What is a mulching film and how to use it?

To date, many dackets grow plants under special film shelter. This is a popular way that turns out to be particularly relevant if it comes to growing various early varieties, when high risk of night frosts. With the help of a film material, you can adjust the temperature and protect the landing from many negative factors. In this article we will get closer to Mulching film and understand how to use it correctly.

What it is?

Film designed specifically for mulching, This is a solid tape, which includes polyethylene. Usually in this material originally provided the necessary holes (round or cross-shaped). Thanks to the operation of a similar type of mulch, you can achieve a high yield. Film efficiency is proved for a very long time, Therefore, today, many dacms use this material on their sites. Based on its purpose, the film coating may have different sizes and characteristics. The mulching film is produced in the form of sleeves and half-shortwings collected into rolls whose width is usually from 1 to 3 meters. Thickness ranges from 30 to 200 microns.

Review of species

Mulching film is divided into several varieties. Different materials have different Characteristics and properties. Film is often used in different purposes. Consider what modern options for mulch and what are their features.


Such materials are characterized by practically Full light permeability. Due to this feature, the soil under the similar underfloor materials is heated in a short time. At the same time, the film itself is so heated slightly, so overheating of landings on the beds cannot provoke. Svetopropy mulching films for beds It makes sense to use in the spring season before planning seedlings. Before this requires the processing of soil with special substances – herbicides.

Transparent polymer coatings often involve for the cultivation of watermelons and other melting crops, so otherwise such materials are called – Bakhchyeva or watermelon. Usually, transparent polyethylene is taken for such purposes, the thickness of which is only 20-30 microns. The width is slightly more than the width values. Bach film should be different as high quality.

The coatings from the secondary material use is not recommended, because after the first season they come into disrepair, literally scattering.

Black light-proof

This is one of The most popular types Mulching film. Such matter are characterized by good performance and properties. In comparison with many other varieties of similar coatings, black transparent films often turn out to be more affordable by price. Such material has the following Benefits.

  1. Great accumulating heat. Of course, this process in the black film leaves more time than in transparent, but retention turns out to be longer.
  2. This material is characterized by 100% lightness and full protection of landings from annoying weed grass.
  3. Under such popular coating, the spread of mold occurs, even if we are talking about greenhouse conditions.
  4. Watering costs with a black light-tight film are noticeably reduced, which cannot but rejoice dachens.
  5. If you decide to take advantage of such a mulching material, you need to keep in mind that when growing plants in the greenhouse of the soil under the “deaf” black matter should not overheat. Because of this, seedlings can burn.

To prevent such negative consequences, the selected agriched is recommended to water chalk, pre-divorced in water.

Black and white

This type of mulching coating combines the advantages of the two options described above. Black and white film lay down on the beds the dark side down. White half of matter heats up slightly, but significantly increases the volume of reflected lighting, which affects the landing. The level of intensity of photosynthesis in the sheet plates may increase to 30-40%, which will certainly lead to a noticeable increase in yield.

The black bottom side of the material is responsible for saving the microclimate, comfortable for growing plants, does not allow growing and developing weed grass. Based on the listed properties of a black and white mulching film, It is advisable to resort to its use during the disembarkation of a seedliness in April, or at the beginning or middle of May. The film can be both perforated and without it. Different manufacturers offer various options.

Each dacket itself decides, how much to use it is more convenient – someone more perforated, and someone has a simple film.

Color selection

As mentioned above, the mulching films are manufactured not only transparent, but also black or black and white. Each of these options is more suitable for specific conditions.

  1. On sites that are located in the zone of moderate climate, It is advisable to use ordinary black matter, because it is best kept warm and protects landing from scratched weeds.
  2. If we are talking about more Hot regions, then it makes sense to use two-colorful black and white colors. In such conditions, it will be the best solution that will not harm plants and increase yield.
  3. There are other on sale Colored mulching films. It can be red, orange and even silver copies. It makes sense to use such coatings when the dachnik pursues the goal to disorient the pests to drive them from its site.


Little correctly choose a mulching film. She still needs to be used correctly to achieve good results on the site. Consider in detail how it is necessary to use such matters for different cultures.

For strawberries

Strawberry often grown using a mulching film. Due to her, the beds are rather warming up, while maintaining heat. For this culture often use black matter. We will understand the features of the use of film against strawberries.

  1. First need to competently prepare the soil. It is necessary to move it, get rid of weeds, add the necessary fertilizers (organic and mineral), break and align soil.
  2. Next, it is necessary to prepare the beds of the desired size. If the film is used on smooth soil, the water will flow into lower foxes, which will eventually lead to the rotting. In the high zones of bustards will suffer from lack of liquid.
  3. If there is a need for this, the drip irrigation hose should be put on the bed.
  4. Well whiten the beds, and then cover the film. Thoroughly pull the material, getting rid of the deflection. Edges Lock with earth raspers, stones or bricks.
  5. Let the beds warm up for a few days, and then plan the plants.

For potatoes

Often films for mulch use, growing potatoes. Usually, with this method of cultivation, it is quite possible to do without prior emphasis. We’ll figure it out how to strengthen this culture of mulching matter.

  1. Lay out potato tubers on the soil layer, but do not bury.
  2. Mulch sowing material with perforation films. Green stalks with sheet plates will be through the available holes.
  3. To collect a crop, the material will need to roll.

For tomatoes

Mulching film – a wonderful tool in growing vegetables. With the help of matter, tomatoes can be grown. They are allowed to lift both in the open plot and in the greenhouse. Tell me how to do it right.

  1. The place on which tomatoes grow, cleaned, align and feed, and then watered.
  2. Steel matter and smash on the garden surface, removing the folds.
  3. Secure the edges of the film.
  4. After some time, make a hole in the material, if they are not originally there. Square through them seedlings.

For cucumbers

To successfully grow cucumbers under a mulching film, the following steps will be required.

  1. Before the start of the landing, add nutrient organic and mineral fuses to the ground.
  2. Disappear, strip bed.
  3. Pit on the soil perforated agricultural and fix its edges around the perimeter.
  4. Making small gaps, do cross-like cuts on the coating. They will land seeds or prepared seedlings.

For peppers

To grow peppers using a mulching film, with the onset of the autumn season in the earthen layer it will be necessary to add:

  • compost;
  • deciduous humus;
  • manure;
  • sawdust;
  • Wood ash;
  • Lake Il.

In the spring before landing seedlings, the beds feed mineral fantasies align and loose. On the ground, the layer of laying herbs, sawdust or hay. Then proceed to mulching.

Every 30-40 cm in matter, holes are done, in which the pepper seedlings are moving.

Useful Tips and Recommendations

If you decide to take advantage of a film for mulch on your site, you It is worth taking up some useful tips and recommendations for such work.

  1. If you wanted to take advantage of the translucent material, then it is worth considering that Under it quite quickly, weedsight. Also, single-cellular algae, which intensively absorb nutritional elements in the ground. This contributes to a high level of humidity. The summer house should keep his landing under control if I decided to cover them with such material.
  2. If you live in cold climates, Using a mulching film will become an excellent solution for you. It will keep the heat of the earth. For this, black polyethylene is better suitable. With the onset of the hot season it will be possible to sprinkle with a resin or other similar material so that the soil does not overheat.
  3. When planned grow beautiful harvest for sale, The use of a mulching film will become an excellent solution.
  4. Mulching film is allowed spread on the squares of any types. It may be not only an open-air plot, but also a closed place, for example, a greenhouse.
  5. If you have on your incoming site Beautiful flower beds with roses, you can also mulch them. Black matter suit for this. It must be disguised so that perennials looked attractive. To this end, people often use chevy, sawdust, gravel and chip.
  6. To use polyethylene material, it is better recommended Cook the soil on a garden from autumn. From the site you need to remove all weeds and residues of fruiting crops. Over all beds, it is required to scatter manure and compost. Then the soil will need to sink so that the fertilizers are covered with a layer of soil.
  7. Tomatoes are recommended to be mounted exceptionally dark or black and white film. These coatings will not allow to grow harmful weed grass.
  8. Buying any selected film for work in the garden or garden, It is important to pay attention to the integrity of its packaging. It should not have damage or torn plots. Better to buy matter made by major manufacturers.
  9. Straightaway Decide with dimensions Low film. Better buy it with a small stock.

On how to plant zucchini in a mulch film, you can find out in the following video.

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