What can be planted next to the strawberry?

Planting on his strawberry plot, it is important to choose her right neighbors. Since this plant is unpretentious, it is not so difficult to do, as it seems novice gardens.

Whether compatibility is important?

Crop rotation is one of the most important agrotechnical measures. Good gardeners know that most cultures can not be planted on the same place every year. This will lead to the fact that the soil will be very poor.

When planting strawberries, it is important to choose for it not only the most suitable place, but also good neighbors. This will help increase the yield of the plant, and will also protect it from various diseases and pests.

What can be planted?

Find good neighbors for strawberries is quite simple.Near the bushes of berries It is recommended to plant the following plants.


Many gardeners on small beds with strawberries planted various greens. The best option for the site – root parsley. This plant actively scars slugs and snails. So they do not harm strawberry harvest. Protect berries from these pests will help. It takes it carefully. Plants between bushes need to be immediately removed. Very often strawberries on the plot adjacent to spinach or sheet salads. Side plant plants are usually planted in aisle. The big plus of such neighbors is that mineral substances are not taken from the soil.

In addition, care for greens is very simple. It must be constantly pouring or watered. Greens in itself growing great. Looking out in the open soil, you can and spices. Ideal neighbors for berries – basil, thyme and coriander. Their saturated aroma they scare the majority of pests. So strawberries with such neighbors grows tasty and sweet. After harvesting berries in the fall on the plot you can also sow mustard. It will help improve empty beds. In addition, next year, the site will be much less than weeds.


Useful next to strawberry beds to plant and legumes. Optimum option – beans, lentils or peas. The root system of these plants helps to make the soil more loose. Legumes are recommended to plant as close to strawberry beds. In this case, the plants will create a light shadow. So in the summer of berries will not suffer from heat.

It is worth remembering that a large number of weeds grow on a bed with strawberries and bean. Therefore, the plot will have to be regularly so. Only in this case, the berry bushes will receive all the necessary nutrients.


It is useful to plant next to strawberries and root. You need to select plants that begin to be froning at the same time as strawberry.

Near the beds, you can land radish, carrots or beets. It is not recommended to disembark these plants together. But between the rows you can arrange radish. The main thing is that he is at a short distance from the bushes.

Onion and garlic

Such a neighborhood is very profitable for strawberries. The sharp smell of these crops scares insects, which are attempted by the harvest. The onions also protects strawberries from posting. Garlic, in turn, helps to fight phytoofluorosis. Plants can be planted both near the beds and directly in the aisle.

Some gardeners plant garlic on the plot after the collection of strawberries. Such an alternation is perfectly reflected on both cultures. Plants do not hurt, and also give a very good harvest.


Good neighbors for strawberries will be flowers. Most often, the velvets disembarks. Their saturated smell they scare small pests, as well as insects. After cleaning the velvetsev in the fall of their stems worth keeping. In the spring, the cut greenery can be added to the soil during the spring dumping of the site. It will also help protect strawberries from small pests.

Clematis, peonies, nasturtiums and rhododendron can grow on the strawberry area. Sprinkle near the bed can also be a big jasmine bush. In the center of the plot you can arrange a small flowerub with iris. In this case, the garden will look more beautiful and original.


Strawberries allowed to plant and next to the trees. The main thing is that they are not too big and branched. In the shade of the strawberry develops badly, and the berries remain small. You can plant bushes next to sea buckthorn, cherries or coniferous trees. Some gardeners use fallen pine needles for strawberry shelter. Such a mulch perfectly protects plants from pests. In addition, it significantly improves the taste of berries.

Overview of bad neighbors

Separately, it is worth talking about plants that definitely do not land near the strawberry bed.

  • Raspberries. This plant dries soil, and also creates a large shadow. This leads to the fact that strawberries begins very badly fruit. Therefore, beds can not be placed next to Malinik.
  • Sunflower. It is worth noting that the plant strongly depletes the soil. In addition, sunflower seeds poisonous for strawberry.
  • Cabbage. You can not land in one garden and cabbage with strawberries. The fact is that cabbage is a moisture-loving plant. Therefore, it is often often and abundantly. Because of this amount of water, strawberries can eventually start rot.
  • Polenic. On one bed with strawberries you can not land potatoes and tomatoes. Such a neighbor can destroy the entire harvest. Other plants from the grained family on the beds will also be superfluous.
  • Birch. If there is birch on the site, it is strictly prohibited by strawberry beds next to it. Berries very poorly tolerate such a neighborhood.

It is not recommended to plant on one territory and various varieties of strawberries. This will lead to the fact that culture is completely degenerate.

Disembarking two types of berries on the site, it is necessary to ensure that they do not intertwine sockets. Their mustache should always be directed in different directions. If you follow these ordinary tips, choose good neighbors for strawberries will be very simple.

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