What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

The volume of crop directly depends on the number of groes in fruit brushes. Even a healthy and powerful type of tomato seedlings cannot guarantee the formation of a large number of flowers and stocks. Many factors can adversely affect fruiting, and it must be considered when growing fruit culture.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

Many gardeners point to the problem at which the plants bloom abundantly, but when it comes to collect the harvest, there are practically no tomatoes on the fruits. To cope with this problem use special substances. They are treated by plants in certain growth phases.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

Why tomatoes are badly tied?

In the northern regions of the country and in the regions with an unstable climate, tomatoes are often grown in greenhouses. So plants are protected from weathercams. For a rich crop need to observe comfortable conditions for each specific variety.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

If tomatoes bloom badly, and the number of strings are small, the reasons may be different.

  • Non-compliance with temperature regime – Too high or low temperature early in the morning or evening.

  • Excessive nitrogen content in soil.

  • Thickened landing. Close to each other plants will not fully develop and will not be able to please a lot of fruits.

  • Elevated or reduced humidity.

  • Sleeping. Lack of nutritional components affects not only yield, but also the taste of vegetables.

  • Problems with pollination. The plants grown in greenhouses are often pollinated by hand.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

These are the most common causes of low fruit formation. And shrubs may suffer from infections, harmful insects and diseases. Often problems with fruiting are observed in plants that were grown from the planting material collected by the personnel.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

Home Material is necessarily processed before use, but the effectiveness of such treatment is low compared to professional. As a result, shrubs are badly leaving in a new place.

In the conditions of open soil, the problem with the formation of the strings is also not uncommon. Causes may be the same as when cultivating tomatoes in greenhouses.

Separately consider additional reasons:

  • processing of chemical compositions in which aggressive components are contained;

  • diseases and infections;

  • unsuitable conditions, for example, windless weather;

  • The heat does not affect the state of the health of shrubs, and the flowers begin to be fond;

  • Lack of potassium and phosphorus.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

If there is no opportunity to cope with the problem, experienced gardens advise to completely get rid of the already existing colors, and give tomatoes to form new buds, which can then turn into delicious fruits.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

Note: Non-portable frosts also negatively affect vegetable crops. In this case, you need to feed vegetables after frosts will retreat.

When fertilize?

To the feeding was effective, it is important to apply it on time. Facely Tomatoes need when the first flower brush appears. During this period, shrubs pull a large number of all necessary for the development of components from the soil. Allocate three main minerals in which all varieties of tomatoes are needed: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These are mandatory elements for growth and fruiting.

During the transition of plants in the flowering phase, the composition of the feeder change. By this time, shrubs have already gained all the characteristic features of the variety (height, width, a pomp green mass and more). Now shrubs do not have a lot of need for nitrogen. This component plays a decisive role in the formation of shoots and leaves. So that flowering goes well, and the buds turned into a margin, you will need a lot of phosphorus and potassium.

Fertilizers with rich potassium content have long been used to form vegetables. The second component is also needed for high-quality crop, but it also participates in strengthening the root system. Strong and massive roots – a pledge of healthy seedlings.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

A large amount of nitrogen is necessary in one case – seedlings adapted poorly on the garden, the leaves do not grow up to the desired size, and the shoots are weak and low.

These characteristics indicate the following:

  • Saplings were grown with impaired agrotechnology;

  • lack of sunlight;

  • dry ground;

  • The ground contains little nutrient components.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

Recommendations for plant treatment.

  • Shrubs preferably spray on cloudy days, At the same time, the weather should be windless and without precipitation.

  • To work, you will need a fine sprayer, Therefore, it is necessary to take care of its acquisition.

  • Spray plants or early in the morning, or in the evening. Any time suitable when the sun is not active. If you break this rule, leaves and shoots will suffer from burns.

  • Used fluid must be evenly distributed on the brush and inflorescences. On the rest of the plant, the solution should not fall.

  • During processing It is necessary to avoid the composition of the top of the shrub.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

Note: Before using the purchase of a purchase, it needs to be dissolved only in estimated water. Water temperature – room.

Folk remedies

In addition to the use of finished drugs, spray tomatoes for zerovy can be folk remedies. They are suitable for both greenhouses and open areas.

Iodine and milk

These components are well acquainted with experienced gardens, which often enjoy folk remedies to improve yield. To make a nutrient solution for tying, enough in a milk liter dissolve 15 drops of iodine. Another 4 liter of clean water is added to the mixture. The finished solution is carried out by spraying of tomatoes in the evening.

Milk forms a protective film on the leaves and shoots, which will save from hazardous microbes. This ingredient can be replaced by another dairy product, for example, on serum. It is used in the same amount. Iodine acts as an additional feeding and affects generative processes.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?


Chaga is a birch mushroom-drove. It contains biogenic stimulants, thanks to which it received widespread in the field of gardening. To prepare a solution of 250 grams of powder diluted in 5 liters of water (its temperature should be 70-80 degrees Celsius). The composition leaves the appearance of two days. The same amount of water is used before spraying.

The drug is often used for the prevention of phytoophulas, and as a fertilizer during the flowering of the first fruit brush, it demonstrates excellent efficiency. Repeated plants can be processed after 35-40 days.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

If you have a solution, they can pour a bed. Additional feeding will not be superfluous.

Boric acid

Another popular means in the fight for high-quality and abundant harvest. This extraordinary feeding is often used during flowering. This component plays an important role in the exchange of substances of tomatoes. Dissolve boric acid can be possible only in hot water. Proportions – 5 grams per 10 liters of water. Throughout the season of vegetation, spraying is carried out 1-3 times.

The number of boric acid in the solution is reduced to two grams, if the work is carried out in hot weather, and the temperature outside the window has risen to 30 degrees and more. Shrubs are treated during flowering.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?


Nettle contains a large amount of nutrient elements that are useful for the plant. Nettle is perfect for the preparation of herbal solution. Organic-based feeding reinforces the immune system of tomatoes and makes them more resistant to extreme weather conditions and diseases. And also there is an improvement in fruiting and additional stimulation of the development of shrubs.

Prepare feeding as follows (proportions to capacity of 200 liters):

  • 100 grams of dry yeast;

  • 5 buckets of chopped nettle;

  • Korovyak (bucket) or bird litter (half of the bucket);

  • container fill with water and covered with a lid.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

The yeast and the organic can be replaced with dry bread, old jam or sugar, wood ash, serum. The mixture should be from 10 to 12 days. Before irrigation of shrubs liter of solution dissolve in a bucket of water. Watering is carried out at the flowering stage.

Undercumation is suitable not only for tomatoes, but also for other fruit crops.


Processing by ammonic alcohol (ammonia) during flowering you need to be taken carefully.

It is important to observe the following conditions:

  • 2 grams of substances are divorced in 10 liters of estimated water;

  • When first processing, the volume of ammonia can be reduced, for re-spraying the number of alcohol gradually increase;

  • To form a sufficient number of stocks enough processing 1 time in 7-10 days, given the state of plants.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

The ammonia alcohol is mixed with manganese and boron, and the resulting composition is used to return the green mass color and improve the formation of fruit barriers.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

Note: In order for fruits on the shoots more, it is not necessary to spend money for expensive drugs. Folk remedies also demonstrate high efficiency. When used, it is also important to observe the dosage, otherwise the plants will be harmful. Sades often combine natural components to obtain a rich crop.

Mineral fertilizers

Mineral fertilizers go to increase the number of stocks. They are necessary for the proper development of plants. And also suitable for target feeding of vegetable plantation, especially when growing plants on exhausted soil.

During flowering, vegetables are powered by the following components.

  • Such substances as superphosphate and double superphosphate are dissolved slowly, so they are placed only in hot water. In the liquid dissolve the desired portion of the drug, and leave 24 hours before readiness. Before handling shrubs, the nutritional composition is diluted.

  • When choosing potassium chloride or potash salt, you need to accurately comply with the instructions. If you exceed the permissible rate, the plant will begin to absorb chlorine.

  • Another effective component – Potash Selith. It is not only quickly dissolved, but also demonstrates an excellent result.

  • Universal feeding is considered potassium sulfate. Instead of this substance, you can use potassium with chlorine.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

Complex mineral compositions that can be found in any gardening store have also gained widespread use. Ready drugs most often choose newcomers to not engage in the preparation of the solution on their own.

When using mineral fertilizers, it is important to comply with the dosage that directly depends on the growth phase and the development of shrub.

  • When the bloom began, the following components dissolve in the water bucket: 10 grams of potassium chloride, 40 grams of superphosphate and 20 grams of ammonium nitrate.

  • In the container in which 25 grams of superphosphate dissolved, Mix 20 grams of potassium sulfate and only 2 grams of manganese.

  • The composition of 30 grams of ammonia nitrate, 20 grams of potassium and 70 grams of superphosphate Used during the flowering period of the third and fourth fruit tassels.

  • The next feeding is carried out after 14 days. Now 45 grams of superphosphate, 30 grams of potassium and as many ammonium nitrates are combined to prepare a solution.

  • This nutritional composition is noticeably accelerating the process of tomatoes fruiting. To prepare it, it is enough to mix 5 grams of urea, a preparation based on potassium, then add 20 grams of double superphosphate to a mixture. If you need to treat weak seedlings, the number of nitrogen fertilizers increases twice.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

Extra-green fertilizers are also widespread.

Popular recipe on a bucket of clean and outstanding water:

  • 2 grams of zinc;

  • 2 grams of sulfates;

  • 2 grams of boric acid;

  • 4 grams of manganese sulphate.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

The volume of feeding on 100 square meters of the plot is indicated. So shrubs formed as much as possible stocks, gardeners use boron. This component can be found as part of drugs such as boroposk, borostophosphate and other analogs. Each package indicates the instruction on the use of the drug that needs to be accurately followed.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

Before feeding a vegetable culture and after the procedure, it is necessary to pour a plot. When processing plants, many gardeners make a choice in favor of liquid drugs. It is convenient to use them, and they absorb faster compared to other options.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

Dry substances and feeding in the form of granules are evenly distributed on the surface of the soil. It is important that they do not come into contact with the roots.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

When growing vegetable crops, it is important to take into account the type of soil. Based on this, the appropriate dosage of mineral compositions is calculated. Increased amounts of funds are used for severe and clay soils for the reason that minerals are absorbed very slowly. If shrubs grow on light soil, nutrient elements are faster absorbed by the root system.

Note: During spraying and densely, tomatoes should also take into account the features of each variety. Some plants boast a strong immune system, others are well transferred extreme weather conditions. All these characteristics affect the choice of feeding and substances necessary for processing.

Comprehensive fertilizers

Complex fertilizers can also handle shrubs for stable and tasty harvest.

The most common complex drugs based on minerals are considered ammonophos, nitroposka and nitroammofoska, “Mag-Bor”, potassium monophosphate and other similar, which are found in modern assortment. And buyers provide a wide choice of analogs. In these and similar preparations also present trace elements, albeit in a small amount.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

Specialized formulations are considered as balanced as possible. They are intended for the cultivation of tomatoes. Many of them have been designed specifically for use during flowering. As part of such drugs contain iron, calcium, boron and other necessary components.

We are talking about the following compositions: “Sudarushka-Tomat”, “Universal”, “Master”, “Signor Tomato” and other finished drugs. Despite a wide selection of store products, complex compositions can be cooked with your own hands. Make it easy, just knowing a suitable recipe.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

Recipes for the preparation of a complex drug (proportions for 10 liters):

  • boric acid – 5 grams, wood ash – 0.5 liters;

  • Solution Korovyaka – 500 milliliters, nitroposka – 50 grams;

  • Solution Korovyaka – 500 milliliters; Azophoska – 25 grams;

  • Solution cowboat or bird litter – 500 milliliters, sulfate potassium – 20 grams.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

Organic fertilizers

To improve the formation of zones, organic substances will also be suitable wonderful. Each component has a definite effect on the plant, but that the result is positive, it is necessary to competently use each of the components.


This group includes feeding from different hoods combined with minerals. Due to the activation of microorganisms, the structure of the soil is improved. This leads to the fact that plants are easier to absorb useful elements from the soil.

In the industrial sphere you can find a lot of compounds, and several options are considered the most famous options.

  • Preparation “Gera”. 25 milliliters of substances spent on a liter of water. And you can also make 5 grams of fertilizer for each plant.

  • Humat potassium – 50 milliliters will be enough for 10 liters of water. A solution is used both extractable feeding and for standard irrigation.

  • Gumat sodium. In 10 liters of estimated water dissolve 20 milliliters of humate. The resulting composition is watered by seedlings after a transplantation at the rate of 0.5 liters per plant. The next time the procedure is carried out on the flowering phase to increase the amount of fruit barriers. For the third time, shrubs are sprayed at the rate of 500 milliliters of fluid on the plant, but this time the volume of the nutrient component is reduced to 3 milliliters.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?


You can increase fruiting with yeast. This component is used as soon as the first flowers appeared. During this period, it is advisable to hold yeast feeding on those parts of the soil, which in the autumn were saturated with organica.

Scheme of preparation of solutions and care for tomatoes.

  • In three-liter tanks, 100 grams of sugar and as much fresh yeast are insteaded. To launch the fermentation process, you need to put a container in a warm place. It is impossible to use the concentrated composition, so it is bred in water – 200 milliliters in 10 liters of warm water. Consumption – about one liter of yeast solution on a plant. Make feeding under root.

  • Second Common Recipe: 10-11 grams of the product dissolve in a bucket of warm water and leave in the sun for several hours (about 5 hours). After fermentation, the mixture is bred in 50 liters of water. Consumption is the same as the composition above.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?


This component contains the minerals that are needed during flowering. Gardeners use ash of different origin. It can be a product of burning straw or wood. Prepare a composition for treating tomatoes on the street or in the greenhouse is very simple. On one bucket of water use from 50 to 150 grams of ash. The resulting composition is watered by plants under root at the rate of 500 milliliters per plant.

When processing plantation on acidic soils, the amount of ash increase, and for alkaline soils, on the contrary, reduce. Combine this component with a cowel undesirable, since ammonia is lost in this connection.

What and how to spray tomatoes for zerovy?

Note: To ensure that the wounds are formed in sufficient quantities, it is not necessary to carry out complex agrotechnical events. Just to buy or prepare a special composition, and on time to apply it according to the instructions.

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