What and how to bite leek?

Leek, like any other culture, needs proper care. It must be picked up by suitable means and drugs. Fertilizers can be both mineral and organic. In this article, we find out more about what and exactly how to properly feed the leek.


Leek is grown in many areas. Be sure to care for him. Growing such a culture begins with the moment of her sowing. In the southern regions of Russia, most often appeal to a reckless way. To this end, with the onset of the second half of May, sowing directly into open ground. As for the northern and central territories, it is first growing seedlings.

Sowing a bow under consideration is realized at different times:

  • If sowing is carried out at home in the boxes, then the best time will be the gap from the middle to the end of February;
  • If landing occurs in a greenhouse, then it is advisable until April 15;
  • If the most successful time is selected for sowing for a temporary shelter to bed, then the third decade of April is perfect for this.

Before sowing onion seeds, they are prerelevated.

For this seeds in turn plunge in hot (no more than 45 degrees), and then in cold water. Next, the seeds are germinated on a moistened napkin in a warm place. Preparation of this kind required by seed material, which was assembled from the site. If seeds are purchased, then in special treatments they will not need.

Sowing seeds is carried out according to such a scheme.

  1. First, the prepared containers are filled with moistened soil.
  2. Put grooves, the depth of which is up to 1.5 cm. From each other, these grooves should be located at a distance of 5 cm.
  3. Next to the surface there are slightly dried seeds of onions.
  4. Then the seeds are sprinkled with soil.
  5. Next boxes with bow seeds are closed with film.
  6. Reservoirs are removed into a well-lit and warm place where the temperature is not reduced below 25 degrees Celsius.
  7. As soon as the bow goes, the film should be removed. Then you can reduce the temperature to 16 degrees during the day and up to 12 degrees at night.
  8. It is necessary to take care of the additional decision of the onion, artificially prolonging the duration of the daytime until 12 o’clock.

After a couple of months, plants need to be sipped by disembarking 3 cm apart from each other. The most convenient is the cultivation of a bow-atmium in special peat pills. Then the dive will not need. That the roots of the onions grow better, and the stems were more dense, it is recommended to trim the leaves. Do it follows 1 time in 2 weeks. It is important to withstand their length in the range of 10 cm.

Before landing onions in open ground, seedlings required to harden. To do this, it is put on the street, step by step adapting to ordinary conditions.

Onion seedlings grow with little speed. Only when 2 months will pass, seedlings can be planted in open ground. Beds for this are usually prepared in advance. The soil is carefully loosen, making organic and mineral fertilizers.

Further correct care will be in timely abundant irrigation, weekly loosening, dipping, mulching and fertilizer.

Feeding when disembarking

It is very important to correctly nourish the leek when he landed. Need to take into account that most For the chemical composition of the culture under consideration will be approached by the black soil in combination with sublinks. Specialists do not advise you to drag the soil in the spring. Bedding need to prepare in the fall. In this time interval, the soil loose, bringing the organic. We are talking about rewinding dung and compost. Mineral fertilizers are also added. Mix 30 g of superphosphate and 15 g of potassium chloride. Such feeding is enough for the processing of the area in 1 kV.M.

Rechazzle seedlings can be implemented in mid-May. Grokes should be placed at a distance of 40 cm. For these purposes, they jump deep grooves or holes. The compost with overwhelmed dung. In each of the wells planted one plant.

To get the long and white legs of the bow, the soil enriched with humus, wash off straight to the spawns. The leg will grow slowly. It will increase regularly. At the same time, regular feeders make.

Expision allowed to replace with mulching. Immediately after disembarking, the bow should be plentifully.

Than to feed during growth?

That leek was large and juicy, it is necessary to fertilize suitable compositions in the course of growth. Mineral and organic types of fertilizers are suitable for this. They act differently, as they entered. We learn what feeding plants can be squeezed.

Mineral fertilizers

Throughout the season, you will need at least three mineral feeding. Due to their impact, planted plants will not experience a lack of important trace elements. In most cases, use a solution consisting of iodine, potassium, superphosphates and ammonium nitrate. Many gardeners are preferring to use already ready-made feeders. Their action turns out to be the most efficient. In this case, similar compositions are distinguished by strictly balanced content of the necessary useful substances.

Organic fertilizers

If we talk about the positive impact of organic fertilizers, you can note the possibility of improving the composition of the plants themselves, as well as soil structures. Mainly use funds that are prepared on the basis of weeding herbs, chicken litter, as well as dung. Wood ash can help improve the characteristics of the soil, a decrease in its acidity indicators, replenish the lack of phosphorus.

To independently prepare an effective solution of chicken litter, you will need to make several actions:

  1. First, the agent will be needed to pour water, sticking to the proportion of 1 to 20;
  2. At the next stage, the existing composition is required to insist about 24 hours;
  3. Consumption rate will be 1 l per 1 kV.M.

Also good organic feeding can be made of weeds and beveled grass. Such formulations are prepared as follows:

  1. First, it takes a pretty chopping grass, and then put it in a free capacity by 2/3 of the total;
  2. After that, the reservoir will need to be located in the sun, and the mixture itself is pouring water;
  3. The tank will need to close the lid with the holes done;
  4. The resulting composition should be left for 2 weeks to go the necessary fermentation process;
  5. Next, the mixture will be necessary to strain the most carefully;
  6. The solution should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 10;
  7. You can safely use the finished mixture as an effective roasting feeding.

Water olochet makes it possible to sharply increase the absorption with the roots of the necessary nutrients. To prepare the specified organic fertilizer, you need to fill the bucket of hot water, and then dissolve in the liquid 250 g of wood ash. All the resulting composition should appear during the day. After the specified time, they can water the planted leek.

General recommendations

If you want to effectively nourish the leek, then It is worth listening to some useful recommendations.

  • Fawing leek, in no case can not use the litter in the fresh form. If you neglect this recommendation, you can put a serious damage to the plant.
  • The use of complex mineral fertilizers leads to a noticeable increase in the immunity of the planted onion, accelerate all necessary metabolic processes. That is why such feedstocks are considered the most preferred.
  • Not only folk remedies can be used to fertilize onion, but also special drugs. For example, it can be “Agrikola”, “Vegeta”, “Effectton”. Such funds not only fertilize the soil, but also make plants more resistant to various diseases and attacks of pests.
  • Fucked leek is important to water correctly. Especially abundant irrigation should be in June, when foliage is found, as well as in July, when a false bulb is formed.
  • Even if you use the most efficient and efficient fertilizers, Leeks still should not be seated where for the past 3 years any other appearance of Luke has grown.
  • Feeding the culture under consideration must be stopped Not less than 3 weeks before the planned harvest collection.
  • If you grow on a leek area, We should not forget that it is required to be dipped at least 3-4 times during the summer season. At the same time, the soil should not fall into the sinuses of the lower foliage, as well as to wash the leg from the inside.
  • If you planned yourself to prepare a mineral jacket for onions, then you should not do it in the dishes, which is intended for use by people or animals.
  • If you are using purchased feeding, then you need to prepare them only in those proportions that the manufacturer indicates. Act strictly according to the instructions, otherwise risks to harm plants.
  • If the fertilizer fell on the onion feathers, it needs to be immediately strained with running water.
  • For the root roots, the tinctures made of overcoating plants are very useful. To do this, you can use grass, tomato steps. These components simply need to pour water, and then leave to appease within 7 days.
  • If you have noticed that the growth of the feather of Luke slowed down, it makes sense to resort to urea feeding. She is very rich in nitrogen.
  • If you marked the yellowness of the pen, This means that it is necessary to feed the plant ashes, potassium sulfate. Black and wilt can be successfully corrected by applying superphosphates.

About how and how to bite leek, look next.

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