Undercurrent cucumber sugar

In order to get at the end of the season a large harvest of delicious, crunchy, useful cucumbers, they must be checked, comply with all rules for the care of the plant.

If in most cases for feeding used special additives, both chemical and organic origin, today everything has changed. Even experienced gardens give preference to natural and harmless substances. One of these and is sugar.

Undercurrent cucumber sugar


The question is what gives feeding cucumbers with sugar, every person arises, who previously did not hear about such a saturation method of the necessary minerals and microelements. In fact, this substance is very useful for any plant, not only for cucumbers.

Sugar has a number of features and advantages in comparison with other fertilizer types.

  • If you get into the ground, it is split into two components – fructose and glucose. Glucose is a substance that provides good leakage of vital processes, namely, breathing, growth and nutrition. Sufficient amount is the key to the correct development of the root system.
  • Promotes active blossom and, as a result, good crop.
  • Safe and efficient.
  • It has an affordable price. The amount of sugar for the preparation of the solution is necessary.

Undercurrent cucumber sugar

Also, do not forget that syrup can be used simultaneously and to combat pests – it forms a sticky layer on the surface of the leaves that protects the plant. In addition, he will attract bees that pollinate flowers and promote good crop.

How to cook fertilizer?

In the preparation of a sugar solution for watering or spraying cucumbers, there is nothing complicated at all – absolutely all ingredients can be found at home:

  • Hot water – 2 liters;
  • sugar – 2 tablespoons;
  • Dry yeast – 1 tablespoon.

Ingredients are mixed and for a week go to a warm place for fermentation. Next, the mixture must be mixed with water. The proportions are as follows: on 10 liters of water it is necessary to take 0.2 l of mixtures.

Undercurrent cucumber sugar

The sugar mixture with yeast is a complex of vitamins, minerals and useful trace elements that will be saturated with cucumber useful and necessary substances for active growth.

How to use?

Sugar syrup can be used to feed both seedlings in open soil or greenhouse and already matured bushes that fruit. There are several spraying rules and watering cucumbers with sugar syrup.

  • The most important thing is to properly prepare a solution. Of course, if you increase a little sugar, the scary nothing happens.
  • The seedl of the cooked solution must be watering no more than 1 time per month. Young cucumber bushes of such a number of glucose will be enough.
  • Sugar feeding can also be sprayed and seedlings, and adult bushes, which, for example, are in the growing season.
  • Spraying mature, fruiting cucumber bushes can be produced more often, about 2-3 times a month – they need more vitamins and minerals.

Undercurrent cucumber sugar

Experts also recommend using an um preparation (efficient microorganisms) after the fertilizer of the bushes with sugar. And that’s why. Mandatory condition for saturation of plant glucose is the presence of carbon dioxide in soil. If in the ground there is an insufficient carbon dioxide, the process of the breakdown of sugar will slow down and mold is formed. It is the use of additionally in the soil of an EM drug contributes to the passage of all decay processes.

One of the greatest advantages of fertilizer of cucumbers with sugar solution is safety and harmlessness.

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