted in white or light green; Despite the small thickness, it is quite strong. Usually such a vegetable weighs up to 5 kg, but individual farmers managed to raise a crop weighing up to 10-20 kg.

White Ficheophali Puff. It is characterized by sweetness and juiciness. Under normal conditions, the collected fruits are preserved up to 4 years. Since the plant has originally appeared in the conditions of high mountains, then it is not bad for the terms of the Russian climate.


  • cold resistance;

  • the ability to survive powerful temperature jerks;

  • fast development;

  • excellent fecundity;

  • long bloom;

  • low susceptibility to disease (at the same time insects, including the failure, are still dangerous);

  • the need to grow on a large space;

  • Fitness as a batch for zucchini, watermelon and other types of pumpkin.

How to grow seedlings?

The need for seeding is associated with lateral development. Seeds need to sow under the glass. In the tanks there should be a universal soil for agricultural. There should be high humidity. Optimal temperature – 22 degrees.

Even before landing for seedlings, it is strongly recommended to soak seeds in warm water by 48-72 hours. It is advisable to stretch them. In the pot placed a combination of sawdust with turf and peat. To avoid damage to pests, wood ash is poured on top. The duration of cultivation of seedlings – until the appearance of the 5th present sheet (usually a month is usually); On cloudy periods recommended highlighting phytolampa.

All pumpkin extremely poorly tolerant. Therefore, as soon as shoots arise, all the proceeding seeds immediately distribute on separate tanks.

Next, for 5 days it is necessary to lower the temperature slightly (about 17 degrees). Growing for 20-25 days in containerial conditions usually grabs to prepare a plant to the main stage. It also needs to be stopped.


It is carried out in the middle or in the second half of May. Needless to wait, when the threat of frosts disappear. The wells for feedophalius should be a depth of 12 cm. Avoid damage to the roots helps transshipment. There should be a distance of 1 m between individual landing places; It is advisable to choose areas with drained, saturated nutrients of the earth.

Some farmers believe that Ficotophalia should disembark and at all at a distance of 2 m from each other. The depth of the wells will be 10 cm. References by other types and varieties of pumpkins can not be afraid. You can expect blossoms with normal weather in July. Fruits will be ready to collect approximately in August.

If during the landing come frosts not more than -3 degrees, there is no sense for the plant. Root system is quite powerful. Therefore, it is necessary to choose places with a deep location of soil water. Avoid the onset of dangerous diseases helps competent crop rotation. And also it is necessary to refuse to landing Fiefali next to potato bushes and pumpkin cultures of other types – this will eliminate the spread of pests.

It is impossible to return the plant for the plot previously busy before after 5 years. Good precursors for him are considered:

  • onion;

  • cabbage;

  • potato.

Sometimes still plant seeds directly into the ground. This is possible if it warmed up to 12-15 degrees. The planting material should then soak and germinate. Seed wells must be a depth of 3-4 cm (with a 350×350 cm arrangement scheme); they sleep ash.

From above, such a disembarking is mulched by humus; wait for germs will have about 14 days.

And yet, from the point of view of the early result, a seaside technique is preferable. One of its options implies the germination of seeds in pots for 14-20 days. Peat, turf and sawdust are placed in the pot. If there is an acidic soil, it is advisable to limit it. Water seedlings moderately.

It is necessary to keep it in this embodiment at a temperature of from 12 to 17 degrees. Before the fallout Ficoophalia, you need to feed a safe organ. The depth of the wells in this case can be only 10 cm. There are 2-meter intervals between them. On the poor, it is necessary to make fertilizers at 30 cm.

Subsequent care

For the flash pumpkin, regular watering and flashes of mulch are important. It is advisable to pour it on and regularly feed. So that the fruits are formed Better, immediately when booking, you need to discharge the side shoots. In many areas of Russia, in the last month of summer, the night is cold – and in such cases it is recommended to cover the culture of spunbond to keep the roots longer. Fruit collection time comes in autumn months; signal to it – fading foliage.

Exotic plant should be watered not only often, but also plentiful. You need to enter the organic twice for the growing season. If you do it three times – harm will not be.

Paging the side shoots helps to keep the vigorous development in length.

Harvesting and application

Fully ripe fruits are distinguished by a pronounced coloring and original pattern. They can be saved throughout the winter. Ficoophalia is suitable for:

  • salads;

  • jumped;

  • Pudding;

  • casserole;

  • pancakes;

  • jam.

Fresh harvests are used as well as zucchini. In fried and stew it is pretty good. Accelerate the development of fruits helps pinching of growth kidneys (this must be done with each of them, after which fall asleep the earth). In the last 14 days before harvesting, watering is stopped. Afraid of early autumn frosts, if only they are not excessively strong, hardly stands.

Fully ripe pumpkin is distinguished by high stealing hardness. The fruit itself will begin to die. The peel will also be stronger, and the leaves dried. Cut the fruits need a secateur, each leaves at least 5 cm of the frozen. It is necessary to ensure that no vegetable fall and did not hit something; Despite the strength, the locations of the strikes will be cleaned very quickly.

In addition to the pulp, you can apply and peel. To do this, you need exactly cut the top with a cutter. Empty pumpkin is dried. It can be a good designer element.

Very variants – Stand under a bouquet, Iquaban, lacquer coating, bowl. And it is still the most obvious things.

Review of Rising Reviews

Farmers confirm the ability of the Fiefali to carry frost. For this indicator, it is ahead of not only watermelon or melon, but also ordinary zucchini. As a result, the plant can stay longer in the ground, the fruits have time to grow and become sweeter. Unpretentiousness is also fully confirmed by reviews. However, it should be borne in mind that with a short light day and cold (less than 6 degrees) Ficoofali nights feel bad.

This culture itself requires extensive areas and impressive supports. Without these requirements, the plant will suppress other landings. In general, it is not more difficult to grow than the pumpkins of other species. It is necessary to avoid close fit of the Fiefali to other plants. She can begin to suppress them.

Abandoning the formation of culture is not worth. Without pinching shoots, she hardly gives good results. This moment is especially important in places with a short summer. The screens are distinguished by increased strength, it is not so easy to break them. On impressions, fruits resemble watermelon – and visually, and on the aroma.

Special difficulties in growing does not occur. A lot of time to spend on this culture does not have to. With minimal effort, it will delight in autumn a decent harvest. Ficcephalus is also different and excellent decorativeness. Beautifully curling liaans will decorate any plot, and especially elegantly this plant is in a period of abundant flowering.

Gastronomic impressions are not inferior to aesthetic sensations. Fichephalium pumpkin, relatively recently began to be used in Russia. But the accumulated experience characterizes her extremely positive. Recommend such a culture every gardener. Even those who do not have any significant landing experience.

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