What and how to feed the repair strawberry?

Thanks to the efforts of breeders today, each summer house has the opportunity to have on its plot fragrant, sweet strawberries all season. For this, removable varieties of this berry were derived. Some of them are capable of fruiting continuously from spring to autumn, others give powerful yields in May-June, and then in July, August, September.

But just plant such plants – it does not mean to have a crop. Intensive flowering and fruiting of any culture leads to huge costs of plastic and energy substances. The replenishment of them goes out of the soil, which means it requires special care, otherwise it will quickly become exhausted, and the plants on it will be waged. About what, when and how to make feeding of removable strawberries and will be discussed in this article.


Catalogs of garden products die beautiful photos of large varieties of strawberries, fruitless often all country season. The main condition for the cultivation of such plants is the creation of a high level of agrofon, timely introduction of a sufficient number of fertilizers, ensuring a balanced irrigation and regular soil loosening. Compliance with these requirements guarantees receipt of several yields in summer and even in the fall.

There is a certain fertilizer application scheme.

  • In the first year after planting plants. During this period, the strawberry requires the minimum number of fertilizers. The nutrition of the bushes is ensured by preset primer.
  • In the second year, mineral and organic substances begin to bring.
  • Third year. It is recommended to use exclusively mineral complexes.
  • Fourth year. This is the last year of growing bushes before changing the plot. Due to the considerable exhaustion of the soil, it is necessary to add a significant amount of organic and mineral fertilizers.

Fertilizer’s application is carried out in gradually from spring to autumn. The key to the future harvest is laid at the stage of preparation of the strawberry site. A sufficient amount of organics is introduced into the ground. The manure will renovate about 4 years, providing plants with the necessary substances. In the spring, nitrogen fertilizers do during loosening beds. Before flowering, feeding with potash fertilizers.

You can feed the strawberries with dry fertilizers by waking them on the ground in front of loosening, and you can process the beds dissolved in water. The advantage of liquid fertilizers is their faster assimilation by plants. Using industrial preparations, it is necessary to clearly follow the recommendations, adhering to the necessary doses of making.

With too much doses, the bushes will be fat, not giving fruits, and in the case of low concentrations, the treatment will be useless.


Strawberry capricious plant, especially repairing. To obtain a good crop requires the right care and timely fertilizer.

All fertilizers can be divided into three groups.


These funds can significantly improve taste and appearance of fruits. They are easy to apply, it is easy to calculate the doses of working solutions. Besides, Plantievoda always understands which substances and in what volume it contributes to a specific period. Chemicals are one-component: potassium and magnesium sulfates, urea, superphosphate. There are comprehensive drugs: azophoska, nitroammofoska, ammophos.

Among the mineral complexes are the most popular “Crystal”, “Ideal”, “Ryazan”. Their composition is strictly balanced and contains the required percentage ratio of zinc, magnesium, potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, cobalt. The disadvantages of chemical drugs include their destructive impact on the soil microflora, insects.

Organic fertilizers

They are not inferior to the popularity of chemicals, while the fans of organic agriculture received a special preference. More often used korovyan as a fertilizer. It is bred with water in certain proportions. Such a substance is rich in nitrogen compounds and accelerates the development of the green mass of the bush.

Similar impact possesses bird litter. It is acquired in dry form, and then bred in water.

It is necessary to work with this fertilizer neatly, otherwise the increased concentration of the solution can cause burns of burns.

Do not bypass the dackets side and humus, ash. Ash can sprinkle the land around plants in a dry form or water them with water infusion. Most benefits bring water infants of green herbs. Prepare them very simply, for this, all the destroyed bunoes are folded into the barrel, poured with water and leave to wander. You can enhance fermentation by adding kefira or yeast in the infusion. Ready infusion bred 1:10 water and water strawberries.

Overworked compost applied to fertilizer and mulching plants. It contains a huge amount of nitrogen required by fruit-growing plants.

Folk remedies

Their use makes it possible to get high yields without the use of chemistry and at the same time find useful use of household waste. This means can be a tincture of bread crust. The remains of fermented milk products will help improve soil acidity, in addition, such a solution is rich in calcium, gray, phosphorus, contains dozens of amino acids. Spraying strawberry bushes with milk, you can get rid of pest insects. It is easy to prepare a yeast solution, for this, the raw materials are poured with water, some sugar add.

If the bushes are treated with a solution of boric acid, berries will start typing better. To restore bushes after fruiting, you can use an aqueous solution of iodine.

Good results gives the use of folk remedies together with an organica – ash, humus, manure, compost.

How to enter?

Fertilize the removable strawberry is necessary throughout the season. Correct care for plants in the open and closed soil will allow maximum harvest.

This process is divided into such fixed periods:

  • on the spring feeder;
  • feeding during flowering and fruiting;
  • After completion of fruiting.

Traditionally, the spring feeder begins with early spring. It is necessary to conduct it immediately after the melting of the snow, before the beginning of the vegetation. This operation is combined with cropping of old leaves on plants and guidance of order on the beds.

Functionally the first feeding is designed to provide a plant with a supply of nutrients in front of the rapid increase in the green mass of the bushes. First of all, nitrogen-containing complexes are needed – Selitra, Carbamides. These drugs will be able to provide not only good plant development, but also obtaining a large harvest of large fruits. Add them better in the form of aqueous solutions. In this form, plants will be much easier to assimilate the useful components from fertilizers.

Making fertilizers during flowering starts in the middle of May during the mass flowering of strawberries. For the successful formation of flowers, plants need potassium. In addition, sufficient security by this mineral will give large-sized berries, make them sweet and juicy.

In the period of flowering, the introduction is recommended:

  • Potash Selitra;
  • ash;
  • Chicken litter.

These fertilizers contribute in dry. More efficient this process will be if the components are diluted with water. Insoleting ash in water for several days will lead to better absorption of their plants.

Wonderful results gives spraying of strawberry leaves by trace elements. Spray them recommended from below. This part is more capable of absorbing nutrients. Using this simple procedure, the amount of inflorescences is significantly increasing, and hence the yield increases.

Undercaming during fruiting experienced professionals are recommended to be carried out during the collection of berries, using for this exclusively organic fertilizers. The best believes aquatic solution of bird litter, cowboat and compost.

But to feed the removable strawberries after the first fruiting, during the bookmark of the fruit kidney of the future harvest, it is necessary for mineral complexes. Besides, During this period there is an intensive update of the root system of bushes. That’s why it is worth taking care of sufficient potassium and trace elements in the ground, bringing the nitroposka, potassium sulfate, potassium saltper in the form of aqueous solutions.

Good results gives an extraordinary feeder “Rubin”, “Agros”, “Hero”. It is recommended to spend three times:

  • During the formation of young leaves;
  • during the flowering of strawberries;
  • in the formation of fruit.

If the bushes of removable strawberries are not prepared to be fruit, it is necessary to make adjustments to the fertilizer’s application schedule. After completion of fruiting, exclusively potash fertilizers are made. Strawberry must prepare for winter, therefore nitrogen complexes are excluded, as they can provoke the growth of plants, which will lead to a decrease in wintering resistance.

In the first month of autumn, another application of fertilizers consisting of nitroamofoski, superphosphate, potassium sulfate and organics. Young plants especially need in this dressing.

Feed the removable strawberries each week or a week later. During the season, such grades fertilize 10-15 times.

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