Varieties and application of sawdust in the garden

Wooden sawdusts are used for soil fertilizer for a very long time. There are constantly disputes between gardeners about the benefits and the dangers of such a type of feeding, but supporters of this type of layer are much more than opponents. Positive scattering results are proven in practice. In the article we will talk about what kind of wooden sawdust is better to use in the garden, consider their advantages and disadvantages.

Benefit and harm

Wooden chips on the garden as a fertilizer used long ago, and its benefits do not need additional confirmations. Such waste of wood production (sawdust, chips, chips) can be used on any type of soil and for most garden crops. Advantages of the use of such fertilizer tap.

  1. Longer preservation of water in the ground. Sawdust absorb moisture and capable of keeping it in themselves, which is very good for very hot and dry periods. In addition, the fence of excess moisture can save plants from overflow and will not allow roots to rot.
  2. If you apply chips as a supper, it will not give the opportunity to grow weed.
  3. Sawders are often used as a subtenuation material for berries. In addition to isolation of berries from the ground surface, the chips scares insect pests, because they do not tolerate the smell of fresh chips.
  4. This is a good insulation for cold times. They are sprinkled with the root system so that it does not frozen in winter.
  5. Sawdust is allowed to use like fertilizer.

Apply opil to plant feeding need competently, like most fertilizers. Otherwise, they take all useful elements, and the land does not get the necessary compounds. So that the wooden chips is useful to the gardener, you need to be able to work with it. Only with the right approach you can see a good result.

You can not use fresh waste for fertilizer, because the soil oxidation may occur in a short period of time. In pure form chips do not apply because it is not considered fertilizer. Raw and fresh, she not only will not help garden cultures, but will also take a vitamins, mineral complexes and other useful microvias, thereby only lowering soil.

It is very important to choose the right variety of waste. It is undesirable to apply the sawdust of unknown origin, in this case you can make various diseases on your site. It is important to remember that the chips from different trees acts in different ways on plants. Need to know exactly the species of trees, of which the chips are obtained, and how to apply. Some types of plants can not make deciduous or oak sawdust.

Given all the positive qualities of the use of wooden waste in gardening, you should remember the negative sides of their use. For any good result, a certain time is necessary, this is very often forgotten.


The varieties of trees from which sawdust are produced in different ways affect the structure of the soil. To increase the acidity of the soil, apply the waste of coniferous types of trees. It is necessary to such garden crops like cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, and they can harm strawberries and raspberries. Wrinkles can adjust the soil parameters (pH), which are necessary for a certain plant.

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Sawdust from this tree variety often Used for mushroom farms. This is due to the fact that weighs and wow love the substrate from hardwood. For these purposes, birch waste is puffed in cellophane bags of large volume, then a sufficient number of holes for air circulation are done, and then mushroom disputes are populated.

To grow a good mushroom harvest, it is necessary to use fresh sawdust without mold and other connections that adversely affect mushrooms. To prepare a nutrient substance, it is necessary to boil on slow heat for at least 2 hours. In this case, all infections will die. After the end of boiling material you need to dry well.

During the growth of crops, it is necessary to monitor the level of humidity in the bag. Excessive humidity leads to the appearance of mold and further crop death.

Check the level of humidity can be compressed in a fist a small amount of material. If the moisture drop was formed, this indicates that urgent measures to save mushrooms.


Sawdust of this tree will help when growing garlic, onions and strawberries. This type of wood contains phytoncides, which have a beneficial effect on the growth and development of these plants. Help the gardener to reduce the work on the ridge of beds from weeds.

Many benefits of chips of this tree grade for fruit trees. Speakers are perfectly held by moisture and create good land parameters. For such purposes, a layer of mulch must be at least 20 cm.


Sawdust of this tree tree in pure form never apply. They can suspend the development and growth of some soda cultures. It is best to use them for mixed compost types. So, the wilderness and mineral type create for use of its spring. Such fertilizer with oak waste can saturate the soil with nutrients (potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen) 2 times faster than the usual.


Sawdust of this tree tree are very valued. They are used as insulation, to absorb moisture and preventing the drying of soil. In addition, the chestnut opil can help in the fight against the large number of pests. They have favorably act on the ground. Due to this, the development of a large number of useful microorganisms.


Pine sawdust contains large amounts of acids, oils and other components that score ground. In cases where the soil or plant requires a medium with increased acidity, drainage and sawdust of this tree will help. They are used to grow potatoes. Due to the heating of the soil occurs a positive effect. In addition, water delay and saturation of nitrogen are well affected by garden crops. For fertilizer, a mixture of sawdust, ash and manure is used.


Opel coniferous trees can be used as any other sawdust. In addition, they can be used in “cheese”. In the fall, they can sprinkle the soil in which the next year garden crops will be planted. Layer of embankment should not be more than 3-5 cm. Such springs contributes to the development of microflora in the soil. It attracts earthworms that recycle the resulting mulch. In the spring, the planting process in such a soil will occur significantly easier, because the earth will be loosened.

Folk recipes

The composition of sawdust is present cellulose, lignin, hemicellulose. In a dry state, these elements are poor – they need to be filled with nutritional elements that they can only take from the soil. For this reason, use only them and dryly undesirable. And in combination with grass, peat and minerals, they contribute to an increase in the useful microflora in the ground.

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Using sawdust, soil will be loose and soft. Thanks to this, the soil is dug nitrogen, and good aeration occurs. This means that with each making feeding, nutrients will be better in the soil.

There are many different fertilizer recipes, the main component of which are wooden sawdust. Consider the simplest and most common.

With the use of ash

This recipe is tested by many generations and deserved universal recognition and respect. It is also called “Substance for the creation of warm beds”. The following ingredients will be required for fertilizer:

  • Boric acid – 1.5 ch. L.;
  • Wood ash – 1.5 glasses per 1 kV. m for the first layer and 2 glasses on the second layer;
  • sulphate zinc, potassium sulfate – 1 h. L.;
  • Now you need to introduce urea and superphosphate – 1 st. L.;
  • peat or humus – 5 buckets;
  • Sand – 1 bucket;
  • Vegetable residues.

First layer put in the dug hole. Then the earth is falling asleep at meat. Second layer Already must be mixed. To do this, mix from a large amount to a smaller. So it turns out an excellent warm bed.

Organic filling

Organic fertilizers are considered the most profitable and useful for manufacturers. Applying sawdust, you can make a good compost. It is worth highlighting 2 options for the preparation of this composition.

  1. The easiest is a compound of chips with cattle and birds. It all mixes and leaves for overloading. A year later, a high-quality substrate filled with carbon. It can be used with 85% of garden crops.
  2. Need to prepare a hole depth of at least 1 meter. Fill it on 70-80% sawdust. The remaining part must be filled with wood ash. Facely the soil can be in 1.5-2 years. To improve the quality of the mixture, it must sometimes mix.

Technology use

Proper mulching of soil – This is not a composting process, but a completely different way to fertilize the Earth. Competent Mulch preparation will give a much better result if you use it in the first half of summer. It must be laid between the rows.

This method of laying will help your garden crops and destroy the weed grass. For 1-2 months, the substance is spent. It is used for cucumbers, tomatoes. Onions, garlic, carrots and beets are well perceived in chips as mulch. The only difference is that it is necessary to lay it after watering.

The principle of action of such a mixture is a process of fermentation that highlights heat. Preparation of the mixture:

  • 3 buckets of fresh sawdust are poured on a polyethylene film;
  • Over the area, 200 g of urea are scattered;
  • Now you need to pour 10 liters of water;
  • Next you need to add the following layer.

The number of layers depends on the variety of sawdust. At the end of the formation of layers, the resulting mass must be covered with a film. Need to reduce the access of oxygen under the film. After 15 days, the composition is ready for use. Depending on the volume of chips, the processing time may increase until 20-22 days.

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Possible problems

The development of new techniques and compositions is not easy, and mistakes may not allow newcomers and lovers, but also specialists in enterprises. The main error when using sawdust is their laying on the ground in pure form. Even when overlapping them between rows, minerals are needed, which together with dew and rains will be included in the ground.

The second problem with which you can face is Application of non-dried material as insulation of berry crops. So that it is ready to use, you need a lot of time. The readiness period depends on the set of factors. Check the material on the suitability can be in color: a dark brown shade is the norm, and he talks about the readiness of the substance.

In order for the problem of excessive soil freezing, and sawdust did not give the opposite effect, it is impossible to be added too loose. Otherwise, the roots of the plant can freeze.

Storage rules

Store sawdust uncomfortable. Small and large flakes are stored equally. The main thing is that before cleaning them for some time placed on the air so that they were dry and overwhelms, otherwise can be molded, and fungus will appear in them. Such material cannot be used for the garden, and it will have to throw it away. It is very important to get rid of the whole infected bag or heaps. Sort the contaminated and moldy sawdust from good will not succeed, because the pores of mold will warm all over the bag.

Thus, trying to keep fertilizer, you can lose part or the entire harvest.

To maximize the likelihood of the formation of mold in sawdust, before cleaning them in bags or a shared bunch you need to carefully dry. The storage process itself does not need ventilation, temperature support and other parameters. The main thing is that you need to do is to cover the chips from moisture from entering it.

You can store the most in different ways:

  • Pour a common bunch of film and top to cover with something that does not transmit water (the same film);
  • pour a bunch of asphalt and cover with polyethylene;
  • Fold in cellophane packages and store individual packages.

Storage options can be a lot. The main thing is that there is no open fire, mangals and other items near the storage location, from which sawdust can catch fire. The second important condition for successful wintering and subsequent use in its plot will be good protection against moisture.

Review reviews

Each gardener tries to use only the best on its plot. This also applies to fertilizers. Since sawdusts are natural material and environmentally friendly, then many dacms are trying Apply them in the process of growing garden crops.

Many use sawdust in the country as Busty soil. They are able to turn a very hard land into a rather soft for good growth and development of plants. This feature pleased most dachensons. However, gardeners are alarming high fire hazardous sawdust, so some are afraid to contact them. In the rest in wooden waste, gardeners rarely see some serious shortcomings.

If necessary, change the soil parameters in chips are used for indoor plants.

In the next video you can familiarize yourself with the technology of cooking fertilizer from sawdust.

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