What and how to smell sleep on an apple tree?

Solving what you can smell on an apple tree, many gardeners face the need to replace the garden Vary, but the search for alternative options does not always turn out to be successful. However, there are small tricks that allow us to use the simplest and affordable materials for these purposes. A detailed review will not only allow you to learn how to correctly treat the cutting of the tree after trimming the branches in the fall of remedies, but also will save from common mistakes.

Terms of treatment of cuts

Sleeps on apple trees – the result of agrotechnical measures aimed at forming a crown or rejuvenation of a tree. Most often, such works affect the old and dry branches, removed in the spring, after wintering, as well as too active young piglets. The forming crown crown is most often performed in the fall, when the apple tree is already replicated. But even after that it is impossible to immediately process.

I must first wait until the cut will dry up – this is enough for several days, and then start protecting the tree from the possible penetration of infections or damage to pests.

The choice of timing to process largely depends on the season, weather on the street. For example, in a period of abundant rains, drying cuts takes no less than a week. Dry and sunny days allow you to embarrassment after 1-2 days. In summer, on the branches of a small diameter, healing often occurs at all without the intervention of the gardener. In winter, such events are not held. All damaged areas (with cracks, traces of animal teeth) are covered with a grout in spring when the average temperatures will be positive.

Review of funds

When choosing a means that can be selected on an apple tree in autumn or spring, it is important to take into account all factors. For example, thin branches up to 25 mm in diameter simply simply process the disinfecting. Tighten such damage to the tree after trimming on their own, quite quickly. Another thing if the plot is extensive, the barrel is visible without a bark in the place where he cracked. If the diameter of the spike reaches 30 mm and more, also need serious measures.

The crack or cut will have to undergo a more careful processing, removing the fired sections to healthy wood. Even broken apple tree can also be reanimated.

In this case, you have to cut off the damaged area. Disposable branches remove, and then a damaged surface in a place where the branch broke out, clean the rough knife from roughing. After that it is better to immediately lubricate the surface with a disinfecting solution, and then leave to push.

After the wound on the apple tree will slightly delay, it will be possible to handle the garden harder or replace it with other applicants. Treatment does not have to affect the bark at the edges.

For spraying

The first thing damage to the trunk or crown of the apple tree should be disinfected to close access to various infections.

Even small fresh sections must necessarily go through this processing stage.

The best choice can be called the following compositions.

  1. Bordeaux liquid. It is sold in finished form, has a bluish tint. Applied to the wood surface with a brush.
  2. Balsams with fungicides. They are sold in stores for the garden and garden. Possess disinfecting and antifungal actions.
  3. Manganese. The usual medical preparation is dissolved in 1 l warm water to a bright pink shade. There will be enough crooks enough for cutting.
  4. Copper Kuner. For treating apple cuts, there will be enough solution of 50 g of this substance and 1 l warm water. Its thin flowing is poured into limetric “milk”. It is also preparing in advance. In 500 ml of water will have to dilute 30 g of lime.

When working with any disinfection compositions, it is necessary to carefully comply with safety techniques. It is necessary to distribute the solution with a thin layer, brush, avoiding hitting the bark and healthy sections of wood.

For worship

After disinfecting cutting cutting on the branches of the apple or lubrication of cracks and other damage, it will be necessary to wait until the surface will dry. After that, you need to cover the affected area with a sealing composition. It will help close access to a cut insect pests, fungal infections and other sources of danger. If you do not carry out this processing on time, the branch can start dry due to violation of the movement of juices inside.

The most common means for mailing damage on the trunks and branches of the tree can be called garden var.

It consists of a fat base, wax and rosin, sold in a finished form or is created independently.

Each component in the Garden Vara performs its tasks.

  1. Wax eliminates contact with the air medium. The mask does not move beyond the processed area.
  2. Rosin creates tight contact with wood. It prevents the mixture.
  3. Fat saves a smell of drying. It can be replaced with oil, olifa, if you cook yourself.

Before processing cut slices, Var has to warm. So it will acquire softness and plasticity. On the surface of the cut or crack, other wound wounds are applied by a spatula, forming a thin layer similar to the film.

If you break this rule, the absence of air exchange in this area will result in wood rotting.

With independent preparation, all ingredients are simply melted, then connected and slowly poured into a cold water container. The thickened composition can be packaged in hermetic container. For an additional disinfecting effect in independently cooked garden, VAR add wood ash.

If the finished means did not turn to hand, it can be replaced by other compositions. The easiest way to prepare the scented varieties on the cottage.

  1. Clay chatter. It is prepared from a cowboat and clay in equal proportions, squeaking them with a small portion of hay or straw. The resulting mixture will only be allowed to dissolve water to the consistency of liquid sour cream. Then it is applied to the surface of the wound thin layer, dried. A simple boltushka can be made on clay and sand in proportion 2: 1.
  2. Cement putty. This recipe is pretty simple. Mazazka is prepared from fine-grained sand and cement in proportion 3 to 1, for elasticity you can add olif. Apply the same composition is most appropriate with a significant area of ​​the damaged area. Cement gaze is well suited for combating large cracks in the trunk, especially if you strengthen her piece of burlap or cotton matter.
  3. Varnish or paint. Fit compositions on an oil or emulsion-based basis, but it is worth considering that updating such coatings will have every year. If the water-soluble paint is taken, the processing procedure will be needed after each abundant rain. It is better to immediately take to lubage oil mixes with olphos, capable of forming a dense airproof film.

These are the basic embodiments of the compositions that can be replaced with garden Var during wounds of wounds on apple trees. All of them are well tolerated by trees, do not create burns, prevent the reinforcement of the trunk and branches after trimming.

Possible problems

Trimming trees, trunk cracking or leaving the branches under the influence of loads – here is just a small part of the reasons for the use of garden preparation and similar compositions. But if the preparatory stage of processing passed incorrectly, problems may occur in the future. Ipened on an apple tree in this case will be bad to heal, the branches will dry.

You need to carefully track the appearance of atypical symptoms to correct errors in time.

Among the most common complications, after trimming, you can select the following.

  1. Flooding of juice from fresh cut. Typically, the problem is manifested in spring time if the formation of the crown or rehabilitation was carried out after the start of the deploration. In this case, the wound just will not have time to delay. Fix the position will help cut the cut with a mixture with a liquid clay-based bolt with the addition of copper or iron mood.
  2. Losening liquid from under the smelting. Such a phenomenon can be observed on large cuts and spikes, already covered by all the necessary compositions. In this case, impaired tightness will have to restore. For this, the garden Var or the other composition fully cleaned, the disinfecting mixture is applied. Slice is dry and then seal again.
  3. Damage or blaracing of the treated area. Even small specks require immediate interference, as they may indicate an apple tree infection with cancer or other dangerous infections. Treatment starts from cutting wood tissues and stripping to live escape. Then the affected area is covered with copper vitriol, dried, is cooked by a garden boiler.
  4. The formation of rot. Typically, such a phenomenon becomes a consequence of entering an open wound on the tree spore of the mushroom-drum. The rot is fully believed, spilive affected fabrics inspect. Further salvation is possible only with the bottom of the solid and wet wood layer. It is disinfected, covered with a layer of garden bot.
  5. Cut detachment. If the reason has become mechanical damage (rodents or under the influence of other factors), then such a plot is carefully cleaned with a garden knife, disinfected with a solution of copper sulfate in 3% concentration and smear. With a large area of ​​lesion, a full-fledged dressing may be required.

Correctly handling cuts and sleeps helps an apple tree to recover after damage. If the deadlines for the execution of work were violated, the probability of subsequent leakage of juice, rotting or disease damage increases noticeably. You can minimize risks, carefully choosing time for trimming, as well as observing the recommended sequence of action to protect the plant after it.

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