What berries are like blackberry?

There are many berries and shrubs that externally similar to blackberry: they have the same iscin-black color, shape, size, and sometimes flowers. All this often introduces people in error and confuses. In this article, we will analyze in detail what berries are similar to the blackberry and what they differ from it.

Overview of black raspberry


Pretty old variety of berries, which was bred closer towards the end of the XIX century Miller in America. It spread very quickly in European territories. At this time, Kumberland is often found in the gardens of our country, which is explained by its frost resistance: the bush of this plant is able to transfer even a temperature of -30 degrees.

The bush itself, as a rule, grows powerful and has long shoots on which spikes are located. It grows as a semidious blackberry: the first time his shoots are standing, but, starting to grow, bend the arc. In addition, the plant has the ability to “move” on the site, as its tops, touching the earth, rooted.

If we talk about the fruits of the Kumberland, they do not differ in the large size, and the fecundity of the plant is difficult to call high. A distinctive feature of its berries can be considered a greater density that gives them the opportunity to be kept for a long time and tolerate transportation.

There is a variety and other features that distinguish it from blackberry. So, in the autumn period, the Kumberland looks very decorative: his shoots become joy-blue, which looks exotic and beautiful. It is for this reason that this plant is often used to create a living hedge. Such a fence will not only look beautiful, but it will become good, and most importantly, the numerous spikes will be promoted for your site – this will be promoted by numerous spikes, to fly through which it will be very difficult.


And this median grade was derived by Russian scientists from Siberia relatively recently, but it has already managed to get distribution.

Especially he is recommended to grow on the lands, which extend from the Urals to the Far East.

This grade is distinguished by frost resistance and is able to withstand various diseases, because of which many give preference to him.

Malina Corner, unlike the already mentioned Kumberland, is characterized by smaller sizes of his bush. Spikes at the shoots of such a plant are significantly less, the shoots themselves can be attributed to the semidial type. Their length, as a rule, is about 230 centimeters in length. The color of these weaves, if they are annual, green, with a sizerna. Two-year holidays have a brownish shade.

If we talk about the fruits of this variety, then they do not differ in large size. As a rule, their weight barely reaches 2 grams.

But the fertility of the bush is quite good, especially if it provides favorable conditions for growth and development. So, one shrub is able to give about 8 kilograms of berries.

By the way, the black raspberry has other features. So, berries are completely unattractive for birds. Typically, the feathers fly to the fruits of bright shades: yellow or red. The black berries they ignore.

Description Mulberry

Mulberry is a famous long berry of black or white, which many reminds with his kind blackberry. This berry is the fruit of a perennial tute tree, which, grown in natural conditions, can grow up to 20 meters, has several thick trunks and can be fruit up to 200 years. In the artificial conditions, the tree reaches no more than 4 meters. At the same time, silky grows exclusively in southern regions, where warm climate prevails. In our country, it can often be found in the North Caucasus and in the Lower Volga region. Sometimes the plant can be seen in the middle lane, and often it is wild.

Many people call silky no other than “TIDIN” or “Mulgarian”, the reason for which the tree is on which they grow.

Black Mulberry is similar to blackberry only berries. Similarities affect only the shape and color of fruits. Otherwise they are completely different. Mulberry has a lot of features: its berries are usually long, about 5.5 centimeters, very sweet, possess an unusual smell, and after them there is a strange aftertaste. Blackberry Berries are usually more sour. In addition, they grow on shrub, and not on a tree, like a mulberry. That is why it is simply impossible to confuse these two plants.

Moreover, Mulberry berries are actively used in traditional medicine. They help cure such diseases like angina and stomatitis.

Mulberry leaves are also useful: tincture prepared from them can reduce blood pressure.

There is another grade of this mulberry called darkness. It is more suitable for the climate of the central part of the country. This is explained by the fact that the plant has a high degree of adaptation to low temperatures and short-lived fly. In addition, the darkness is inclined to a spin, which allows her to quickly recover if her shoots jerked.

However, if the frosts are distinguished by excessive severity and last long, it will still significantly reflect on the yield of the plant, and not the best way – because of this, it is necessary to protect the shelter.

If we talk about the berries of this variety, then they, as a rule, have a length of about 3 centimeters, growing early and distinguish with a pleasant acidic taste. You can try them already in June.

Other berries

Blackberry can be confused with other berries. Some of them are poisonous and represent a danger to humans.

So, poisonous is such a perennial plant called LAKONOS. It has American roots and is rarely found in our latitudes. The plant itself is little like a blackberry: it has thick stems, which can reach up to 150 centimeters in height, and by the end of the spring it is formed by a reprehension of flowers with green and pink flowers, which looks like hyacinth. Speeding of LAKONOS look very exotic, they have segmented black fruit, which are located on the cigarette “cobs”. Here they are just the same and have similarities with blackberry.

River laconos berries by the end of August. During this period, it replaces his color to the reddish. Against the background of such a shade, small black frods look quite catchy and spectacular than and attract the attention of many.

However, it is extremely recommended to eat such berries in food, especially if we are talking about small children and pregnant women. Another too to be touched by the fruits of Laconos, as they can cause severe heart rate disorders.

Interestingly, despite poisonousness, this plant is often used in folk medicine, and the fruits of Laconos are also involved, and its roots. The latter are especially helping to cope with rheumatism. However, to the selection of roots to create a medicine, it is necessary to approach carefully, paying close attention to the color of the break.

In therapeutic purposes allowed to use exclusively white roots. If the red color can be seamless on their break, then such roots are not recommended for medication.

There are other berries like blackberry. For example, a monthly, which is now particularly often found at the cottages. The following varieties of every eleven are particularly popular: Loganberry, Michurin Progress and Tayberry. However, they all have not so many differences from blackberry, as they are a product of hybridization.

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