What and how to feed the seedlings of tomatoes?

In order for the tomatoes grown in a greenhouse or in the open ground, ultimately pleased with juicy and delicious fruits, it is necessary to pay great attention to their feeder at the stage of seedlings.About how to feed the seedlings so that the tomatoes grew strong and healthy, how to do it right, read below.

Microelements and agriculture

The feeding is of great importance for tomatoes at the seedlings. Without her, the young plant will be pale, and his immunity is weak, which will definitely affect its resistance to various diseases and attacks from pests.

Much attention should be paid primarily to nitrogen fertilizers. It is nitrogen that promotes the set of green mass of landing. It contains in a solution of ammonia nitrates and urea. If this element in the soil is sufficient, then the plant as a result has a strong and good vegetable mass.Of course, remarking with this fertilizer is not worth. Otherwise, the green mass will be too much, and the bush will spend all the strength on it, and not on the formation of good and fat fruits.

Phosphoric feeders are equally important for landing. It is phosphorus that contributes to a full assimilation of the substances necessary by the plant, and also favorably affects the process of photosynthesis.

However, in addition to nitrogen and phosphorus, other trace elements are required by the plant, and therefore, if you need to feed the seedlings, it will be best to use comprehensive tools so that the plant is enough.

So, if we talk about purchased agricultures, then among them most stand out:

  • “Athlete”;
  • “Mounting”;
  • “Emerald”;
  • “Webly turbo”.

These drugs contain a whole range of useful substances that have a beneficial effect on seedlings, contribute to growth, fortresses and improve its condition as a whole. Use them necessary strictly according to the instructions, correctly observing the dosage, otherwise there is a risk of putting landings.

Folk fertilizers

Folk methods are also very popular with summer houses. Some of these feeding are suitable in order to spray plants, while others are intended for watering. You can make them personally at home, while the big financial costs will not need.

So, the fertilizer can be made of a litter of birds. You will need only 0.1 kilograms of the main component and liter of water. All this is mixed and left for a full insistence for 10 days. After that, copper canopy is added to the solution. Next, the liquid can be used to water seedlings.

Banana peel is also a good ingredient for cooking and can supply a plant by potassium, and therefore do not hurry to throw it away. To make feeding from the peel, you will need several banana skins to insist in 3 liters of water. After three days, you can pour your landings with the resulting solution.

The solution can also be made of ash. To do this, you will need 0.5 cup tools that need to be diluted with 2 liters of heated water. All this should be broken, after which you can get to watering.

As a supplement to other feeders, you can use fertilizer from 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and liter of water. This tool has a positive impact on landing immunity, and also disinfects the seat.

You can also make infusion from yeast for making bread. You will need only 5 grams of this component, 5 liters of water and day to insist. Note that the storage mixture from bread yeast is not subject to. It must be used immediately after the cooking process was completed.

Korovyan is also suitable for cooking. You will need 0.5 liters of the main component in liquid form and 1 tablespoon of nitroposki. All this must be divorced in 10 liters of water and mix well. Note that such feeding is allowed to use only 3 times the season, it is not recommended more often.

Naming alcohol is another good feeder for feeding, as the ammonia in it is a source of nitrogen that plants need so. You will need a tablespoon of money and 10 liters of water. All this is mixed and applied on plants.

Making scheme

The young plant in the first stages of its growth, especially after disembarking in the ground, requires a large number of beneficial macroelements and other substances. Usually the first feeding of such plants is carried out after shootings appear and a full-fledged sheet is formed.

How many fertilizers will need your plant depends only on the characteristics of the soil in which they will grow after dive. The best tactic is a regular observation of the state of the plant. According to the general type of sprouts you can find out to accurately, whether it is enough for fertilizers or their quantity need to increase.

So, Nitrogen deficit manifests itself in the feasting and yellowing of foliage, which is located on the lower tier. Together with this, the vegetable mass of cooks begins. If part of the leaflet changes the color to violet, then this indicates a lack of phosphoric fertilizers and the need to use superphosphate. The twistedness of young landings is talking about the shortage of potash fertilizers, it also needs to be able to understand, otherwise the fruits will turn out to be uneven. If tomatoam lacks iron, they begin to get sick chlorosis, the foliage will turn yellow and twist.

Useful advice

First of all, it is worth saying about the need to track the number of supposed fertilizers. Excess, as well as the lack of beneficial substances will go to the plant only to harm: the green mass will actively gain, but the fruits will be small and in small quantities.

Undercalinks are recommended solely in the morning or in the evening, and after their landing is required to provide a large amount of room temperature fluid. It contributes to the best absorption of macroelements.

Before boarding, you do not need to add lips of birds or manure to the wells. Because of this, you can lose the fruit, and the plant will be able to please you only with a large amount of plant mass.

About how and how to feed the seedlings of tomatoes, look next.

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